Salzburg street paper wins top human rights award


Austrian street paper Apropos has received the Rose for Human Rights for its work with migrant vendors in Salzburg.

The Platform for Human Rights awards the prize annually to organizations that make an exceptional contribution to the maintenance and defence of civil and human rights.

Last year, the street paper played an active part in a conference that addressed the treatment of migrants, travellers and beggars in the Austrian city.

The event was a response to the prejudice and approximately one hundred and thirty people forced to beg on the streets of Salzburg face daily.

Apropos, a member of INSP, is seen as a best practice model that offers people in Salzburg an alternative to begging through selling street papers to lift themselves out of poverty.

“We are very happy about the prize and feel honoured to be awarded together with all these other great and devoted social organisations,” said Katrin Schmoll, editor of Apropos.

“In the past few years we tried to include our migrant vendors in different projects, such as our language course, to improve their situation and make them feel welcome in Salzburg. It’s a good feeling to know that these efforts are being recognized.”

Apropos received the Rose for Human Rights (Die Rose für Menschenrechte) along with thirty other non-profit organisations and projects that champion people living in poverty throughout South Eastern Europe.

Other recipients of the award include The Poverty Conference Salzburg, the Salzburg Peace Bureau, community TV channel FS1 and its presenter Kurt Bauer, and a number of different religious organisations.