Die Jerusalëmmer

Neumünster, Germany



October global street paper covers get scary

Between Halloween and Trump, there’s a frighteneing vibe on this month’s international street paper covers. Thank god for Street Cat Bob…


Sizzling summer street paper covers are animal mad!

Soak up a summery selection of animal-mad street paper covers with pugs, wolves, chickens, seagulls and crabs – plus Pikachu and the fish star of Finding Dory.


German language street papers gather in Nuremberg

Representatives from 16 papers discussed crowdfunding successes, marketing hacks and vendor strategies during the intensive two-day meeting.


Early birds from 10 countries snap up places at 2016 Global Street Paper Summit

Delegates from 10 countries are already registered to attend the international gathering of street papers in Athens – the only event of its kind in the world.