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INSP Awards: meet our finalists for Best Vendor Contribution to a street paper

From an insight into life on the streets to a gripping personal account of the Gulf War, discover our six finalists for Best Vendor Contribution in this year’s INSP Awards.

INSP Awards: best street paper design finalists revealed

From simple, elegant and minimalist layouts to anarchic and disruptive designs, the competition in this year’s INSP Awards Best Design category is fierce. Discover the stunning street paper designs that made our final five. We’ll reveal the winner next week.

INSP Awards: best photo finalists are picture perfect

Our final five shortlisted contenders for Best Photograph at next week’s INSP Awards show the ability of street papers to offer their readers a different point of view.

INSP Awards: finalists revealed for best cultural writing in street papers

With just over one week to go until our winners are revealed during the Global Street Paper Summit in Athens, meet our fantastic finalists for street paper cultural reporting.

INSP Awards: Street paper vendors’ writing, art and photography vies for international prize

Street paper vendors face multiple barriers to having to their voice heard, but INSP street papers are a powerful platform. These are some of the best vendor contributions in the last year.

INSP Awards: discover the top 10 street paper covers for 2015/16

From the political to the cultural – and Beyoncé to Jesus Christ – the range of hard-hitting and beautiful covers nominated for the INSP Awards underscores the creativity in our network.

INSP Awards: best cultural writing from street papers 2015/16

Johnny Rotten vies with Taylor Swift, Pixar takes on a former prima ballerina, and roller derby fans echo Gloria Steinem’s feminism… it can only be the best of street paper cultural reporting!

INSP Awards: best street paper reporting from 2015/16

A Papal audience, an incredible story of a family reunited & a Serbian street paper reaching out to refugees: just the beginning of our Best News Feature nominees.

INSP Awards: best photo nominees offer insight and empathy

Featuring vendors’ makeshift homes, tender moments and even ‘knights of the country road’, the nominees for Best Photograph at the INSP Awards show the ability of street papers to offer their readers a different point of view.

INSP Awards: best street paper design of 2015/16 revealed

All this week, we reveal the longlisted entries for the editorial categories of the INSP Awards. Today we unveil the top ten in the Best Design category.

INSP Awards 2016 open for entries

The INSP Awards 2016 – the annual celebration of excellence and innovation within the street paper network – are now open for entries.