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Kupfermuckn vendor Bertl: “When I was 25, the whole world was my oyster”

To mark the end of INSP’s 25th anniversary year, we have been asking vendors across the street paper network to write a letter to their 25-year-old self. Kupfermuckn’s Bertl has lived a storied life at sea and around the world. Now 69, he sells the street paper at a weekly market in Linz.

INSP Vendor Playlist: Georg Nacthmann (Kupfermuckn, Wels, Austria)

This year we asked vendors: if you could give a song as a present this Christmas, what would you choose? The result was the INSP Vendor Playlist, which is now available for your listening pleasure. Kupfermuckn’s ‘George the Prince of Wels’ chose a song that chimes well with his attitude to daily life.

A round-up of November’s street paper covers

As the festive season approaches and we prepare to open the first door of our advent calendars, time to take a look back at the street paper covers that have been sold by our vendors in 34 countries around the world during November.

INSP Awards: 2018 Winners Announced!

The winners of the 2018 INSP Awards have been revealed at the official Awards Ceremony, as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Glasgow.

INSP Awards: The 2018 Best Campaign Finalists are here

We’re spoiling you today – with two sets of Finalists for the 2018 INSP Awards being announced!

Vendor moments 2017: “This year was like heaven and hell”

As 2017 draws to a close, we asked vendors across the global street paper network to look back on the highs and lows of their year. Helmut sells Austrian street paper Kupfermuckn and, for him, 2017 has been a year of extreme highs and lows.

INSP Awards: Finalists for Best Vendor Contribution 2017 Award

The 2017 ceremony countdown is well and truly on – and here’s our fab five finalists in the Best Vendor Contribution category.

INSP Awards: Best Vendor Contribution 2017 Nominees

The final set of nominees are here – have a look to see who’s made the top ten in the Best Vendor Contribution category.

Vendor wishes: “I almost died in 2016, I’m wishing for better health in 2017”

It’s been a rough year for Hans, but his customers have kept him going through his health problems. One of them even gave him a very special present.

Our vendors: Zoran (Kupfermuckn, Linz, Austria)

Zoran’s mum fled to Austria from Serbia when he was just six. It wasn’t always easy to fit in, but now he thinks of his colleagues at Kupfermuckn as family.

March’s covers reveal the power of illustration

From fierce illustrations to wild covers, experience dozens of the world’s best street paper artwork from the last month.

German language street papers gather in Nuremberg

Representatives from 16 papers discussed crowdfunding successes, marketing hacks and vendor strategies during the intensive two-day meeting.

World’s street papers celebrate landmark anniversaries in 2016

From a first birthday to 25 glorious years in print, find out why 2016 promises to be a big year for celebrating our street paper family.

Check out December’s festive street papers!

We’ve got Santas galore on this month’s covers! Plus lots of kitties, gingerbread houses, elves, snowmen… and glitter.

Explore dozens of this month’s brilliant street paper covers

The Pope, Bond, Naomi Klein, great illustrations… and a blue wolf. It must be November’s street paper covers.

Check out these amazing street paper covers from September

INSP supports more than 100 street papers across the world. Here are a selection of our favourite international covers over the last month…

Our vendors: Bertl Weißengruber – Kupfermuckn, Linz, Austria

Bertl, 63, is one of the original vendors of Austrian street paper Kupfermuckn. He started selling the street paper in Linz right after it was founded in 1996. Born in Vienna, Bertl grew up living in a […]