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INSP’s newest street paper Mi Valedor goes from strength to strength in Mexico City

From the streets of Mexico City to the TV screens of Seattle and the street papers of Europe, it’s a thumbs-up for Mi Valedor in their first year.

Salzburg street paper Apropos strikes right pose with yoga for homeless vendors and readers

Austrian street paper Apropos has taken an unusual approach to improving its vendors’ health and their interaction with customers – yoga classes.

INSP calls on Oklahoma City not to jeopardise street paper The Curbside Chronicle

An open letter in support of Oklahoma City’s The Curbside Chronicle.

Homeless luggage porters of Bratislava lift themselves out of debt

“Usually people see the homeless as the ones who need help. We thought, what if we turn that upside down?”

Vendor writing: A Late Dinner With My Son

“Our voices matter,” said Jennifer Alexander, a vendor for The Contributor in Nashville whose poignant poem A Late Dinner With My Son won best Vendor Contribution at the INSP Awards 2015. Read it here.

Cardboard canvas

In 2014, American artist Willie Baronet drove from New York to Seattle buying the signs homeless people use to panhandle in what has become an ongoing art project. He spoke to INSP’s Seattle member Real Change about breaking down barriers and stereotypes with ‘We Are All Homeless’.

Meet the winners of the INSP Awards 2015

The winners of the top prizes in the INSP Awards 2015, honouring excellence and innovation across the global street paper network.

The Heroines

It is estimated that about one third of drug users in Norway are women but there has been little research focusing on how their experiences differ from men involved in the underground drug scene. Norweigan street paper Sorgenfri finds out first hand by speaking to homeless women dealing with substance abuse issues.