Aurora da Rua

Salvador-Bahia, Brazil



“Street papers have a sort of superpower” – what street papers are in the words of those who sell them

Everyone who is a part of the global street paper network knows what a street paper is – that extends to the staff that put each publication together and those who buy them. But the people who truly know what a street paper is – what it means – are those who sell them. Here, a collection of street paper vendors – from Brazil to Finland – tell us, in their own words, what a street paper is, personally to them.


Silence for Change: Drawing attention to the coronavirus catastrophe in Brazil

Brazil has endured one of the worst outbreaks of COVID-19 of any country, with over 2 million cases and rising. The situation has been worsened by political turmoil, including constant change of the nation’s top health official and a leader, in Jair Bolsonaro, who downplays the dangers of the pandemic. Alongside multiple social, humanitarian and religious organisations, Aurora da Rua, a street paper based in the Brazilian city of Salvador, is engaging in a campaign that utilises the power of silence to draw attention to the disaster currently unfolding.


Our vendors: Bete (Aurora da Rua, Salvador, Brazil)

Bete first started work as an Aurora De Rua vendor in 2010 after spending 10 years on the streets. She now works as a facilitator on the Levanta-te e Anda [Get Up and Walk] Project in addition to continuing her work for Aurora De Rua. Bete, who is renowned for her friendly nature, takes great satisfaction in her work and is grateful for all that she has accomplished.


INSP Awards: Announcing the 2019 Best Photograph Finalists

We’re rounding off this week revealing another set of INSP Awards Finalists – the Top 5 images up for Best Photograph.


INSP Awards: the 2019 Best Photograph Nominees are here

Say cheese…it’s time for us to announce the Best Photograph Nominees for the INSP Awards 2019!


Aurora da Rua vendors Norma and Lazaro: “Love has taken us from the streets”

Today is Valentine’s Day, so we’re sharing vendor stories of love, sex and romance. Norma and Lazaro have had difficult lives separately, but since meeting, they have been together, and life isn’t so unbearable anymore. Now selling the Brazilian street paper Aurora da Ru, the couple talk about their hardships, how they met and their seemingly inevitable marriage.


INSP Vendor Playlist: Luís Lázaro Silva Nascimento (Aurora da Rua, Salvador, Brazil)

This year we asked vendors: if you could give a song as a present this Christmas, what would you choose? The result was the INSP Vendor Playlist, which is now available for your listening pleasure. Aurora da Rua vendor Luís talks about his choice, the traditional bloco-afro song ‘Revolta do Olodum’.


October Omnibus: A spooktacular look at the last month’s covers

The witching hour is upon us, and has conjured up a month of frighteningly good covers to keep the spectres at bay.


Awesome August Artwork: A month of impressive street paper covers

The 2017 Global Street Paper Summit allowed us to get up close and personal with August’s covers – take a look at our highlights from the network.