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Home is where the art is: How Düsseldorf street paper fiftyfifty turns paintings, prints and photographs into permanent shelter

A unique Housing First effort in Düsseldorf combines art, newspapers and advocacy to pair the unhoused with apartments. The brainchild of the city’s street paper fiftyfifty, revenues from sales of works by famous artists are used to buy apartments for those who need them most.

Bodo vendors Ralf and Mario: “Life without dogs? Impossible!”

Perceptions of people on the streets with pets are often uncaring and narrow-minded. Bodo vendors Ralf and Mario, who sell the street paper in the German city of Bochum, are prime examples of the mental health and social benefits of having a pet on the streets can be. Their dogs – Maja, Tyson and Cassey – are their pride and joys.

“Street papers have a sort of superpower” – what street papers are in the words of those who sell them

Everyone who is a part of the global street paper network knows what a street paper is – that extends to the staff that put each publication together and those who buy them. But the people who truly know what a street paper is – what it means – are those who sell them. Here, a collection of street paper vendors – from Brazil to Finland – tell us, in their own words, what a street paper is, personally to them.

Hanover street paper Asphalt partners with prestigious contemporary art exhibition documenta fifteen, exclusively announcing line-up

World-renowned contemporary art exhibition documenta is celebrating its 15th instalment next year in the German city of Kassel. In line with its leading artists’ values, the line-up for the event was exclusively revealed by street paper Asphalt in nearby Hanover, who will act as a media partner for the exhibition.

“Nobody should go without the shot”: Dispatches from vaccinated street paper vendors

With Covid vaccines being rolled out differently across the world, that means marginalised and vulnerable communities in different parts of the world are receiving immunisation at different rates. But it does mean some good news: street paper vendors are beginning to receive the jab, and with the world opening up again, that’s more than welcome.

German street papers call for hotels to house the homeless for the remainder of COVID-19 pandemic

13 German street papers, including INSP members, have banded together to demand that the country’s state and city officials use empty hotels to house those experiencing homelessness amid ongoing restrictions and “stay at home” pleas due to the coronavirus. A petition laying out their concerns has already reached over 2,500 signatures.

A new home for Hinz&Kunzt

In the St Georg district of Hamburg, a new complex is being built to house street paper Hinz&Kunzt’s publishing and social work enterprises, as well as 24 of its vendors. The editorial team visited the building site shortly before the topping-out ceremony – a celebration to mark a milestone in its construction.

Hinz&Kunzt vendor Thomas on the joy of returning to his pitch

After the coronavirus lockdown eased, Hinz&Kunzt vendors were looking forward to the restart, but also feeling slightly uneasy. They’ll need help – from Hinz&Kunzt, but also from the people working in the shops outside which they have their pitches. The Hamburg street paper accompanied vendor Thomas to his pitch.

As coronavirus lockdowns ease, street paper vendors return

With lockdown restrictions being pulled back in some areas, and the new normal of social distancing takes form, street paper vendors are beginning to return to the pitches they have been absent from as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread. INSP spoke to some of the publications who have begun street selling again about how they prepared their vendors and how they have managed.

“I see myself as an astronaut far above the earth” – Hinz&Kunzt vendors on how COVID-19 has changed their lives

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Hamburg-based street paper Hinz&Kunzt asked its vendors how severely they have been impacted by its effects.

“Can the last one out please turn off the lights?” – It’s not just street paper selling that’s hindered by COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has emptied Hamburg Airport. For those working for ‘Spende Dein Pfand’, a collaboration between the Hamburg street paper Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg Airport and the Green Dot, that means reduced working hours. The street paper talked to employee Uwe Tröger about how he’s coping.

Street papers provide global update on how the world’s homeless population is facing the coronavirus

The Big Issue took stock of how coronavirus is affecting the world’s homeless community, providing another update on just how severely the spread of the virus is impacting street papers and the people for which they provide an income.

Committed to living: Hinz&Kunzt’s punk rock vendors

Street paper vendors are often defined by their living situation, but as INSP and street papers are at constant pains to point out, they are much more than just homeless. Hinz&Kunzt’s Golem and Jörg connect with the catharsis of punk rock.

Vendor City Guide: Cologne

The Big Issue has been reaching out to vendors across the street paper network to get the inside scoop on the cities they know best. This instalment features Draussenseiter vendor Lothar talking about Cologne in Germany.

Trott-war’s German Conversation Circle participants practice their German to contribute to INSP’s #VendorLetters series

To mark the end of INSP’s 25th anniversary year, we have been asking vendors across the street paper network to write a letter to their 25-year-old self. Trott-war vendors came out in their numbers to contribute to this instalment of the #VendorLetters series.

#VendorLetters: Straßenkreuzer’s Steve, speaking up for fellow vendors

To mark the end of INSP’s 25th anniversary year, we have been asking vendors across the street paper network to write a letter to their 25-year-old self. Straßenkreuzer vendor Steve reckons his 25-year-old self would be proud of the person he has become.

#VendorLetters: FiftyFifty vendor Gerhard thinks “most of the young people of today are alright”

To mark the end of INSP’s 25th anniversary year, we have been asking vendors across the street paper network to write a letter to their 25-year-old self. Today we hear from FiftyFifty vendor Gerhard.

Our vendors: Lothar (Draussenseiter, Cologne, Germany)

Lothar is a Draussenseiter vendor with an extraordinary connection to the outside world: he loves to walk. And we’re not just talking about rambling or hiking here: after he set off on his first walk in July 2016, Lothar walked over 2,000 kilometres around Germany. His walks allow him to indulge in his love for nature, to let his mind wander and to discover new things. They have also taught him that less is more.

Vendor City Guide: Dortmund

The Big Issue has been reaching out to vendors across the street paper network to get the inside scoop on the cities they know best. This instalment features bodo vendor Jessica talking about Dortmund.

Our vendors: Pauli (Zeitschrift der Strasse, Bremen, Germany)

Pauli is one of Zeitschrift der Strasse’s original vendors and is recognisable thanks to his trademark FC St. Pauli baseball cap. Here, he looks back on the challenges of his early life and talks candidly about his experience of homelessness. He is feeling hopeful about the future thanks to the companionship of his beloved pet dog, Laika, who inspired him to confront his addictions.

Reflections from the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit by INSP board member, and Real Change founding director, Tim Harris

After attending the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit, INSP board member, and Real Change founding director, Tim Harris offered some reflections on the state of the street paper movement and what we have to look forward to in the future.

Our vendors: Sascha (Asphalt, Hannover, Germany)

Asphalt vendor Sascha talks about his struggles with his mental health, his childhood, his love of movies and his penchant for creating movie themed podcasts. Asphalt is based in Hannover, the city hosting this year’s Global Street Paper Summit.

A day out with Draussenseiter vendor Lothar

At the end of January, when there was still snow in Cologne, Draussenseiter vendor Lothar was equipped with an analogue camera and asked to record a day in his life. He liked the idea and started documenting straight away. Here you can see the selection of photos Lothar captured, along with his comments.

Our vendors: Reghina (Asphalt, Hannover, Germany)

Originally from Romania, Reghina (55) is now an Asphalt vendor in Hannover, the host of this year’s Global Street Paper Summit. Here she speaks about being the subject of discrimination in her home country, moving with her kids to the Czech Republic, and then herself to Germany, and finding a kind of friendship with her customers.

#INSP2019: Hannover town hall exhibitions portray experiences of German homeless community in two very different eras

Ahead of the welcome reception to officially kick off the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit, attending delegates were able to view two fascinating, and contrasting, exhibitions: ‘My Hannover’, a series of street photography taken by the city’s homeless population, and ‘Homelessness during the National Socialist dictatorship’, which provides insight into the plight of the homeless community under the Nazi party.

Vendor City Guide: Hannover

As street paper delegates arrive in Hannover for the 2019 INSP Summit, and embark on a walking tour of the city, Thomas, a vendor of Hannover’s street paper Asphalt, gives his insider tips to where to go and what to do.

Our vendors: Ronny (Zeitschrift der Strasse, Bremen, Germany)

On a walk around Bremen, Ronny talks about his life and experiences as a Zeitscrift der Strasse vendor. He talks about his past, his work as a vendor and about the two wishes that he hopes to make into a reality. It is vital, he says, to look after yourself so that you can savour the little joys in life.

Eleven rooms for women in need at Nuremberg’s Haus Sonnenschein

This International Women’s Day, INSP is drawing attention to some articles from street papers which focus on the experiences of homeless and marginalised women. Strassenkrezuer recently featured a story on ‘Haus Sonnenschein’ (‘House of Sunshine’), a shelter for women who have nowhere else to go, and the only one exclusively for women in Nuremberg.