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Danish street paper gives out free edition to boost readership and celebrate vendors

At the request of its vendors, Hus Forbi has released a free issue as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The special edition says thank you to readers and champions those who sell it. It’s part of a year-long promotional anniversary campaign that also includes a viral video about homelessness – The Invisible Man.

Street paper convert starts documentary mission

A passionate street paper convert, explains how a meeting with a Real Change vendor, and volunteering at INSP’s Global Street Paper Summit in Seattle, has inspired him to undertake a creative journey.

The Lady in the Van: Alan Bennett’s story of homeless ex-concert pianist

Telling the true story of an elderly woman who lived in a battered van on his driveway, Alan Bennett’s The Lady in the Van asks how far we’d go to help. We can donate to hostels and buy homeless people hot drinks but how many, like Bennett, go further?

Coming soon to a cinema near you – Street Cat Bob: the movie

Rising British actor Luke Treadaway is set to play former Big Issue seller James Bowen, whose books about how a stray ginger cat called Bob helped him out of homelessness have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

Into the Woods: singing stars align for what may be Disney’s darkest tale

This story was first published on the INSP News Service. A-list director Rob Marshall’s take on the smash hit Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods sees beloved fairy tale characters collide in what may be […]