Lisbon, Portugal



A day of “closeness and conviviality” in Lisbon as CAIS celebrates #VendorWeek 2020

The Portuguese street paper celebrated #VendorWeek with a gathering of all its 40 vendors in the capital city of Lisbon.


Our vendors: Samuel Diarra (CAIS, Lisbon, Portugal)

Samuel Diarra, 71, was born in Mali and now works as a CAIS vendor at the Campo Pequeno in Lisbon. Samuel dreams of being a poet and talks enthusiastically about his love of the arts. He also speaks fondly of his adopted hometown of Lisbon and about why happiness is the value closest to his heart.


INSP25: INSP celebrates a quarter of a century with street paper members

INSP has been celebrating its 25th anniversary all year with events and projects, and sharing stories and memories. With more happening this month and towards the end of the year, INSP spoke to members of the network also celebrating the quarter of a century milestone in 2019 about what has changed and what is to come.


Vendor moments 2017: “People’s understanding surprises me every day”

Here at INSP, to celebrate Christmas and the end of another year, we’re talking to vendors about how 2017 panned out for them. Carlos, at Portuguese street paper CAIS, has been on the search for a permanent home, and is optimistic about the year to come.