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How does it feel? Big Issue Australia vendors share what it’s actually like to be homeless

When The Big Issue Australia published their first issue, 60,000 Australians were homeless. Now, that number is almost double. New census figures released this month show that there are more than 116,000 people who don’t have a place to call home. For their latest edition, The Big Issue decided to go beyond the statistics to hear from the very people these numbers represent – their vendors. Their stories are illuminating, devastating, and hopeful, and evidence that homelessness is more than not having a place to sleep.

Female, homeless and invisible

In Germany, 100,000 women have no home of their own and a quarter of all homeless people are women. bodo spent time with four women from Bochum who are facing homelessness. They talked about their experiences and explained why women who live on the streets are ignored.

A first-hand account of living through homelessness in Glasgow is putting the spotlight on the problem – and helping get its writer’s life back on track

Homeless in Glasgow is a gripping and moving series of articles outlining one man’s experience of homelessness in the city. After becoming popular on social media, and now being hosted on Scottish website CommonSpace, its writer, John-Paul Clark explains the impetus behind his writing and how it helped turn his life around.

Britain’s dark history of criminalising homeless people in public spaces

As the number of people sleeping rough in England has grown, antiquated laws see homeless people criminalised for simply existing.

Homeless couple’s wedding makes the front page

Hus Forbi vendors hope to show that anyone can find love and happiness, after their wedding day made it into local and national media this summer.

Homeless World Cup Glasgow: full draw revealed ahead of 2016 contest

This summer, over 500 players from 52 nations will gather in Glasgow for the 14th Homeless World Cup – but who will they be up against? Check out the full draw for the “life-changing” tournament.

Outpouring of public support to help Megaphone “change the story on homelessness”

Overwhelming public support saw the Vancouver street paper raise enough money to fund an in-depth investigation into ending homelessness… in just 36 hours!

Formerly homeless vendor shares truth about mental health stigma

“I have bipolar. Bipolar doesn’t have me.” Curbside vendor Kevin has something to say about the stigma surrounding mental health and homelessness.

Street paper Hempels creates affordable housing for homeless vendors in Kiel

Faced with rising costs and a competitive rental market, securing affordable housing is a huge challenge for homeless vendors in Kiel. But their street paper Hempels has come up with an ambitious solution, INSP learns.

“He was just a friend”: Denver Voice vendor on meeting Johnny Cash

Meeting music legends Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley might have left your average American teenager starstruck. But not Denver VOICE vendor Penny! She recalls jamming with some of the country’s most iconic musicians when she was a teen in Nashville, and explains how she later became homeless in Denver, Colorado.

Street paper calls for action after homeless deaths hit record high in B.C.

After recording a spike in “unnecessary” homeless deaths in British Columbia, Vancouver street paper Megaphone is taking the government to task. Executive director Sean Condon tells INSP more must be done to stop homelessness becoming “an early death sentence” for the province’s most vulnerable.

Speak Up vendor creates activity book to help kids understand homelessness

A formerly homeless street paper vendor from Michigan has created an activity book to help children and their parents better understand homelessness.

Homeless youths invited to Michelin-starred ‘dine in the dark’ experience

A London restaurant famous for feeding guests in the dark will offer 50 young homeless people the chance to experience a meal by Michelin starred chef Julien Machet next week.

The Big London Night Walk: familiar streets, hidden stories

Time is running out to sign up for The Big London Night Walk 2016! Stephen Robertson, CEO of The Big Issue Foundation, tells INSP why the event is crucial to raising awareness of homelessness and rough sleeping in London.

Fashion brand Hopeful Traders lets homeless support each other

We learn how an innovative clothing label is helping a formerly-homeless artist in London give back to one of the charities that saved his life.

A personal tour of Copenhagen, on two wheels, with Hus Forbi vendor Henrik

In another amazing #VendorWeek story, we hear from Henrik about his very personal bicycle tours of Copenhagen – the city in which he used to be homeless.

Designer beanie collection keeps homeless people warm this winter

London-based designer label Masato has pledged to donate one beanie or scarf to a homeless person for every one bought in their stores and online.

Crack + Cider to help thousands of rough sleepers in London keep warm this winter

“The world’s first shop for rough sleepers” has brought in thousands of pound’s worth of warm clothes to go to people on London’s streets. The controversial Crack + Cider store is one of a new wave of projects that aim to take a direct approach to tackling homelessness. It has sparked a debate on the best ways to help rough sleepers.

Poverty kills: a memorial service for homeless Australians

A memorial service was recently held in Melbourne, Australia, for those who died while homeless. Big Issue vendor and contributor Mariann Biron pays her respects in this poignant and powerful piece that reflects on the stark reality that poverty kills.

Gaining control of their own stories

Eight homeless and formerly homeless filmmakers in Washington DC are telling their own stories of survival through Cinema from the Street, a film project from local street paper Street Sense.

Cardboard canvas

In 2014, American artist Willie Baronet drove from New York to Seattle buying the signs homeless people use to panhandle in what has become an ongoing art project. He spoke to INSP’s Seattle member Real Change about breaking down barriers and stereotypes with ‘We Are All Homeless’.

Seattle’s homeless community under canvas

How can tent cities help the homeless population in Seattle? “What this is all about is survival,” says long-time resident Lantz Roland. “Get people out of the bushes, get people off the streets, get people safe and sheltered.”

Photographers highlight homelessness across America

During the Global Street Paper Summit in Seattle, Rex Hohlbein explained how Homeless in Seattle’s Just Say Hello movement uses photography and Facebook to advocate on homelessness issues and remind people of the impact a simple act of kindness can have. INSP’s Washington D.C. member, Street Sense, reports explores how the campaign has inspired photographers across the US to use their work to encourage people to think more deeply about the issue, and what they can do to help.

Curbside Chronicle vendors: “How I See Oklahoma City”

“I hope that these photographs can open people’s eyes, hearts, and minds to the issue of homelessness in our community.” The Curbside Chronicle paired its vendors with professional photographers to capture Oklahoma City from their perspective.

New York’s homeless youth as they want to be seen

INSP reports on a photography project in New York that aims to change public perceptions of LGBT homeless youths by giving them the power to control how they are portrayed.

Exploring the Housing First model at Seattle’s 1811 Eastlake

Learn what happened when street paper delegates visited 1811 Eastlake, an innovative and somewhat controversial Housing First program running in Seattle.

INSP delegates meet residents of Seattle’s Tent City 3

Real Change board member and contributor Jim Douglas reflects on our delegate study visit to Seattle homeless encampment Tent City 3.

Homeless Fonts help Barcelona’s rough sleepers write a new future

An innovative project in Barcelona has been turning homeless people’s handwriting into sellable typefaces, with all profits going towards supporting half of the city’s 3,000 homeless population. “The main goal is to highlight homelessness by allowing a little bit of this big problem to be seen everywhere, from a poster to a web page,” its founder tells INSP.