Lee: homeless-art

Olympic festival “one of the best things to happen to homeless people in Rio”

Alongside the Olympics, an equally momentous occasion saw homeless people come together from six nations for an artistic festival – With One Voice. We speak to participant João about the life-changing performances.

São Paulo – the view from the streets

It was the first time many of the photographers had held a camera – but the homeless people’s artwork in the Minha São Paulo calendar is a strikingly colourful portrayal of life in Brazil’s largest city.

Joy and reflection as Vancouver’s Megaphone launches new Hope in Shadows calendar

The launch of the calendar was a time for joy – and sadness, as the team found out that Alkina, pictured here in a photo from the calendar, had just passed away.

My London: homeless photography project goes international

In July, 100 single-use cameras were handed out to homeless and formerly homeless Londoners. Their photos have sparked worldwide interest.