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Our vendors: Andy (Big Issue North, Sheffield, UK)

We meet up with vendor Andy, for whom change has been afoot. He tells Big Issue North about his new flat, vents his political frustrations and shares his experiences as a vendor of the magazine.

Our vendors: Adrian (Big Issue North, Formby, UK)

After his divorce, Adrian had to send his children back to Romania to live with his parents. He used to work as a lorry driver, but has struggled to find work through employment agencies. Now he sells Big Issue North to support his family and give them a better life.

Our vendors: Ken (Big Issue North, Bishopthorpe Road, York, UK)

Ken sells the Big Issue North with his faithful canine companion, Bailey. He has lived in all sorts of places: motorhomes, static caravans, even an old French police riot van. Having moved to York after someone set fire to his tent, Ken recently got his own room. “I’m a happy man,” he says.

Our vendors: Leventica (Big Issue North, Bebington, Wirral, UK)

22-year-old Leventica sells Big Issue North to help support her family, “Life is still a bit hard,” she says, “but not like it was in Romania.”