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Vendors help Danish street paper Hus Forbi become most read publication in Denmark

Danish street paper Hus Forbi is now the top selling paid-for paper in Denmark – with an incredible 500,000 plus readers per edition. We asked the paper’s editor Poul Struve Nielsen his secret for success. His answer? Hus Forbi’s vendors.

Lifting the ban on bottle collecting isn’t enough to help Hamburg’s poor

Hamburg’s Hinz&Kunzt has been successful in fighting back against a ban on collecting bottles for recycling – a vital source of income for homeless people in the city. But our real goal has to be a society in which no-one is forced to rake through rubbish.

Knutsen & Ludvigsen put Norwegian street paper readers in a spin with golden vinyl giveaway

Vendors in Trondheim, Norway get a sales bump as Sorgenfri gives away a special vinyl edition of cult Norwegian artists Knutsen & Ludvigsen’s hit record.

Chicago’s StreetWise celebrates Vendor of the Year, unveils film

Check out StreetWise’s excellent new video, starring Vendor of the Year Russell Adams.

There’s an app for that: mobile tech helps customers find street paper vendors in Canada and Greece

We use our mobile phones to find the nearest train station, shop, bar or hotel – but what if you could also use it to find your nearest street paper vendor? In two cities, thousands of miles apart, you can now do just that with Megaphone and Shedia’s vendor finder apps.

Mobile showers offer dignity to San Francisco’s homeless

In San Francisco, a local non-profit is restoring dignity to hundreds of homeless people, one hot shower at a time. INSP investigates.

INSP co-founder Mel Young becomes Ashoka Fellow

Chile Men’s team win Homeless World Cup. Photo: Elaine Livingstone INSP and Big Issue in Scotland co-founder Mel Young has been elected to the prestigious position of Ashoka Fellow. Ashoka is the world’s largest network […]

Calling out around the world! Dancing in the street with Portland’s Street Roots

The Street Roots team are dancing in the streets of Oregon in a brand new celebratory video, as the street paper prepares to go from a fortnightly to a weekly publication. The unique flashmob-style video […]

8 fundraising lessons: what can we learn from patterned bread and a Star Trek wannabe?

By Zoe Greenfield Last week I attended the Institute of Fundraising Scottish Conference 2014 in Glasgow. This was an interesting role reversal for me, as I organise INSP’s annual conference. The ambitious programme over two […]

Big praise for the Big Sell-Off

INSP’s inaugural Big Sell-Off, in association with The Big Issue, was highly commended at INSP’s Zoe Greenfield & Maree Aldam celebrate Scotland’s most prestigious fundraising awards on Tuesday night. The Institute of Fundraising Scotland praised […]

The Big Issue Australia goes digital

The Big Issue Australia recently launched a digital version of their street paper, which will be sold alongside the print copies. Readers will be given the choice of buying a digital access card, the size […]

Homeless CV campaign doubles street paper sales in Stockholm

After a 22% drop in sales, INSP street paper Stockholm Situation partnered up with advertising agency INGO to create a moving series of adverts, in an attempt to boost sales of their street paper during the […]

fiftyfifty’s creative idea to fight exclusion

“I’m against exclusion. Homeless people are part of our society” says German President Joachim Gauck in an exclusive interview with the Berlin-based street paper, Strassenfeger. Twelve German street papers republished the interview, conducted by Strassenfeger […]

Invisible People

All too often, homeless people become invisible in our societies. Hurried passers-by look the other way and go about their day. However US filmmaker Mark Horvath is harnessing the power of social media to empower […]

Big Issue Ballet in Korea

Muscles tensed from the cold, backs hunched against bracing winds, the constant anxiety of survival. Time spent living on the streets takes its toll on both body and soul, however vendors of The Big Issue […]

Exclusive ‘Stik’ art in The Big Issue

Stik paints wearing sunglasses, to maintain his anonymity Big Issue vendors became art dealers recently when prints by the street artist ‘Stik‘ were given away exclusively with The Big Issue UK. 75,000 prints were produced […]

‘Equal Norway’

The first nation-wide edition of =Norge The Erlik [equal] foundation established Norway’s first street paper in 2005 with =Oslo. Following the success of their first paper, they quickly expanded to other cities with = Fredrikstad […]

StreetWise readers can now purchase with their smartphone

Readers of Chicago’s StreetWise magazine can now pay their vendor with their smartphone via PayPal. Recently, StreetWise vendors have been losing valuable business to the phrase, “Sorry… I don’t have any cash on me.” In […]

My neighbour without a roof – An initiative by Liceulice (Serbia)

Most people never talk to those who live without a roof over their head. Lack of interaction between different groups in our society, combined with impersonal or incorrect description of homeless that exist in ingrained […]

‘One warm winter’ campaign huge hit in Berlin

One of the campaign images by Oliver Rath. By Katrin Schmoll Winter is the toughest season for over 1000 homeless people in the German capital Berlin. The shelters are often overcrowded and there is a […]

Ad campaign offers homeless sleeping spots as hotel rooms

Have you seen that new hotel advert? Not yet? Then we’ve posted it here for you. This is a new campaign launched by Swedish street paper Faktum in collaboration with ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors. […]

How to exercise true ‘street‘ journalism

“For all of the 14 years we’ve been covering the streets, we’ve never broadcast for a solid 24 hours.” Street Roots cover featuringt the 24 hour project So they did. In a 24 hour live […]