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Feeling the Love: A look at February’s street paper covers

Some LOVEly covers have caught our eye this month – here’s our February round-up of front pages.

Our vendors: Lonnie Baker (Groundcover News, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

Lonnie Baker is a Groundcover News vendor in Ann Arbor who is feeling positive about the future. Here, he talks about his journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency and the lessons that he has learned along the way.

INSP Awards: meet our finalists for Best Vendor Contribution to a street paper

From an insight into life on the streets to a gripping personal account of the Gulf War, discover our six finalists for Best Vendor Contribution in this year’s INSP Awards.

INSP Awards: Street paper vendors’ writing, art and photography vies for international prize

Street paper vendors face multiple barriers to having to their voice heard, but INSP street papers are a powerful platform. These are some of the best vendor contributions in the last year.

Living “out here”: a Michigan vendor reflects

In this moving article, Groundcover vendor Lit explains what she means when she says she lives “out here”. She discusses what she’s lost – and what she’s gained – through her experience of homelessness.

Why you should stop and chat to your local street paper vendor

Olivia Perfetti encourages street paper customers to get to know their local vendor after chatting to two hard-working Groundcover vendors in Ann Arbor.

World’s street papers celebrate #VendorWeek 2016

It’s only Day 2 and INSP’s fourth international #VendorWeek is already in full swing. Here’s how dozens of street papers are joining the celebration worldwide.