Staff and board changes at INSP

INSP Executive Director, Lisa Maclean will be moving on from INSP on the 9th August after 10 years with the organisation. At our conference in Munich last week, the board and members thanked Lisa for all her hard work and dedication to INSP and street papers over the years, and wished her well in the future.

A message from Lisa to INSP members can be found here
A message from Lisa to INSP supporters can be found here.

Maree Aldam (currently Development Manager) will take over as General Manager of INSP in the interim period, supported by the board and former INSP President, Mel Young who is based in Scotland. An open recruitment process for the Director’s position will take place later in the year and will be managed by the board and supported by INSP partners in Scotland.

Board of Directors
During our AGM in Munich last week, board members Gabi Koch (Hinz&Kunzt, Germany) and Arkady Tyurin (Put Domoi, Russia) stepped down from the INSP board of Directors. Members voted Fay Selvan (The Big Issue in the North / The Big Life Group) and Paola Gallo (Surprise, Switzerland) on to the INSP board. Read more about the current board here.