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#insp2013 Tweets & Instagrams are ‘Storified’

A highlight of the international street paper calendar is the INSP conference, hosted in a different city each year, in partnership with the local street paper member. The 17th annual conference is in Munich in […]

Group discussion: who should we be supporting?

The global economic crisis has changed the demography of homelessness and unemployment. Record numbers of families are now homeless and many European street papers are seeing large increases in homeless people from Romania and Bulgaria. […]

Day 3 round up: who should we be supporting?

The final day of the INSP annual conference centres on the most important aspect of the street paper model: the vendors. Lisa Maclean welomes the delegates to the last day of the conference. The global […]

Paulaner Biergarten

The delegates enjoyed beer and typical Bavarian food at the famous “Paulaner Biergarten”. Vendors are at the heart of the street paper model. In the centre of all the talks and discussions at the INSP conference, […]

Day 2 round up: surviving in the digital age

Changes in technology, from smart phones to social media, have changed the way we consume media. Major print publications have experienced a significant decline in readership with more and more people turning to the internet […]

Discussion: surviving in a digital age

With the theme of the day in mind, the discussion groups on the second day of the INSP conference focused on the question: “how do street papers survive in the digital age?” Delegates were split […]

Olympic Park

At the end of conference Day 1, the delegates were invited  to the world famous Olympic Park…  After a long first day of networking, sharing ideas and debating street paper issues at the INSP annual conference, […]

Day 1 round up: staying relevant in a changing world

MC Wim de Preter kicking off Day 1. Today marked the opening of the 17th annual INSP conference: “INSP-iring street papers in a changing world.” Serge Lareault (Chairperson of INSP and Executive Director of L’Itinéraire), […]

Round up: training day

The INSP conference kicked off early with an optional training day, comprised of four sessions led by INSP’s supporting street paper members. The training day provides new, emerging and smaller street papers with the opportunity […]

Tag der deutschsprachigen Straßenzeitungen

Über 30 Straßenzeitungen gibt es im deutschsprachigen Netzwerk. Vor offiziellem Start der 17. INSP Konferenz in München fanden sich die Mitglieder des deutschsprachigen Straßenzeitungs-Netzwerks zum “Tag der deutschsprachigen Straßenzeitungen zusammen”, um sich austauschen und gemeinsam […]

INSP in Munich for 17th annual conference

In a few days, over 100 delegates from 30 countries will arrive in Munich for a unique conference event which will benefit thousands of homeless worldwide. The 17th annual INSP conference is this year hosted […]

The 2013 International Street Paper Awards: The Finalists

The finalists of the 2013 ‘International Street Paper Awards’ were announced today. The awards were launched in 2008 by INSP, to highlight the outstanding, independent editorial achievements of street papers; and their contribution to social […]