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Hanover street paper Asphalt partners with prestigious contemporary art exhibition documenta fifteen, exclusively announcing line-up

World-renowned contemporary art exhibition documenta is celebrating its 15th instalment next year in the German city of Kassel. In line with its leading artists’ values, the line-up for the event was exclusively revealed by street paper Asphalt in nearby Hanover, who will act as a media partner for the exhibition.

German street papers call for hotels to house the homeless for the remainder of COVID-19 pandemic

13 German street papers, including INSP members, have banded together to demand that the country’s state and city officials use empty hotels to house those experiencing homelessness amid ongoing restrictions and “stay at home” pleas due to the coronavirus. A petition laying out their concerns has already reached over 2,500 signatures.

Covers round-up: Street papers on sale in November

What’s been making the front pages of street papers during the past month?

INSP25: INSP celebrates a quarter of a century with street paper members

INSP has been celebrating its 25th anniversary all year with events and projects, and sharing stories and memories. With more happening this month and towards the end of the year, INSP spoke to members of the network also celebrating the quarter of a century milestone in 2019 about what has changed and what is to come.

Reflections from the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit by INSP board member, and Real Change founding director, Tim Harris

After attending the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit, INSP board member, and Real Change founding director, Tim Harris offered some reflections on the state of the street paper movement and what we have to look forward to in the future.

Our vendors: Sascha (Asphalt, Hannover, Germany)

Asphalt vendor Sascha talks about his struggles with his mental health, his childhood, his love of movies and his penchant for creating movie themed podcasts. Asphalt is based in Hannover, the city hosting this year’s Global Street Paper Summit.

Street paper delegates tour Hannover’s social services at #INSP2019

A group of street paper delegates attending the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit in Hannover were given the opportunity to take a tour of three of the city’s most innovative social projects. INSP tagged along on the visit, and spoke to delegates.

Our vendors: Reghina (Asphalt, Hannover, Germany)

Originally from Romania, Reghina (55) is now an Asphalt vendor in Hannover, the host of this year’s Global Street Paper Summit. Here she speaks about being the subject of discrimination in her home country, moving with her kids to the Czech Republic, and then herself to Germany, and finding a kind of friendship with her customers.

#INSP2019: Hannover town hall exhibitions portray experiences of German homeless community in two very different eras

Ahead of the welcome reception to officially kick off the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit, attending delegates were able to view two fascinating, and contrasting, exhibitions: ‘My Hannover’, a series of street photography taken by the city’s homeless population, and ‘Homelessness during the National Socialist dictatorship’, which provides insight into the plight of the homeless community under the Nazi party.

#INSP2019, Asphalt and Hannover: Learning about Summit hosts from its vendors

A group of #INSP2019 delegates were lucky enough to learn about Hannover’s homelessness situation from host street paper, Asphalt, and one of its vendors, Thomas. Delegates visited the Asphalt office, learning about its processes and were given a tour of social spots important to those living on the streets of Hannover.

Vendor City Guide: Hannover

As street paper delegates arrive in Hannover for the 2019 INSP Summit, and embark on a walking tour of the city, Thomas, a vendor of Hannover’s street paper Asphalt, gives his insider tips to where to go and what to do.

INSP Awards: The Best Project 2019 Finalists Revealed

Today we’re bringing you the first set of Finalists in our Impact categories – for Best Project.

INSP Awards: Announcing the 2019 Best Photograph Finalists

We’re rounding off this week revealing another set of INSP Awards Finalists – the Top 5 images up for Best Photograph.

INSP Awards: Introducing the Best Special Edition Award and the 2019 Nominees

We’re introducing two brand new awards as part of the INSP Awards 2019 – the first of which is Best Special Edition. Here’s the Top 10 Nominees…

INSP Awards: the 2019 Best Photograph Nominees are here

Say cheese…it’s time for us to announce the Best Photograph Nominees for the INSP Awards 2019!

INSP Awards: The 2019 Best Cultural Feature Nominees Revealed

We’re continuing with our 2019 INSP Awards announcements, and today it’s the Top 10 Entries for Best Cultural Feature.

A round-up of November’s street paper covers

As the festive season approaches and we prepare to open the first door of our advent calendars, time to take a look back at the street paper covers that have been sold by our vendors in 34 countries around the world during November.

The sun sets on the 2018 Global Street Paper Summit

Delegates are heading back to their home countries inspired and motivated by three days of keynotes, panel discussions and break-out sessions with their international colleagues.

Hot off the press: A round-up of summer street paper covers

With the 2018 Global Street Paper Summit fast approaching, we’re pausing for a moment to look back on the street paper covers that have had us jumping for joy during July.

Friday the 13th is Asphalt Day

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day, but Hannover street paper Asphalt decides to circumvent that perception by holding one off events whenever the date rolls around, to raise awareness of the work its staff and vendors do in the city. We spoke to Asphalt to understand more about why they do this.

World Cup wonders and getting back to nature: a round up of June’s street paper covers

As we approach the halfway mark in 2018, take a look back at the covers on sale on the streets of the world this month.

INSP Awards: 2018 Best News Feature Nominees Revealed

We’re delighted to announce the first set of nominees for the INSP Awards 2018 today, and we’re kicking off with the Top 10 Entries for Best News Feature.

Mayday! Mayday! INSP’s latest monthly covers round-up is here

No need to put out a distress call, our round-up of street paper front pages from the last month has landed.

A Shower of April Covers: INSP’s latest front page round-up

April has showered us with a flow of fantastic front pages, and we’ve splattered the very best onto this month’s covers round-up!

New Year, New Covers: A fresh batch of January front pages for 2018

The decorations are packed away, resolutions have been made (and already broken!), and the dieting has begun. This can only mean one thing…a new year – and a new batch of street paper covers – is upon us!

September Swansong: A look back on the month’s street paper covers

We bid farewell to September by having a look back at the best of the street paper covers from the month.

Manchester welcomes international delegates to the 2017 INSP Global Street Paper Summit

The 2017 INSP Global Street Paper Summit kicked off on Monday at a welcome reception at Manchester Town Hall. After speeches from Lord Mayor Eddy Newman, INSP Chief Executive Maree Aldam and Chair of The Big Life Group Edna Robinson, we heard from delegates about what they expect from the week ahead.

October global street paper covers get scary

Between Halloween and Trump, there’s a frighteneing vibe on this month’s international street paper covers. Thank god for Street Cat Bob…