Street paper development in the Balkans

Madeconia’s ‘LicevLice’

Street papers are flourishing in the Balkans, led by INSP street paper LICEULICE in Serbia. Following the launch of the street paper in 2010, Director Nikoleta Kosovac has working with local t4eams to launch Lice v Lice (Лице в лице), in Macedonia; Liceulice in Bosnia and Herzegovina; and Ball’ per ball’ in Kosovo. The titles all mean ‘face to face’ in their respective languages.

All of the papers have their own editorial staff, however content and experience are shared throughout the network.

Network co-ordintor, Nikoleta Kosovac has also recently been involved in sharing her advice and experience with Greece’s first street-paper, Shedia, which launched earlier this year.

Regional development between street papers is becoming increasingly common in Europe. Inspired by the UK’s Big Issue – which now publishes a single title in southern Englan, Scotland and Wales, Norway’s Erlik Foundation recently brought all their regional titles together under one, unified name, =Norge (Equal Norway).