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INSP and Next City partnership to bring new content to the INSP News Service

INSP has teamed up with non-profit news organisation Next City as a content partner to bring stories to its members. Next City stories, which focus on the problems affecting cities and the solutions that infuse them with greater economic, environmental and social justice, will appear on INSP’s News Service.

Andy Murray: “If you’ve given everything you have then you can be proud, regardless of the result on the tennis court or in life”

Ahead of his imminent, but as yet unspecified, return to the court, multiple Grand Slam winning British tennis star, and recently crowned knight of the realm, Andy Murray took a break from his focused rehabilitation to talk to INSP about his experiences of street papers across the world, the transformative power of sport and triumphing over adversity.

Irvine Welsh: “Street papers are more important and pertinent than ever”

The internationally acclaimed writer of Trainspotting, and INSP Ambassador, Irvine Welsh took time out from the worldwide press tour for his new book, Dead Men’s Trousers, to talk to INSP about homelessness, living in America and using social media to mobilise.

INSP News Service celebrates its 600th edition

This week marks the 600th time the INSP News Service email will drop into the inboxes of members across the global street paper network. To celebrate, we looked back at some of the stories that have spread throughout the world thanks to the service, and hear from some of the beneficiaries of this unique editorial support platform.

INSP News Service hits 1 million word download milestone

INSP is very proud to announce that a ground-breaking 1 million words have been downloaded from the News Service’s updated online platform since December of last year. Here’s a look at why.

Magical space cat Lil Bub brings “pure, innocent happiness and joy”

INSP chats to the Dude behind adorable perma-kitten who’s interviewed Michelle Obama and cuddled Robert De Niro. A true tale of triumph against the odds.

How INSP helped Irvine Welsh’s Begbie travel from Scotland around the world

In 2013, Scottish author – and INSP ambassador – Irvine Welsh resurrected one of his most infamous characters to create an exclusive Christmas story for street papers. But how could Begbie be translated for Trondheim?

A global voice for street papers and vendors: INSP News Service

Check out the INSP News Service in action as we celebrate our 500th edition. Clippings from around the world show how we help street papers share content globally to boost readerships and make their voices heard.

INSP News Service celebrates its 500th edition – and 10 years supporting global street papers

This week, the INSP News Service celebrates its 500th edition. The milestone represents 10 years of providing editorial support to more than 100 street papers worldwide. INSP hears from street paper editors around the world about how they use the service to enhance their publications and how the unique platform allows members to collaborate and pool resources.

Ana Matronic: The Life Robotic

Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic tells INSP that sci-fi is no longer a (white, straight) boy’s club.

Veteran US journalist Dan Rather: we mustn’t look away from homelessness

Ahead of a new film about his life, in which he is played by Robert Redford, veteran US reporter Dan Rather reveals the true story of his controversial departure from CBS. He also blasts the US media for failing to speak truth to power, in this exclusive interview with INSP.

Finding forgiveness on death row

In a powerful story about redemptive forgiveness, The Contributor interviews a woman who is reconciling her mother’s death at the hands of her father. Amanda Haggard’s story explores the limits of forgiveness, and how one woman learned to let go of the most painful experience of her life.

Ryan Knighton: “The cure for blindness is telling it”

Ryan Knighton was 18 years old when he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disorder and started losing his sight. He began writing poetry as a means of making sense of his experiences. “I had this profound experience, that by telling what happened to me it made it better,” he says. Now 43, the accomplished Canadian author and poet shares his thoughts on the healing potential of the written word with Austin Chisholm, one of his former students.

Ending a culture of violence to ensure the “Good of All”

Socio-political activist Arun Gandhi – the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi – writes exclusively for INSP.

Arun Gandhi’s lessons from his grandfather

Indian-American socio-political activist Arun Gandhi is the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Aged 12, his parents sent him to live with his grandfather in India, where the elder Gandhi introduced Arun to his theory and daily practice of peace and nonviolence. In a wide-ranging interview with INSP, he argues that we need more positive news, and gives his advice to young activists.

Into the Woods: singing stars align for what may be Disney’s darkest tale

This story was first published on the INSP News Service. A-list director Rob Marshall’s take on the smash hit Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods sees beloved fairy tale characters collide in what may be […]

Amanda Palmer: “this is the future of music”

INSP’s Laura Kelly catches up with Amanda to talk about her new book The Art of Asking… and discovers the admiration she has for a veteran Spare Change vendor.

He Aint Lager: exclusive Irvine Welsh Christmas story for INSP

Scottish author and INSP ambassador Irvine Welsh has written an exclusive Christmas story for street papers. Set after Trainspotting and its sequel Porno, the story features Welsh’s infamous Francis Begbie. It will be printed by over 30 street papers around the world in their Christmas editions.

Usain Bolt: global superstar

In an exclusive interview with INSP, Bolt talks about sprinting and how he’s committed to helping Jamaica’s children.

Exclusive interview: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

One of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, travels the world to spread his message of peace and reconciliation. During his recent UK tour themed ‘Be the Change’, the now 76-year old Dalai Lama gave an exclusive interview to INSP. The interview and extraordinary photo shoot were printed simultaneously in street papers worldwide.