Lee: republications

‘Ralph Steadman: “Ink was the drug for me…”’ republished

The Big Issue in the North Welsh cartoonist Ralph Steadman is famous for his scathing depictions of political figures and his collaborations with notorious US journalist, Hunter S. Thompson. His drawings – labelled “evil-minded” and […]

‘Malcolm McDowell – letter to my younger self’ republished

The Big Issue Korea English actor Malcolm McDowell first hit the silver screen in the 1960s acting in a controversial film depicting life in a boarding school called “If”. He went on to cement his […]

‘Courtney Love: lost in the fog of drama and misdemeanours’ republished

Shedia (Greece) “There was one point in the nineties when I was begging on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard. And then I got a promotion to stripper. So you know, I do know what it’s […]

‘Brazil versus Brazil’ republished

Bodo (Germany) The football World Cup 2014 began in Brazil on June 16. However, not all Brazilians are happy to be hosting the prestigious soccer tournament. The spiralling costs of new infrastructure – also being […]

‘London’s homeless migrants’ republished

The Contributor (USA) A UK organisation supporting migrants and refugees strongly criticised police and homeless charities in London for targeting foreign rough sleepers. In several controversial operations, street sleepers were given warnings and threatened with […]

‘Disney’s secret weapon’ republished

The Big Issue in the North (UK) Inside an unassuming warehouse at an undisclosed location near Los Angeles, USA, are some of the most precious artefacts in the history of Hollywood, as well as the […]

‘Homelessness à la Hollywood’ republished

fiftyfifty (Germany) A short film about homelessness shot in Los Angeles, USA, was a highlight of international film festivals this Spring. “The Case of Conrad Cooper” depicts a snapshot of the life of a man […]

‘Soccer through a lens’ republished

Draussenseiter (Germany) English photographer Levon Biss took his cameras and lenses and for almost two years travelled the world to document the world of soccer. Biss visited 28 countries in five different continents in an […]

‘Joan Baez interview: on Dylan, drugs and disillusionment with Obama’ republished

Shedia (Greece) American folk singer Joan Baez became famous in the sixties after penning socially aware songs, playing live at Woodstock and collaborating with some of the biggest names in music history. Now 73, the […]

‘Brazil: inside the Free Pass Movement’ republished

BISS (Germany) Started in the early 2000s by volunteers in Brazil, the Free Pass Movement (MPL) began as a series of demonstrations last summer that continue to reverberate throughout São Paulo and other states. Successfully […]

‘The strongest female septuagenarian in the world’ republished

Nota Bene (Slovakia) Winifred Pristell is the strongest 74-year-old women in the world. She holds state, national and world records for dead-lifting and has won so many medals that she’s lost count of her haul. […]

Bill Nighy: “I need publicity like I need a gun in my mouth” republished

The Big Issue Korea Bill Nighy is a BAFTA and Golden Globe winning English actor who became famous internationally after starring in the 2003 film, Love Actually. Nighy has since appeared in – among others […]