Lee: jonas-fullner

Our vendors: Constantin (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)

Constantin (60) is a vendor for Hinz&Kunzt at the REWE-Center in Dorotheenstraße. After losing his home and his family in his native country of Romania, he travelled to Germany looking for work. After finding himself sleeping rough, he turned to the German street paper for help.

Our vendors: Raitis (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)

Raitis (60) sells Hinz & Kunzt in front of German supermarket Edeka on Stresemannallee, Hamburg.

Our vendors: Rainer (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)

Rainer has always loved sailing, so after years of unstable employment he was happy to turn his hobby into a career. The boat became his home, so when his employer filed for bankruptcy he lost more than just his job. Through Hinz&Kunzt he has found new work, and hopes to one day buy his own boat.

Our vendors: Ion (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)

Originally from Romania, Ion knows the waterways of Europe like the back of his hand, from years working on boats. He left his homeland due to corruption and heartbreak – but has found support in Germany from Hinz&Kunzt.