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“I’ll always be able to put food on the table”: Hecho en Bs As vendor Ricardo Blanco reflects on street paper’s role in his life

39-year-old Ricardo Blanco has been an on-and-off vendor for Hecho en Bs As (HBA) since 2003. He reflects on his life so far, and how working for HBA has helped him feel more confident in being able to provide for his family. Blanco is most proud of his family that includes his wife and his four children and grandchild, and the home that he’s been able to build.

Our vendors: Andrea, Selene and Vicky (Hecho en Bs As, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Andrea, Selene and Vicky are all Hecho en Bs As vendors and each one has her own story to tell. All three have something in common: their involvement with HBA has been a turning point in their lives. Andrea would not change HBA for anything and now wants to finish high school; Selene is a successful vendor who dreams of traveling and being a writer; and Vicky believes that there is more to selling HBA than making sales and finds strength in her faith.

Our vendors: Luis (Hecho en Bs. As., Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Although Luis seems reluctant to open up at first, he is candid about how much selling HBA means to him. Most important to him is the opportunity it affords him to meet so many different people.

Our vendors: Juan Pablo Mendoza (Hecho en Bs. As., Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“My wife is pleased that I’m working for HBA because she knows I’m okay and bringing money in,” says Argentinian street paper vendor Juan Pablo. He’s sending good wishes to vendors worldwide.

Our vendors: Luciano Saavedra (Hecho en Bs As, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“Selling for HBA is not a job that enslaves you, in fact the schedule is flexible…HBA gives me more freedom.” Luciano hopes that his earnings from selling the Argentinian street paper will help him finish building his house.