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“It is inspiring to see what we can become” – INSP Summit lessons go into action

It’s been three months since the INSP’s Global Street Paper Summit in Seattle and street papers around the world are starting to put the lessons they learned into action.

Denver VOICE celebrates worldwide street papers

US street paper Denver VOICE celebrates INSP this month with a cover that highlights the international network.

#INSP2015 online

Experience INSPired Together: Global Street Paper Summit online, through our Storify…   [View the story “#INSP2015: Global Street Paper Summit” on Storify]

INSP welcomes new board members

INSP welcomed the election of two new board members on Friday, when Thiago Massagardi of OCAS and Tim Harris from Real Change were voted in by members at the network’s 2015 AGM.

Mi Valedor interviewed for Seattle TV

During the 2015 Global Street Paper Summit, Maria Portilla of Mi Valedor spoke to Univision Seattle about her street paper and the benefits of INSP membership.  

How street papers produce big stories from small newsrooms

During #INSP2015 editors and reporters from Real Change and Hus Forbi led a discussion about how street papers can produce exceptional reporting with fewer resources.

Q&A: Mike Fancher on ethics in journalism

#INSP2015 keynote speaker Mike Fancher discusses how street paper journalists can engage with ethical questions in a digital age.

Tweets from the streets: how social media can benefit street papers

For marketeers and journalists, social media is now a day-to-day essential. Street paper staff learned how to best take advantage of social media to expand their influence and boost readership during #INSP2015.

#THISIsJournalism: Mike Fancher calls street papers a ‘catalyst for change’

Mike Fancher, former executive editor of The Seattle Times, called street papers a catalyst for change during his keynote speech at #INSP2015.

Meet the winners of the INSP Awards 2015

The winners of the top prizes in the INSP Awards 2015, honouring excellence and innovation across the global street paper network.

Rex Hohlbein on using images to give voice to the homeless

Seattle-based architect, photo-journalist and community activist Rex Hohlbein speaks to street paper delegates about changing perceptions of homelessness through images and art.

Penniless payments: street papers adapt to digital purchase trends

Find out how street papers around the world are exploring ways to utilize cashless payments to adapt to the growing consumer demand for digitization.

Eric Liu tells street papers “How to talk about power”

“You have incredible power in our society,” Eric Liu told a global audience of street paper delegates and advocates during an impassioned keynote speech at #INSP2015.

Exploring the Housing First model at Seattle’s 1811 Eastlake

Learn what happened when street paper delegates visited 1811 Eastlake, an innovative and somewhat controversial Housing First program running in Seattle.

INSP delegates meet residents of Seattle’s Tent City 3

Real Change board member and contributor Jim Douglas reflects on our delegate study visit to Seattle homeless encampment Tent City 3.

New approaches to addressing homelessness in Seattle

“The answer to homelessness isn’t rocket science—it’s a home,” executive director of Downtown Emergency Services, Bill Hobson, said during an #INSP2015 session which explored innovative solutions to decriminalizing homelessness in Seattle.

A brand new website to celebrate #INSP2015

As if we weren’t excited enough to be hosting the Global Street Paper Summit 2015 in Seattle, INSP was thrilled to unveil our brand new website to street papers delegates from around the world today.

“We are changing the world” Seattle welcomes #INSP2015

The city of Seattle welcomes street paper delegates from around the world to toast the start of INSPired Together: Global Street Paper Summit 2015.

American police arrest homeless woman for charging phone

A homeless Portland woman was charged with third-degree theft when she plugged her cellphone charger into an outdoor electrical outlet.

INSP Awards Finalists Announced

The finalists for the INSP Awards 2015 have been revealed, ahead of the awards ceremony in Seattle on 25 June.

10 reasons not to miss #INSP2015

Last week, INSP’s Zoe Greenfield was in Seattle preparing for INSPired Together: Global Street Paper Summit 2015. She told us why street paper staff would be mad to miss it…