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Campaigning and celebrating with April’s street paper covers

The mood in the network feels celebratory this April, with some big anniversaries and some big names. Street paper covers applaud some true heroes – including Luke Skywalker, Korean escapees, and our vendors.


Rock gods to proud vendors: February’s street paper covers are out of this world

From rock gods to proud vendors, February’s street paper covers featured lots of fascinating and inspiring people. Explore the world’s street papers here.


Starting 2016 with street papers: January’s covers collected

Haruki Murakami, Beyonce and Bowie all graced January editions of street papers.


Early birds from 10 countries snap up places at 2016 Global Street Paper Summit

Delegates from 10 countries are already registered to attend the international gathering of street papers in Athens – the only event of its kind in the world.


Check out December’s festive street papers!

We’ve got Santas galore on this month’s covers! Plus lots of kitties, gingerbread houses, elves, snowmen… and glitter.


Check out these amazing street paper covers from September

INSP supports more than 100 street papers across the world. Here are a selection of our favourite international covers over the last month…


Our Vendors: Pilar Ferreir – Ocas, São Paulo, Brazil

Since Pilar Ferreir started selling Brazilian street paper Ocas in São Paulo, she has gone from cleaning mansions to writing novels and performing poetry and can now provide for her family. “I was eight years […]