Lee: calendar

São Paulo – the view from the streets

It was the first time many of the photographers had held a camera – but the homeless people’s artwork in the Minha São Paulo calendar is a strikingly colourful portrayal of life in Brazil’s largest city.

Joy and reflection as Vancouver’s Megaphone launches new Hope in Shadows calendar

The launch of the calendar was a time for joy – and sadness, as the team found out that Alkina, pictured here in a photo from the calendar, had just passed away.

#manonbench: recycled fashion show to shed light on homelessness in London

As London Fashion week draws to a close, one ex-homeless man is determined to use the catwalk to draw attention to the homeless people of the UK capital.

My London: homeless photography project goes international

In July, 100 single-use cameras were handed out to homeless and formerly homeless Londoners. Their photos have sparked worldwide interest.