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Voting matters in Europe too: An interview with FEANTSA director Freek Spinnewijn

As the European Parliament elections approach this week, Hus Forbi spoke to Freek Spinnewijn, director of FEANTSA, the European organisation fighting to end homelessness. He talks about the importance of the coming vote in relation to tackling homelessness across member states, and why this particular European election matters more than ever.

Vendor City Guide: Copenhagen

In collaboration with The Big Issue, vendors from street papers across the world have been sharing some insider tips on the cities they live and work in, which we are sharing during #VendorWeek. Here, Hus Forbi vendor Csaba talks about Copenhagen.

INSP Vendor Playlist: Hus Forbi vendors talk about how music influences their lives

This year we asked vendors: if you could give a song as a present this Christmas, what would you choose? The result was the INSP Vendor Playlist, which is now available for your listening pleasure. Today, four Hus Forbi vendors give some insight into the songs they chose.

Hus Forbi vendors collaborate with Danish musician on vinyl single release

To coincide with the release of its 2019 calendar, vendors from Danish street paper Hus Forbi collaborated with soul-pop musician Lukas Graham on a special vinyl release of his song ‘You’re Not the Only One (Redemption Song)’.

Hus Forbi vendors experience new Danish anti-homelessness laws banning rough sleeping

After two Hus Forbi vendors were fined and kicked out of the municipality of Copenhagen, the Danish street paper is now raising funds to help their vendors pay fines and legal fees. The anti-homelessness law, which was passed by the Danish government in March, gives police the power to fine and dish out “zone bans” to people found rough sleeping, citing the reason that they have formed “a camp that creates insecurity”. Hus Forbi editor Poul Struve Nielsen explains more.

#VendorWeek 2018: Hus Forbi gets cooking

Amongst all the #VendorWeek events and activities going on, Hus Forbi’s take on the global celebration presents something a little bit different. Each night this week, one lucky reader will receive a visit from Hus Forbi editor Poul Struve Nielsen and one of the magazine’s vendors to cook up a delicious meal using recipes from the Danish street paper’s 2018 calendar.

Vendor moments 2017: The Pirate’s Christmas

‘The Pirate’ has been living on the streets for 17 years. He tells Hus Forbi about his experiences and about his plans for Christmas Eve – which involve a few beers, a bit of strong tobacco and loud techno music.

“I feel like I live in luxury homelessness compared to Denmark’s former poorhouse” – Hus Forbi vendor Jensine

The old poorhouse in the Danish town of Svendborg is now a museum, featuring an exhibition about local street paper Hus Forbi. Vendor Jensine’s life is rough, but when she sees the old poorhouse in Svendborg, she feels privileged.

Homeless couple’s wedding makes the front page

Hus Forbi vendors hope to show that anyone can find love and happiness, after their wedding day made it into local and national media this summer.

Danish street paper gives out free edition to boost readership and celebrate vendors

At the request of its vendors, Hus Forbi has released a free issue as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The special edition says thank you to readers and champions those who sell it. It’s part of a year-long promotional anniversary campaign that also includes a viral video about homelessness – The Invisible Man.

A personal tour of Copenhagen, on two wheels, with Hus Forbi vendor Henrik

In another amazing #VendorWeek story, we hear from Henrik about his very personal bicycle tours of Copenhagen – the city in which he used to be homeless.

Vendors help Danish street paper Hus Forbi become most read publication in Denmark

Danish street paper Hus Forbi is now the top selling paid-for paper in Denmark – with an incredible 500,000 plus readers per edition. We asked the paper’s editor Poul Struve Nielsen his secret for success. His answer? Hus Forbi’s vendors.

“Selling a street paper gave me back my dad”

Sandra Corfitz from Denmark explains how Danish street paper Hus Forbi reunited her with her estranged father.

Charity single ‘Living on the Street’ released to help feed Danish vendors

By Laura Smith A Danish singer songwriter has released a single to support sellers of Hus Forbi, her local street paper, just in time for Christmas. Natasja Lee Dickinson’s charity single, ‘Living on the Street’ […]