Sizzling summer street paper covers are animal mad!

By Francesca Harrington-Edmans, INSP intern

This month, summer is in full swing, and the world’s street papers have been soaking up the sun and holiday vibes in another stunning collection of covers.

Dutch street paper Straatjournaal gave us a run-down of the best beaches to head to with the family, while The Big Issue UK provided a bumper 64-page special with tips on getting away from it all – fronted by a vintage postcard-inspired cover.

There was more fun to be had as The Big Issue Australia and Macedonian street paper Lice v Lice explored the world of gaming. Inspired by Pokémon GO  which swept the world last month, The Big Issue looked into the Pikachu phenomenon, as well as the rise in girl gamers. Meanwhile, Lice v Lice’s circuit board cover reflected their feature on why adults still love gaming.

Our members also shared stories from two of the biggest events in the street paper calendar: INSP’s Global Street Paper Summit in Athens and the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow.

Ulične Svjetiljke featured Swiss vendor and Homeless World Cup goalie Ruedi Kälin on their cover. His interview is republished from INSP’s News Service and can be read here.

Speak up and Die Jerusalemmer reported on the global gathering in Athens, both featuring INSP’s exclusive interview with Greece’s former finance minister and political firebrand Yanis Varoufakis

Faktum bagged an exclusive interview with the mysterious Roffe Ruff – a hip-hop artist and music producer from Gothenburg, whose identity remains a secret, hidden behind a skull mask.

Chicago-based street paper StreetWise celebrated beauty and strength by leading with a stunning image of American ballerina Paige Fraser, who overcame scoliosis to follow her ambitions.

Street papers around the world also felt the call of the wild. We saw dog whispering on the cover of The Big Issue South Africa – is ‘psychic and telepathic inter-species communication’ really possible or a big hoax? (And do we care when we can just admire that cute pug?!)

Dreams of wilderness were represented by a stunning wolf cover in Slovakian street paper Nota Bene, who noted that the wild is everywhere – inside us, as well as on the streets and in our homes.

Strassenkreuzer told us the story of four professionals who gave up everything to go back to school. They looked at the risks we are willing to take for change and asked: Is it really worth it?

Over in England, Big Issue North got up to some monkey business with ventriloquist Nina Conti.

Ireland’s Big Issue looked back at the risks Francis Ford Coppola had to take in his fight to get The Godfather to the big screen. It’s the story of how a cinema classic almost didn’t make it.

July’s issue of Brazilian paper Aurora da Rua featured a ground-breaking insight into the life of scavengers. Their in-depth report revealed the life and humanity behind those making a living from recycling.

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