Street Roots’ #VendorWeek celebration captures Portland’s imagination

INSP’s street paper member in Portland Oregon, Street Roots, marked #VendorWeek by telling the stories of their 125 vendors.

In the first week of February, #VendorWeek united papers across the world to celebrate the power of the global street paper movement.

On Friday 5 February – new paper day for weekly paper Street Roots – staff took to Twitter to live-Tweet the day.

The team followed their vendors from Street Roots HQ to their pitches, tweeting photos and quotes from vendors, customers and supporters.

Their online #VendorWeek celebration was a huge success with the hashtag trending in Portland for eight hours that day.

Street Roots also shared a more in-depth look at vendor Marlon’s life through a video that was donated to them by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Stillmotion.

In the video Marlon talks about his difficult upbringing and why he is now selling Street Roots.

“I harbour so many memories of horrific experiences, but I refuse to be depressed myself,” Marlon says in the video.

“It’s more than buying a paper, it’s the community engagement. Everyday people walk by me and I smile and we make jokes.

“When you’re in an environment where you can really really make changes and benefit yourself, it gives you a good feeling.”

Watch the full video below and scroll down for a snapshot of Street Roots’ #VendorWeek new paper day.