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Second annual ONE Festival of Homeless Arts officially kicks off on World Homeless Day

The ONE Festival of Homeless Arts showcases and celebrates works of art, in a variety of mediums, imagined and created by people who have experienced homelessness. Curated and compiled by artist and campaigner David Tovey, the exhibition at the Diorama Arts Centre kicked off its second instalment on World Homeless Day.

Through the doorway: ex-Big Issue vendor exposes life on the street with striking artwork

With The Doorways Project, artist Bekki Perriman looks back at when she was homeless and selling The Big Issue. Her gripping installation examines what it is like to sleep rough.

TED Talks inspire Canadian vendor to discover art of redemption

Megaphone vendor Claude Ranville explains how a temporary job at TED Talks encouraged him to overcome his addictions by using art as a form of therapy

Former Big Issue vendor brings sunshine to Glasgow with colourful solo art exhibition

A much-loved former Big Issue vendor brings a ray of sunshine to her home city of Glasgow with solo art show.

In his car or on the floor of a friend’s house, homeless artist Michael G always finds room to paint

We often think about the difficulty homeless people have in finding somewhere to sleep. But for homeless artists, like The Contributor vendor Michael G, finding a place to be creative is also a huge challenge.

German artist controversial collection inspired by homeless

German artist Winfried Baumann aims to make a bold statement about homelessness by blending art, architecture, fashion design and social activism.

Check out The Contributor vendors on canvas

A painter in Nashville has raised money and awareness for his local street paper, INSP member The Contributor, by painting portraits of its vendors for a charity exhibition. When Ryan Wagner moved to Nashville two […]