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New approaches to addressing homelessness in Seattle

“The answer to homelessness isn’t rocket science—it’s a home,” executive director of Downtown Emergency Services, Bill Hobson, said during an #INSP2015 session which explored innovative solutions to decriminalizing homelessness in Seattle.

INTERVIEW: Megan Karch – FareStart CEO

INSP speaks to Megan Karch, CEO of FareStart, a Seattle nonprofit that trains homeless and disadvantaged men and women in the food-service industry.

Our vendors: Robert Smith – Real Change, Seattle, USA

Being homeless “makes you count your blessings for the little things, just to wash, wash your teeth, take a shower. When you’re homeless, these things are all taken away from you.”

Real Change turns 20: Seattle Street Paper Celebrates

Real Change celebrated two decades in print yesterday with a fundraising breakfast that brought in more than $103K to support their work with homeless and low-income people. Started in 1994 by Timothy Harris, the paper […]