Lee: interview

Cross Atlantic: Dave and Raelene compare street vendors’ lives in the UK and US

Dave sells Big Issue North in Altrincham, near Manchester. Raelene sells the Denver Voice in Boulder, Colorado in the US. In a Skype conversation to mark #VendorWeek, they compared notes about their lives, interests and what it’s like to be a street paper vendor on either side of the Atlantic.

Dutch Queen Máxima tells vendor she’s a street paper fan

Dutch Queen Máxima revealed her top-notch reading taste in an exclusive interview with Straatjournaal vendor Evert van den Brink.

“Justice starts at the street corner”: Making a Murderer’s Dean Strang and Jerry Buting

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting became stars for their unrelenting pursuit of justice in the Netflix series Making a Murderer. They tell us why criminal justice starts with social justice.

Opening the eyes of the world: photojournalist Yannis Behrakis

Yannis Behrakis led the Reuters team that won a Pulitzer this year for its coverage of the Greek refugee crisis. “I want to be the eyes of the world in these places,” he says, “so that nobody can say, ‘I had no idea’.”

“How do you plan to work with homeless people?” Canadian vendors grill Victoria Mayor

In a challenging and revealing interview with Megaphone vendors, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps pledges to balance the voices of homeless people with property developers – and discloses her favourite way to relax.

Homelessness wasn’t always a crisis in the US: Street Sense’s Brian Carome interviewed

“I find it outrageous that in a country with such wealth, we have people who are living outside,” says Street Sense director. Listen to the interview here.

Street paper vendors star in hit book portraying “an authentic and intimate view of poverty in Switzerland”

Swiss journalist Olivier Joliat has interviewed Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age be he says the homeless and formerly-homeless vendors of Swiss street paper Surprise are more interesting.

Magical space cat Lil Bub brings “pure, innocent happiness and joy”

INSP chats to the Dude behind adorable perma-kitten who’s interviewed Michelle Obama and cuddled Robert De Niro. A true tale of triumph against the odds.

INTERVIEW Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry: superhero in the making

Fronting Chvrches, ex-Big Issue writer Lauren Mayberry has become a worldwide star and a figurehead for the new feminism. She has used her platform to speak out against misogyny – and to support worldwide street papers. “Street papers are an incredibly powerful thing,” she says. “It’s a way of giving people back control and autonomy in their lives.”

Lauren Mayberry’s #squadgoals: enjoy this exclusive playlist of female artists

“If you look at the festival line-ups in the UK you would think that there are approximately three female fronted bands in the entire country,” says Lauren Mayberry. With this list for INSP of her current favourites, she hopes to shake up a few playlists.

Ana Matronic: The Life Robotic

Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic tells INSP that sci-fi is no longer a (white, straight) boy’s club.

Veteran US journalist Dan Rather: we mustn’t look away from homelessness

Ahead of a new film about his life, in which he is played by Robert Redford, veteran US reporter Dan Rather reveals the true story of his controversial departure from CBS. He also blasts the US media for failing to speak truth to power, in this exclusive interview with INSP.

Q&A: Mike Fancher on ethics in journalism

#INSP2015 keynote speaker Mike Fancher discusses how street paper journalists can engage with ethical questions in a digital age.

Ending a culture of violence to ensure the “Good of All”

Socio-political activist Arun Gandhi – the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi – writes exclusively for INSP.

Arun Gandhi’s lessons from his grandfather

Indian-American socio-political activist Arun Gandhi is the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Aged 12, his parents sent him to live with his grandfather in India, where the elder Gandhi introduced Arun to his theory and daily practice of peace and nonviolence. In a wide-ranging interview with INSP, he argues that we need more positive news, and gives his advice to young activists.

Gonna start a riot: the return of Sleater-Kinney

Almost a decade after they went on “indefinite hiatus”, Sleater-Kinney is back. “Look out world!” exclaims singer Corin Tucker, as she sits down for a wide ranging chat with INSP, taking in the international economic crisis, the impact of the internet on the music biz and why it’s the right time for the return of riot grrrl. The photocopied DIY fanzines are history, but with the release of caustic new album No Cities To Love, Sleater-Kinney are bigger than ever.

Into the Woods: singing stars align for what may be Disney’s darkest tale

This story was first published on the INSP News Service. A-list director Rob Marshall’s take on the smash hit Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods sees beloved fairy tale characters collide in what may be […]

Amanda Palmer: “this is the future of music”

INSP’s Laura Kelly catches up with Amanda to talk about her new book The Art of Asking… and discovers the admiration she has for a veteran Spare Change vendor.

Usain Bolt: global superstar

In an exclusive interview with INSP, Bolt talks about sprinting and how he’s committed to helping Jamaica’s children.

Exclusive interview: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

One of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, travels the world to spread his message of peace and reconciliation. During his recent UK tour themed ‘Be the Change’, the now 76-year old Dalai Lama gave an exclusive interview to INSP. The interview and extraordinary photo shoot were printed simultaneously in street papers worldwide.