Kiel, Germany



Olympic fever gripped world’s street papers this August

August’s street paper covers have the Olympic spirit, featuring ‘cuddly lawnmowers’, a homeless wedding, Steven Spielberg, and a cheeky little bit of rickrolling.


“You see poverty everywhere”: German vendor on selling a street paper in Athens

German vendor Achim Eybe spent an eye-opening five days selling Shedia in Athens, Greece as part of a cross-cultural street paper experiment. He reflects on the poverty he witnessed firsthand, and the difficulties faced by his Greek colleagues.


“I used to think Germany was responsible for our crisis”: street paper swap changes Greek vendor’s mind

Shedia vendor Lampros Moustakis once thought Germany responsible for much of the hardships faced by his fellow Greeks. But an opportunity to sell Hempels street paper in Kiel, Germany, has changed his mind.


“Getting to know a new reality” with vendors in Greece and Germany

What happened when street paper vendors from Athens, Greece and Kiel in Germany traded places? Hempels editor Peter Brandhorst tells the story of a cross-cultural street paper experiment.


Street paper Hempels creates affordable housing for homeless vendors in Kiel

Faced with rising costs and a competitive rental market, securing affordable housing is a huge challenge for homeless vendors in Kiel. But their street paper Hempels has come up with an ambitious solution, INSP learns.


German language street papers gather in Nuremberg

Representatives from 16 papers discussed crowdfunding successes, marketing hacks and vendor strategies during the intensive two-day meeting.


Starting 2016 with street papers: January’s covers collected

Haruki Murakami, Beyonce and Bowie all graced January editions of street papers.


World’s street papers celebrate landmark anniversaries in 2016

From a first birthday to 25 glorious years in print, find out why 2016 promises to be a big year for celebrating our street paper family.