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Awesome August Artwork: A month of impressive street paper covers

The 2017 Global Street Paper Summit allowed us to get up close and personal with August’s covers – take a look at our highlights from the network.

Our vendors: Cynthia Ellington (Denver Voice, Denver, USA)

Cynthia, a talented and passionate dancer, moved to Denver to help out her brother who was experiencing homeless. By getting involved with selling street papers, she has found a bigger family than she could ever have expected.

INSP Awards: Best Vendor Contribution 2017 Nominees

The final set of nominees are here – have a look to see who’s made the top ten in the Best Vendor Contribution category.

Our vendors: Nathanial Trotter (Denver Voice, Denver, Colorado, USA)

Nathanial is an entrepreneur, inventor and artist, but what truly defines him is his talent for making friends. His customers feel they can open up to him, returning time and again to talk – and buy the paper.

Cross Atlantic: Dave and Raelene compare street vendors’ lives in the UK and US

Dave sells Big Issue North in Altrincham, near Manchester. Raelene sells the Denver Voice in Boulder, Colorado in the US. In a Skype conversation to mark #VendorWeek, they compared notes about their lives, interests and what it’s like to be a street paper vendor on either side of the Atlantic.

#VendorWeek interview: Mark and Ann share vendor life in Melbourne and Denver

Vendors Mark and Ann shared their first ever Skype chat in honour of #VendorWeek and found out they have more in common than they first expected.

Homeless activist launches world’s newest street paper in Colorado Springs

“The idea came from being hungry – the desire came from wanting to fight.” Currently homeless in Colorado Springs, Raven Canon is a campaigner and the founder of the world’s newest street paper. We caught up with her just after she published the first edition of The Springs Echo.

Our vendors: Armand Casazza (Denver Voice, Colorado, USA)

For Armand Casazza, selling Denver Voice was a chance to start anew. The job helps him face the challenges of a troubled past with an ever-present grin.

Still giving Denver’s homeless a Voice after 20 years

The first issue of Denver Voice was put together on a single typewriter. Now it’s celebrating 20 years, and offering employment to more than 4000 people.

October global street paper covers get scary

Between Halloween and Trump, there’s a frighteneing vibe on this month’s international street paper covers. Thank god for Street Cat Bob…

Prophets of Rage to Bridget Jones – September street paper supporters

There’s support from big name stars featured on this month’s covers – but also stark reminders of why street papers are so necessary for homeless people.

Denver Voice reaches out with first street recruitment

Volunteers for U.S. street paper Denver Voice took to the streets to offer people who are sleeping rough in the city the chance to join their team of vendors.