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Our vendors: Castrenze Maggiore (Scarp de’ tenis, Milan, Italy)

Castrenze has been hit hard by Italy’s financial crisis, more than once in his life. But now settled in a home as a Scarp vendor, things are looking up.

How can Italy support its homeless women?

Over the last few years, homeless women have become a familiar sight on the streets of Italy and the problem of homelessness has been steadily increasing among Italy’s female population. As the number of homeless women continues to rise, Scarp explores the reasons behind this and learns more about the unique problems that are faced by women living on the street.

Our vendors: Marcello (Scarp de’ tenis, Milan, Italy)

“Thanks to Scarp de’ tenis, I am able to smile today,” says Marcello, who sells the magazine in Milan. Here, he talks about this past, the circumstances that led to him becoming homeless and his hope that, in the future, he will be able to repay the kindness that he received while homeless by helping others in need.

Our vendors: Tommaso (Scarp de’ tenis, Milan, Italy)

Tommaso, a Scarp de’ tenis vendor in Italy, tells us about his close relationship with his brother and how it has helped him push through some of the more challenging periods of his life.

Our vendors: Sergio (Scarp de’ tenis, Milan, Italy)

Sergio has a talent for woodworking and he is never too busy to help someone out.

Scarp de’ tenis delighted with prestigious Biagio Agnes award win

Italian street paper Scarp de’ tenis has been recognised for its commitment to raising awareness of homelessness through journalism after being presented with an award in Sorrento.

Our vendors: John (Scarp de’ tenis, Milan, Italy)

Having fled Ghana due to political instability, John has lived in Italy since 2007. Selling Scarp de’ tenis lets him keep in touch with family back home as he seeks his dream job as a gardener.

Our vendors: Mimmo Capuozzo (Scarp de’ tenis, Naples, Italy)

Mimmo is a veteran vendor of Scarp de’ Tenis whose time with the paper has helped him change course in life. “Patience helped me – and still does – to set a good example for my family.”

Dining for one euro: Salerno’s social restaurant is no soup kitchen

Opened last May, social restaurant Elpis offers meals for the token price of one euro. The restaurant has one important rule: you can eat there for a maximum of three months.

Scarp de’ tenis celebrates 200 editions – and 20 years on the streets of Italy

Scarp de’ tenis celebrates its 200th edition this April. The historic edition features 10 people that have embodied what the street paper means to its vendors and readers, over the last 20 years.

Arrivederci to Italy’s ‘grandfather’ vendor on his retirement from Scarp de’ tenis

Antonio Mininni is set to retire after 20 years at Scarp de’ tenis. As the Italian street paper celebrates its 200th edition, Antonio says he’s looking forward to getting a lie in.

INSP Advent Calendar: day 21

We’re getting towards the end of our #INSPadvent calendar. Claudio says he will be selling Scarp de’ tenis outside Milan’s churches this Christmas. Open the window to read his story…

Italy’s Scarp de’ tenis joins INSP’s worldwide movement of street papers

Scarp de’ tenis was founded in Milan in 1994. It is now part of a network that spans more than 100 street papers in 36 countries.