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Vendor City Guide: Athens

In collaboration with The Big Issue, vendors from street papers across the world have been sharing some insider tips on the cities they live and work in, which we are sharing during #VendorWeek. Here, Shedia vendor Michael talks about Athens.

INSP Vendor Playlist: Irini and Magda (Shedia, Athens, Greece)

This year we asked vendors: if you could give a song as a present this Christmas, what would you choose? The result was the INSP Vendor Playlist, which is now available for your listening pleasure. Shedia vendors Irini and Magda have contrasting reasons behind their song choices.

Vendor moments 2017: “I am just trying to be myself, keep smiling and be grateful for people’s solidarity”

Shedia vendors Nick and Apostolos had very different experiences in 2017. Nick was moved to write an emotional and well-received piece for the street paper, while Apostolos’ sporting skills were shown off at the Homeless World Cup.

Our vendors: Nikos (Shedia, Athens, Greece)

Nikos Servos is a Shedia vendor in Athens. Here, in his own poetic style, he shares his ruminations on life and, through his stories and thoughts, boldly asserts his desire to keep on smiling and existing.

“We are a part of something much greater” – INSP summit scholarships enhance street paper movement

INSP scholarships to the Global Street Paper Summit allow emerging street papers to learn from the expertise within the network, and bring new voices to the global conversation.

Success of unique cooperative newspaper proves “truth still sells” in Greece

How many journalists does it take to produce one of Greece’s most trusted and successful daily newspapers? The editor of Efimerida ton Syntakton (The Journalists’ Paper) explains how his unique cooperative of over 100 journalists is thriving in Greece.

“Our job is to combat poverty”: German journalist on the Global Street Paper Summit 2016

The editor of Nuremberg street paper Strassenkreuzer reflects on a whirlwind three days in Athens: “Celebrating this fantastic and inspiring family is a must… even if heads were left spinning, languages were muddled up, nobody could concentrate and there was lots of sleep to catch up on!”

Our vendors: Stella Mavridou (Shedia, Thessaloniki, Greece)

This is the true story behind the Homeless World Cup viral video of the week. Stella Mavridou is a fan favourite this week at the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow. She tells us her harrowing story – and how she turned her life around through Shedia.

“You see poverty everywhere”: German vendor on selling a street paper in Athens

German vendor Achim Eybe spent an eye-opening five days selling Shedia in Athens, Greece as part of a cross-cultural street paper experiment. He reflects on the poverty he witnessed firsthand, and the difficulties faced by his Greek colleagues.

“I used to think Germany was responsible for our crisis”: street paper swap changes Greek vendor’s mind

Shedia vendor Lampros Moustakis once thought Germany responsible for much of the hardships faced by his fellow Greeks. But an opportunity to sell Hempels street paper in Kiel, Germany, has changed his mind.

“Getting to know a new reality” with vendors in Greece and Germany

What happened when street paper vendors from Athens, Greece and Kiel in Germany traded places? Hempels editor Peter Brandhorst tells the story of a cross-cultural street paper experiment.

100% of delegates inspired by Global Street Paper Summit 2016

As the Global Street Paper Summit 2016 came to a close, 100% of delegates were inspired, and would recommend the summit to other street paper staff.

IN PHOTOS: Our final day in Athens for INSP 2016

Our final day of the 2016 INSP Summit in Athens was inspirational and emotional, as our delegates reflected over everything they have learned, and celebrated new friendships forged. Relive the days in photos and social media.

“We need to be brave”: street paper response to refugee crisis

During a panel discussion on the global refugee crisis, those on the frontline in Greece urged street papers to use their unique position in the media to put a human face on crisis and encourage solidarity.

Street paper delegates “overwhelmed” and “humbled” at Athens refugee camp

Increasing numbers of refugees look to street papers across Europe for support. A research visit to Eleonas Refugee Camp during the INSP Summit in Athens this week was an eye-opening and humbling experience for our delegates.

VIDEO: Head of Greek newspaper cooperative expresses solidarity with street papers

Our closing keynote in Athens this week was a truly inspiring address by Nicholas Voulelis, director of Greece’s top independent newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton [The Journalists’ Paper].

IN PHOTOS: 2016 Global Street Paper Summit day two

Another action-packed day in Athens included a visit a refugee camp near the city, more learning and networking, and finished with the INSP Awards! Take a look at the INSP Summit in pictures.

Top five things funders want: what we learned at #INSP2016

INSP delegates learned about what funders want during our summit in Athens yesterday. Our own Zoe Greenfield chaired the incredibly useful session, and shares the top five tips she learned.

IN PHOTOS: 2016 Global Street Paper Summit day one

From a captivating speech by Yanis Varoufakis to an emotional INSP Talks, day one of the Global Street Paper Summit in Athens was a true success! Relive the day in photos.

Grassroots social enterprises in Athens help feed Greeks on the breadline

Across Greece, many people rely on grassroots organisations to put food on their tables. Today at the INSP Summit, we heard how three leading social enterprises – Wise Greece, Boroume and Myrtillo – are making a difference.

IN PHOTOS: 2016 Global Street Paper Summit begins in Athens

INSP’s Global Street Paper Summit got off to a flying start yesterday in Athens. 120 delegates from 59 street papers in 30 different countries have flocked in Athens for our biggest summit yet! Here’s how the day went in pictures.

Athens welcomes international delegates to INSP Global Street Paper Summit

Against the odds, INSP was thrilled to launch the 2016 Global Street Paper Summit 2016 in Athens today alongside our co-hosts, Shedia. The city officially welcomed INSP’s 120 international delegates in the grand surrounding of Athens City Hall.

Firebrand Greek economist and leading US social entrepreneur to address Global Street Paper Summit

Rebel economist Yanis Varoufakis and globally-recognised, Peruvian-American entrepreneur Cynthia Hellen added to the line-up for this year’s INSP Summit.

Meet our Summit hosts Shedia: the raft keeping Greece’s poor and homeless afloat

In two weeks’ time, delegates from around the world will gather in Athens for the INSP Global Street Paper Summit, co-hosted by Greek street paper, Shedia. We caught up with founder Christos and vendor Lefteris to discover how Shedia continues to keep hope afloat in Greece.

Director of independent Greek paper Efimerida ton Syntakton expresses street paper solidarity

Veteran Greek journalist Nicholas Voulelis was today announced as a keynote speaker at INSP’s Global Street Paper Summit 2016, where he will tell the story of ‘The Journalists’ Paper’.

INSP Awards 2016 open for entries

The INSP Awards 2016 – the annual celebration of excellence and innovation within the street paper network – are now open for entries.

Positive news, exchanging ideas and Greek hospitality: why #INSP2016 is unmissable

With just 10 days left to register for the Global Street Paper Summit this June, INSP’s Zoe Greenfield shares her top 10 reasons why you would be mad to miss #INSP2016.

Our Vendors: Panayiotis Triantafillidis (Shedia, Athens, Greece)

“If it wasn’t for Shedia, I would be a wild tramp. In Shedia, I have realised all the dreams I’ve had since my childhood.” Panayiotis sells Sheida, a street paper sold in Athens, Greece. Read his story here.