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“Hairdressing is a social service”

Recently, two street papers in different parts of the world published similar stories celebrating organisations that give free haircuts to homeless people. Dortmund-based magazine bodo told the story of the Barber’s Angels, a group of professional hairdressers from all over the North Rhine-Westphalia region who had come to Bochum to dish out complimentary styling. Across the Atlantic, Nashville’s The Contributor described a day of business for the Nashville Street Barbers.

Our vendors: Randolph (The Contributor, Nashville, USA)

Randolph B. has found security through his work selling The Contributor. He knows that he will always be able to sell the magazine, regardless of his work situation, and that he has the support of customers with whom he was forged lasting friendships. Despite having recently taken on paid work with Rock City Mechanical, Randolph still sells The Contributor in the evenings and at the weekend. Here, he speaks of his love for his customers and for his adopted hometown, Nashville.

Nashville street paper The Contributor reinvents itself with the launch of new magazine format

American street paper The Contributor has been going for over ten years as a traditional news print publication. But, last week, the Nashville, Tennessee publication reinvented itself with a sleek new magazine format and updated design.

Vendor moments 2017: “I’m totally in awe of being a vendor nowadays”

In his look back on 2017, The Contributor vendor Maurice talks about what he has learned in the past year that has made him the best vendor he can be.

After 27 years of homelessness, Nashville street paper vendor gets his own apartment

Army veteran Anthony hasn’t had a home to call his own for 27 years. But after seven years’ hard work selling The Contributor, he finally has his own place.

Formerly homeless woman leads street backpack programme in Nashville

After Hurricane Ivan, Jessica Thurmond lost her home and was forced to live in her car. Jessica found help through the kindness of strangers – and now she wants to pay that compassion forward.

Contributor vendor donates paper profits to East Tennessee wildfire victims

Formerly homeless vendor Mario spread some kindness with a donation to the victims of the devastating East Tennessee fires. Mario saved three days of street paper sales to give to the official victim fund.

Six million sales and counting for Nashville street paper The Contributor

Nashville weekly paper The Contributor launched in 2007 and has since trained more than 2,800 people to be vendors. They’ve just hit six million sales.

Vendors’ pitches turned into offices for viral #BossNotBum campaign

This fantastic awareness-raising campaign from The Contributor in Nashville highlights a very important point about street paper vendors.

“He was just a friend”: Denver Voice vendor on meeting Johnny Cash

Meeting music legends Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley might have left your average American teenager starstruck. But not Denver VOICE vendor Penny! She recalls jamming with some of the country’s most iconic musicians when she was a teen in Nashville, and explains how she later became homeless in Denver, Colorado.

The Contributor’s first fundraising breakfast a “smashing success”

Vendor Mary B was the star of The Contributor’s first-ever fundraising breakfast, telling assembled dignitaries, “This is my job, and it saved my life.”

In his car or on the floor of a friend’s house, homeless artist Michael G always finds room to paint

We often think about the difficulty homeless people have in finding somewhere to sleep. But for homeless artists, like The Contributor vendor Michael G, finding a place to be creative is also a huge challenge.

Nashville proposes law that would outlaw The Contributor’s main distribution method

The Contributor editor Skip Anderson writes about how a ‘public-safety’ ordinance could be a danger to their paper and their vendors’ ability to make a living.

Check out The Contributor vendors on canvas

A painter in Nashville has raised money and awareness for his local street paper, INSP member The Contributor, by painting portraits of its vendors for a charity exhibition. When Ryan Wagner moved to Nashville two […]