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Housing for the People: “Until I can make my dream happen…”

Brian Augustine, who sells Colorado street paper the Denver VOICE, writes for the latest in INSP’s Housing for the People series about how happenstance, and events outside his control, led to him losing the place he called home. Now, he counts the street paper as his home, and the people who come by his place of work as his family.

Housing for the People: “We have to go beyond people just attaining housing”

For the latest instalment of INSP’s ‘Housing for the People’ column, Denver VOICE contributor Larmarques ‘Misha’ Smith writes about their journey from temporary to stable housing, their experience of shelters throughout the pandemic, and how ensuring housing is a right enjoyed by all should be done intersectionally with multiple goals in mind.

“Street papers have a sort of superpower” – what street papers are in the words of those who sell them

Everyone who is a part of the global street paper network knows what a street paper is – that extends to the staff that put each publication together and those who buy them. But the people who truly know what a street paper is – what it means – are those who sell them. Here, a collection of street paper vendors – from Brazil to Finland – tell us, in their own words, what a street paper is, personally to them.

Sheltering in place while unhoused in Denver

While downtown Denver remains empty, those experiencing homelessness have struggled to find limited shelter, forcing some to create their own “city within the city”.

#VendorWeek 2019: A reunion 23 years in the making

An unexpected message on social media brought Jamar Washington back into contact with his birth mother and family in 2018. His mother, Raelene Johnson – a Denver Voice vendor – reluctantly gave him up for foster care when he was three. This is the story of how fate brought them back together and how they are reconnecting with each other after so many years apart.

As the rest of the country gears up for Christmas, US street papers mark National Homeless Persons Memorial Day

Since 1990, communities across the US, while shoppers frantically prepare for Christmas, meet on the first day of winter and longest night of the year to commemorate those who have died while homeless in the last year. This year, 150 such gatherings took place on what is known as National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. Among them were those attended and organised by US-based street papers, accounts of which are collated here.

Our vendors: Larmarques Smith (Denver Voice, Denver, Colorado, USA)

Larmarques Smith moved to Denver two years ago. Haunted by the death of his partner from an over-dose, Larmarques found it impossible to stay in Indiana, despite the fact that he had built a life for himself there. Living on the streets has been tough for him, as those around him have no knowledge of what he has been through. This is precisely what motivates Larmarques to reach out to others: he hopes to provide them with the sort of support that he himself is looking for.

Hot off the press: A round-up of summer street paper covers

With the 2018 Global Street Paper Summit fast approaching, we’re pausing for a moment to look back on the street paper covers that have had us jumping for joy during July.

#VendorWeek 2018: A day in the life of a Denver VOICE vendor

To mark #VendorWeek 2018, US street paper Denver VOICE published a four-page spread completely dedicated to their vendors, as well as hosting a Big Sell event in the city. In the feature, vendors talk about their pitch, their daily routine, and we even here from readers showing their appreciation for their local vendor.

#VendorWeek 2018: Real Change rallies notable local figures to sell street papers with vendors

Today, North American street papers will join in with the #VendorWeek celebrations by hosting selling events, some for the first time. This #VendorWeek tradition is a chance for those unfamiliar with the street paper movement to understand better what street paper vendors do.

Christmas Covers: we unwrap December’s street paper front pages

With Christmas just around the corner, street papers around the world have been getting into the Yuletide spirit and emblazoning their front covers with all things festive!

Vendor moments 2017: “There’s too much drama”

As 2017 draws to a close, we asked vendors across the global street paper network to look back on the highs and lows of their year. Dwayne, a Denver Voice vendor, has spent 2017 getting his things in order with the hope of moving off the streets.

Awesome August Artwork: A month of impressive street paper covers

The 2017 Global Street Paper Summit allowed us to get up close and personal with August’s covers – take a look at our highlights from the network.

Our vendors: Cynthia Ellington (Denver Voice, Denver, USA)

Cynthia, a talented and passionate dancer, moved to Denver to help out her brother who was experiencing homeless. By getting involved with selling street papers, she has found a bigger family than she could ever have expected.

INSP Awards: Best Vendor Contribution 2017 Nominees

The final set of nominees are here – have a look to see who’s made the top ten in the Best Vendor Contribution category.

Our vendors: Nathanial Trotter (Denver Voice, Denver, Colorado, USA)

Nathanial is an entrepreneur, inventor and artist, but what truly defines him is his talent for making friends. His customers feel they can open up to him, returning time and again to talk – and buy the paper.

Cross Atlantic: Dave and Raelene compare street vendors’ lives in the UK and US

Dave sells Big Issue North in Altrincham, near Manchester. Raelene sells the Denver Voice in Boulder, Colorado in the US. In a Skype conversation to mark #VendorWeek, they compared notes about their lives, interests and what it’s like to be a street paper vendor on either side of the Atlantic.

#VendorWeek interview: Mark and Ann share vendor life in Melbourne and Denver

Vendors Mark and Ann shared their first ever Skype chat in honour of #VendorWeek and found out they have more in common than they first expected.

Homeless activist launches world’s newest street paper in Colorado Springs

“The idea came from being hungry – the desire came from wanting to fight.” Currently homeless in Colorado Springs, Raven Canon is a campaigner and the founder of the world’s newest street paper. We caught up with her just after she published the first edition of The Springs Echo.

Our vendors: Armand Casazza (Denver Voice, Colorado, USA)

For Armand Casazza, selling Denver Voice was a chance to start anew. The job helps him face the challenges of a troubled past with an ever-present grin.

Still giving Denver’s homeless a Voice after 20 years

The first issue of Denver Voice was put together on a single typewriter. Now it’s celebrating 20 years, and offering employment to more than 4000 people.

October global street paper covers get scary

Between Halloween and Trump, there’s a frighteneing vibe on this month’s international street paper covers. Thank god for Street Cat Bob…

Prophets of Rage to Bridget Jones – September street paper supporters

There’s support from big name stars featured on this month’s covers – but also stark reminders of why street papers are so necessary for homeless people.

Denver Voice reaches out with first street recruitment

Volunteers for U.S. street paper Denver Voice took to the streets to offer people who are sleeping rough in the city the chance to join their team of vendors.

Olympic fever gripped world’s street papers this August

August’s street paper covers have the Olympic spirit, featuring ‘cuddly lawnmowers’, a homeless wedding, Steven Spielberg, and a cheeky little bit of rickrolling.

Our vendors: Gary Davis (Denver Voice, Denver, Colorado)

Denver Voice vendor Gary Davis is a prime example of turning mistakes into stepping stones on the path to success. Gary has battled alcohol addiction, a problem which has led to him to homelessness more than once – but the Denver Voice helps him stay sober.