Writing in the key of life: Johnny Marr’s autobiography hits the shelves
| BIN-260617-1

When Johnny Marr sat down to write his autobiography, it was a chance for him to put the record straight on a career spanning more than three decades. Starting with his humble beginnings in Ardwick, […]

D.C.’s all-LGBTQ gang, Check It, is paying it forward
| SSE-260617-1

The homegrown documentary “Check It” is now being screened at various festivals worldwide, including recent local appearances in the March Annapolis Film Festival and April D.C. International Film Festival. The story follows the first known […]

From Nigeria to Vienna: My story as a street paper seller
| AUG-230617-1

You aren’t familiar with my first name, are you? I’m from Nigeria and I landed in Austria about ten years ago, right here in Vienna. I had to pick up my daughter after arriving here, […]

Water revives fleeing child in Mosul
| REU-230617-1

We arrived at the frontline with the 9th Iraqi army division and went up on a rooftop to take pictures of the Grand al-Nuri mosque and its landmark minaret, still in the hands of Islamic […]

Riding to the side of those in need
| MEG-220617-1

Ah, another rainy night in the Downtown Eastside. Wonderful! It’s certainly been a long and stormy year out there, hasn’t it? As one of the dedicated riders of the Spikes on Bikes outreach team, I […]

Keep on trucking: art on the move in Pakistan
| REU-220617-1

They pollute the roads and chug along at a snail’s pace, but to their Pakistani owners the rickety trucks are moving pieces of art, commanding attention with garish portraits of flowers, Islamic art, and snow-capped […]

The high price of desertification: 23 hectares of land a minute
| IPS-210617-1

Urban farmer Margaret Gauti Mpofu would do anything to protect the productivity of her land. Healthy soil means she is assured of harvest and enough food and income to look after her family. Each morning, […]

Men who commit femicide lose rights over their children in Argentina
| IPS-200617-1

In January 2008, Rosana Galliano was shot to death in Exaltación de la Cruz, a rural municipality 80 km from Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. Her ex-husband, José Arce, who was sentenced to life in prison, […]

Portland’s Dani Rukin speaks out on behalf of animals
| SR-200617-1

Dani Rukin’s legs are a little shaky as she approaches the front doors of a Safeway in Southeast Portland. She glances down at the sign in her hand – a picture of a bloated pig […]

Towers of finance to homeless poet: play finds freedom in unexpected places
| SSE-200617-1

Michael Craig: Do you ever feel stage fright?  Richard Hoehler: Always. And I tell my students, always. If they’re not nervous then something is wrong, because being nervous means you really care about what you’re […]

Alexandra Daddario: Baywatch babes, bouncing boobs and running in slow motion
| TBI-190617-1

Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light – but those people wouldn’t get a job on Baywatch. Yes, the impossibly popular beach-set soap opera that perved on a bunch of […]

Disabled students teach the teachers in unique German project
| HEM-160617-1

Isabell Veronese deftly wheels around the classroom, quickly turns the wheelchair to the side and then, in one fluid motion, rolls forward again. On the side of her wheelchair is an advert for a wheelchair […]

Our vendors: Alexandra (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)
| HUK-160617-1

On her pitch not far from the Eppendorfer Baum underground station, Hinz&Kunzt vendor Alexandra is an institution. Passers-by give her a friendly nod. Some stay to have a quick chat. Surprisingly, the 26-year-old only received […]

Migrants find poverty, exclusion in South America’s copper capital
| REU-160617-1

Immigrants from around South America hoping to seek their fortunes in the continent’s copper mining capital of Antofagasta, Chile, are instead finding poverty, exclusion and a precarious home in the city’s growing temporary slums. Chile, […]

Letters from the ‘Inside’: helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society
| SSE-151617-1

Life in prison is always difficult. You are cut off from friends, family and general society —often living in intolerable conditions, feeling displaced and yearning for freedom. Once you make it out and return to […]

Islamic State jails hidden among ordinary villas in Mosul
| REU-150617-1

Islamic State built prison cells inside an ordinary villa in Mosul as part of the group’s tactic of boosting the safety of its jails and security centres by concealing them among regular houses. Despite their […]

Opening our eyes to the plight of Australia’s immigrant detainees
| BIA-140617-1

Many Australians can only imagine what it feels like to be held in immigration detention. We can only imagine it because, for a long time, first-hand accounts from detainees have been almost impossible to access. […]

How Paypal founder and Trump advisor Peter Thiel got his New Zealand citizenship
| IPS-140617-1

In January, the revelation that Peter Thiel, the libertarian Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Trump adviser, secretly got a New Zealand citizenship six years ago caused an uproar, mostly because he was the first to […]

Dumpster diving in Nuremberg: the flatmates feasting on food that others throw away
| STK-130617-1

Under the cover of darkness, Severin, Gossi, Linus* and their other two flatmates set off to start… hunting. It’s around 11pm and they’re carrying backpacks, bags and torches. They head off in the direction of […]

The “shocking” reality of child marriage in the U.S.
| IPS-130617-1

While stories of child marriage are commonly associated with the Global South, lesser known are the cases closer to home: in the United States. Across the world, child marriage has persisted and the United States […]

Celebrating ten years of Norwegian street paper Sorgenfri – with the vendors

Tom Vikdahl (35) Started selling Sorgenfri in 2010 when the magazine was based in premises in Ravelsveita. “The sales were absolutely tremendous at the time I started. Sorgenfri was really a hot topic and the […]

How can US cities fight back against gentrification?
| SR-120617-1

Insufficient income taxes on the rich, cash-starved local governments and opportunistic developers constitute the ingredients for a particularly bitter pill for low-income people: higher rents. So says Peter Moskowitz, who has written a new book […]

In Greece’s deepening financial crisis, one family’s struggle
| REU-090617-2

The Argyros family are emblematic of the poverty in Greece after years of austerity demanded by the country’s international creditors. Five years since abandoning their barren Aegean island of Leros for Athens, they are trapped […]

Our vendors: Simon (L’itinéraire, Montréal, Canada)
| LIT-090617-1

Simon lost his support network when he was eight years old, somewhere in the middle of his parents’ break-up. They had separated and were using their children as bargaining chips. He says it was “the […]

Chinese students pray for good luck in high-pressure exams
| REU-080617-1

The air crackles with anticipation in China’s tiny eastern town of Maotanchang ahead of the “gaokao”, the annual national college entrance exam more than 9 million students are taking this year. The town is famed […]

Fine art, madness, clarity and a dead swan
| HUS-080617-1

Two pallets of mannequin dolls and a dead swan are allowing visitors to understand artist Nikolaj Petersen’s state of mind, and how it feels to experience mental illness. His exhibition, Stueren [Housebroken], is housed in […]

Millions of homes in Mexico suffer from “energy poverty”
| IPS-070617-1

Energy poverty afflicts millions of homes in Mexico, with many social, economic and environmental impacts for the country. These homes, located in both urban and rural areas in this Latin American country of 122 million […]

It’s a Wonder Woman world
| BIA-070617-1

Choosing a showbag [a distinctive feature of Australian ‘shows’ or fairs, they’re a themed bag of commercial and official merchandise] is the biggest decision a five-year-old can make. Such matters are important to little people. […]

The Aussie woman who brings Wonder Woman to life
| BIA-080617-1

Nicola Scott has been diligently toiling away in her Sydney home office for the better part of a decade, putting pencil to paper and bringing to life some of the world’s biggest superheroes. Her work […]

Fighting for a Norwegian future
| SOR-070617-1

Hussein Kahn’s foot is swinging in the air towards the face of Eirik Skar. The 49-year old teacher throws his head backwards, before they both laugh and walk into the classroom, ready for the history […]

Brazil drives new school meals model in the region
| IPS-060617-1

“I am going back to Panama with many ideas,” said Gilda Montenegro, a nutritionist with the Panamanian Education Ministry, after getting to know the school meals system in the city of Vitoria, in central-eastern Brazil. […]

How can we solve the problem of bullying?
| CAI-060617-1

“‘You’re a cry-baby.’ ‘You’re not going anywhere.’ ‘You want to be a scientist but you’re a mad scientist.’ They latch on to anything to demean and insult him,” explains Catarina. She is responding to reports […]

“It has completely turned my life around” Homeless World Cup’s Glasgow legacy
| INSP-010617-1

Monday afternoon in Glasgow, and predictably the sky above the tennis court is overcast. The players seem not to notice the drizzle, and practice begins with a series of exercises. Assistant Coach John Mooney moves […]

“You can be an intellectual and do the dishes” – French star Isabelle Huppert
| BIA-010617-1

Just before shooting the 1978 crime film Violette Nozière, French New Wave director Claude Chabrol and his young star Isabelle Huppert were interviewed by Cahiers du Cinéma. When asked what she would do between now […]

Our vendors: Adrian (Big Issue North, Formby, UK)
| BIN-010217-1

Tell us about yourself. I am from Romania but I first came to England in 2009 to look for work. I am 31 at the end of the month. What’s it like selling the magazine? […]

Hong Kong refugee football team kick up hope
| REU-010617-1

Twice a week, a group of mostly African asylum-seekers gathers on a soccer pitch in Hong Kong and trains for their next match against a local side. The team, All Black FC, is the first […]

Tiny houses give homeless people in Cologne the key to a better future
| DRA-010617-1

Andreas is pleased as punch. He is holding a key in his fist and his face is beaming. “It opens the door to my home,” says the 51-year-old proudly, and points to the narrow tiny […]

Time to ditch the polar bears? Climate change looks for a new image
| REU300517-1

What does climate change look like? For many people, the first – or perhaps only – image that comes to mind is of smokestacks, or polar bears perched on ice floes. “If you go to […]

When image trumps ideology: How JFK created the template for the modern presidency
| CONV-301517-1

Even at John F. Kennedy’s centennial on May 29, 2017, the 35th president remains an enigma. We still struggle to come to a clear consensus about a leader frozen in time – a man who, […]

Meeting Risto Donev: the ‘Macedonian Stephen Hawking’
| LVL-300517-1

He is middle-aged man who has the ability to memorize hundreds of digits as soon as he sees them. He is the only Macedonian man to hold the title of International Master in correspondence chess. […]

The plan to save the world from climate change
| SR-300517-1

Around the globe, people are cultivating food, harnessing energy and building communities using methods that have the combined potential to reverse global warming. Scaling up these methods would not only stop the accumulations of greenhouse […]

Survivors of the El Mozote massacre have new hopes for justice in El Salvador
| IPS-300517-1

Nobody would say that the quiet Salvadoran village of El Mozote was the scene of one of the worst massacres in Latin America, just 35 years ago. But then you notice the house with its […]

“Love, hope and peace. Never forgotten” – Big Issue North vendors respond to Manchester attack
| BIN-290517-1

Colin Sells Big Issue North at Cornerhouse and Home, Manchester I’m a bit sad at the moment, like everybody is. But we’ve just got to try and keep going at the moment. I’m planning to […]

“Each other’s all we’ve got”: the misanthropic optimism of Father John Misty
| BIA-290517-1

Father John Misty’s back catalogue is enough to convince you that he is a brilliant, slightly unhinged misanthropist who can’t wait for the whole lot to fall to pieces. And he’s the first to admit […]

Our vendors: Ernö Horvath (Augustin, Perchtoldsdorf, Austria)
| AUG-260517-1

I’m Hungarian, but I have been in Austria and selling the Augustin for nine years. I’m 68 years old, the same age as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was a plumber by trade. I was always working […]

Photo story: Trump-voting cabbie drives migrants to Canada border
| REU-260517-1

Cab driver Curtis Seymour got the call at 3:30 a.m. to pick up a passenger at the Greyhound bus station in Plattsburgh, New York, about 25 miles (40 km) south of the Canadian border. An […]

“I’m ready to fight anyone” mothers battle for medical cannabis in Argentina
| HBA-260517-1

Anyone can sow cannabis seeds. Straight in the ground like God brought them to the world. Or in flowerpots, like your grandmother does with geraniums. On patios and balconies thanks to the sun; more and […]

Prisoners care for abused animals at former jail
| REU-250517-1

Kristina Hazelett had cats, birds and hamsters growing up, but she never knew much about dogs until she started serving a several-month jail sentence for drug possession. The 35-year-old inmate is part of a small […]

“Homeless people need empathy, attention, and care” – hip hop artists the Flobots meet Denver Voice vendor
| DEN-250517-1

Earlier this spring, Denver Voice vendor (and budding musician) Michael Burkely sat down with two members of the Flobots to talk about the band’s brand new album, NOENEMIES. NOENEMIES is a socially aware album that […]

Nashville vendor moves into his own apartment after 27 years of homelessness
| CON-240517-1

For the first time in 27 years, Anthony has a light bill in his name. The 55-year-old Army veteran recently signed the lease to an apartment in Nashville after spending years sleeping in hotels, at […]

Defence of right to water drives call for land reform in Chile
| IPS-240517-1

Fifty years ago in Chile underwent land reform that postulated “the land is for those who work it.” Today rural areas are in crisis, with water at high prices, sold as a market good, and […]

It takes a community to raise a totem pole
| MEG-230517-1

Haida carver Skundaal has lately felt a sense of loss when coming to the Sacred Circle studio on West Cordova, Vancouver. The feeling crept in after the Survivors Totem Pole was moved out of the […]

Unique sandbar coastal ecosystem in Cuba calls for climate solutions
| IPS-230517-1

A battered bridge connects the centre of Baracoa, Cuba’s oldest city, with a singular dark-sand sandbar, known as Tibaracón, that forms on one of the banks of the Macaguaní River where it flows into the […]

A foreigner at home: long shadow of Japanese-American internment
| RC-220517-1

The friendship between Lawrence Matsuda and Roger Shimomura began with an art sale. Both men are Japanese-American. Matsuda was among the first Japanese-Americans to purchase a piece of Shimomura’s art. Afterwards, Shimomura invited Matsuda to […]

“It’s misogynistic to think a woman couldn’t make her own records, without it being revenge against a man” – Karen Elson interview
| BIA-220517-1

Karen Elson is well practised at leading a double life. At home in Tennessee with her two young children, she keeps a steady and peaceful pace. In between, she flies to Paris, London and New […]

Our vendors: Darnesha (The Curbside Chronicle, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
| TCC-190517-1

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Where are you from? I am 24.  I moved from Houston to Oklahoma City almost three years ago. I grew up in Houston. I was really a fun, […]

Photo story: Sao Paulo mayor declares war on street art
| REU-190517-1

It took Brazilian artist Iaco one minute to whip out a can of spray paint and write “doria” seven times across a grey wall in Sao Paulo. It took four minutes for a police officer […]

Organic food: a word of mouth revolution
| HBA-190517-1

Responsible consumers are coming together in a peaceful uprising. They are boldly moving forward on urban pavements and the moist soil of green fields to sound the alarm and wake us from a deep sleep. […]

Without school, children of Mosul feared lost to poverty and conflict
| REU-180517-1

Ahmed Abdelsattar was 14 when Islamic State swept into Mosul and declared a caliphate in 2014. Fearing he would be indoctrinated and sent to fight by the militants, his parents took him out of school. […]

Youth climate change lawsuit moves forward, adds Trump’s name
| CON-160517-1

Twenty-one youth plaintiffs have seen progress in a first-of-its-kind climate change lawsuit they filed against the federal government and fossil-fuel industries, and they remain hopeful in science – even as a climate change-denying cabinet takes […]

Philadelphia vendor breaks the silence surrounding child abuse
| OSA-160517-1

Darkness always surrounded me in my memory of that place; Plato’s cave, where I was chained to the wall of deception by a tyranny of custom. It was a sad place; the walls were painted […]

Battle Rap: street poetry wages war with wit
| MEG-110517-1

It’s the middle of summer and it’s warm in the packed Fortune Sound Club, near the edge of Vancouver’s Chinatown – uncomfortably so. On stage stands a small crowd of young men, two of whom […]

“Hollywood needs to open its eyes to First Nations people and Native American people”: says The Revenant star Duane Howard
| MEG-200417-1

When Duane Howard met Canadian street paper Megaphone for an interview in January on Commercial Drive, he had just finished working on a talk he would give the next day at an addictions recovery house. […]

Our vendors: Camaxtli Ortiz (Mi Valedor, Mexico City, Mexico)
| MIV-110517-1

My arrival at the homeless shelter was unforeseen. I was living in Cuernavaca, looking after my mum and working; my siblings always helped me. But I realised I didn’t want to rely too much on […]

Syrian youth find freedom in Parkour
| REU-110517-2

Leaping over bombed roofs and jumping through damaged window frames, a group of teenagers run and swing their way through buildings left dilapidated by six years of war in the southern Syrian town of Inkhil. […]

What rights do renters have?
| CON-110517-1

Congress and local lawmakers rarely discuss or approve legislation that offers protections to tenants, despite more Americans residing in rentals. As homeownership has been falling nationwide for nearly a decade, according to the latest Census […]

Octogenarian Swedish musician Siw Malmkvist does things her own way
| FAK-110517-1

There are eight pictures hanging on the wall in a section of Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde Art Gallery in Stockholm. “I recognise this artist now: she won a TV competition. I have a completely different technique. […]

Yemen orphanage braves nearby airstrikes
| REU-110517-1

After two years of war, orphans in the Yemeni capital Sanaa have only one dream – to survive. The al-Shawkani Foundation for Orphan Care is located around 100 meters from the al-Nahdain mountain, widely believed […]

Helping homeless animals – and their humans – in Nashville
| CON-090517-1

Laurie Green is an angel in a city of obstacles. Twenty years ago, she started the Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare (SAFPAW) to help homeless animals. Now, she also helps individuals in poverty […]

Civil society comes together to fight corruption threatening the Amazon
| IPS-090517-1

Corruption has penetrated the Amazon rainforest like an illness that infects everything, said Ruben Siqueira, coordinator of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), during the VIII Panamazonic Social Forum (FOSPA), which brought together in the Peruvian […]

Mob killing sparks fresh outrage over Pakistan’s blasphemy laws
| IPS-080517-1

Aimal Khan, 27, an airman in Pakistan’s Air Force, warns the country will end up in the throes of mayhem if the state does not do something about the abuse of the blasphemy laws. “People […]

Flooding in Argentina: a not so natural disaster
| HBA-080517-1

Men and women, the elderly and children… everybody is walking through water that comes up to their waists. They are carrying as much as they could pack into bags and boxes when the water started […]

Werner Herzog: “Everything I have done is wonderful”
| TBI-200417-2

At 16 it was obvious that I would make films but, of course, I failed to get anything off the ground. I realised I had to become my own producer or I’d never make a film. […]

Feminist wrestlers are ready to rumble
| MEG-050517-1

When you think of the characteristics of a professional wrestler, “wailing in grocery store aisles, sniffling on bus rides home, and spontaneously bursting into tears at social gatherings,” might not be what first comes to […]

North Korea on parade – in pictures
| REU-050517-1

Covering a North Korean military parade is an emotional rollercoaster. Foreign journalists stand just metres from the action in Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Square. It is a visual and sensory barrage. Your eyes are assaulted […]

Our vendors: Maria D. (Street Roots, Portland, Oregon, USA)
| SR-050517-1

Maria D. radiates human warmth and openness. Talking with her, it’s hard to feel you’re not right at home, regardless of where your conversation takes place. She speaks with a self-effacing kindness that belies the […]

What happens when a forever home isn’t forever?
| CON-040517-1

It’s your 18th birthday and you’re sitting at the dining room table waiting for your mom. She called this meeting and you’re excited and apprehensive. The possibility of this being something big to mark the […]

Photo story: Migrants ride railroads to seek better future
| REU-0405-1

It was Mohamed Khaleuf’s third attempt to cross the Greek-Macedonian border hiding in a freight train and he had no plans to give up trying. “I promised myself I would try five times. If I’m […]

Trolling of women journalists threatens free press
| IPS-040517-1

“It’s not what you say that prompts it—it’s the fact that you are saying it,” says Mary Beard, a Cambridge University classics professor, about online trolling. “If you venture into traditional male territory, the abuse […]

‘Water is Life!’ cries a growing protest movement
| HBA-040517-1

Millions of very different people have come together around the world to defend water. The message ‘Tomar agua nos da vida, tomar conciencia nos dará agua’ (‘water gives us life, awareness will give us water’) […]

“It’s impossible to count the number of lives Michael Stoops changed” – tribute to tireless homeless rights leader
| SSE-040517-1

It is with great sadness that Street Sense says goodbye to Michael Stoops, who passed away peacefully on the morning of May 1. Michael directed community organizing for the National Coalition for the Homeless, which […]

Caribbean scientists work to limit climate impact on marine environment
| IPS-020517-1

Caribbean scientists say fishermen are already seeing the effects of climate change, so for over a decade they’ve been designing systems and strategies to reduce the impacts on the industry. While some work on reef […]

Cha-Ching! A cashless smartphone app helps Seattle vendors bring in the bucks
| RC-020517-1

Standing at her usual spot right below Seattle City Hall, Real Change vendor Mellie Kaufman made one of the first paper sales using a cashless payment app. The customer was a regular of Kaufman’s. He […]

Better Call Saul and the art of the anti-hero
| TBI-260417-1

“A character can be so bad,” says Bob Odenkirk, “and people still are still on their side? You think: ‘really?’ How bad can you be?” Breaking Bad, the multi-award winning TV series that launched Odenkirk […]

Photo story: Rescue on the Mediterranean
| REU-260417-2

They were three days of suffering, death and, most importantly, hope. From Good Friday to Easter Sunday, I experienced those raw emotions aboard a migrant rescue ship. We saved thousands of migrants, counted the dead, […]

Our vendors: Bluey (The Big Issue, Melbourne, Australia)
| BIA-260417-1

Two years ago, when I was about 60, rather than die from drug abuse I decided it would be good to do something else. I was really in the gutter, going downhill fast, so the […]

Meet Julia: Sesame Street’s newest resident has autism
| CON-260417-1

The newest resident on Sesame Street is a character with autism. Julia, a cheery 4-year-old with bright orange hair and green eyes, is the first new muppet to join the show’s cast in a decade. […]

Feminine hygiene products for all: NYC and D.C. lead the way
| SSE-200417-1

“Hallelujah that I don’t have my period anymore!” said Angela, a client of Thrive D.C., which began in 1979 as a dinner program for homeless women. Now over fifty, Angela recalled how difficult her menstrual […]

A daughter’s freedom weighed against her siblings’ lives
| REU-260417-1

As the village wells dried up and her livestock died in the scorched scrubland of southern Somalia, Abdir Hussein had one last chance to save her family from starvation: the beauty of her 14-year-old daughter, […]

“We are as skillful as the men”: the women clearing bombs in Cambodia
| IPS-260417-2

Mao Neav takes a few quick steps out into the field, followed by her faithful dog Onada, tail wagging, tongue out and panting, ready to complete their job. The field is peppered with cluster bombs. […]

“The ocean is not a dumping ground”: interview with the President of Mauritius
| IPS-260417-1

An internationally renowned scientist, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim became Mauritius’s sixth president on June 5, 2015. She is one of the few Muslim women heads of state in the world. Her nomination constituted a major event in […]

Trump’s presidency wreaks havoc on Americans’ mental health
| RC-200217-2

President Trump, his administration and its policies are wreaking havoc on the mental health of Seattleites. Several counselors say that his election and its effects are often discussed in therapy sessions. They report seeing clients […]

“We are lucky”: Syrian family’s new life in Canada
| MEG-200417-2

The conflict in Syria had already begun when Rami and Salma got married. The fighting was spreading east, but it was still calm in their city of Hasaka, in the northeast of the country. On […]

“I had to tell the real story”: photographer reveals lives of homeless women in Buenos Aires
| HBA-180417-1

As the winners of the World Press Photo awards were announced in February, Latin Americans took to Facebook to lament how photojournalism overlooks their part of the world. “Photography has always been constantly evolving; the […]

Bereaved parents fight for better mental health care
| RC-200417-1

Chad Crooks had his first mental break almost two years ago. His parents, Todd and Laura, tried to get him help, but he was over 18 and mental health services in their area – King […]

Michael Keaton: “Immigration is an integral part of the American dream”
| TBI-200417-1

Ray Kroc didn’t found McDonald’s – all he did was stumble across a restaurant operated by the McDonald brothers. So should the film be called ‘The Finder’ rather than The Founder? Very possibly. That’s pretty […]

Our vendors: Rainer (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)
| HUK-170417-1

Hinz&Kunzt vendor Rainer has been living in Hamburg for nearly 40 years now. But, born in Düsseldorf, he has never lost his Rhenish dialect. “Talking like this is just the way things are,” says the […]

Hope and Housing: a personal account from D.C.’s shelters
| SSE-180417-1

Living in the shelter was like being in a jail from hell. I lived there from 2014 through 2016. Some of the men would not bathe or shower. At one point, my belongings were stolen […]

Are we ready for life on Mars?
| BIA-180417-1

One of the final questions in my interview with Natalie Lawler was, “If, after three years on Mars, there was an opportunity to return to Earth, would you come back?” Lawler is on Skype from […]

Volunteers lead fight against a Canadian overdose epidemic
| MEG-180417-1

When Sarah Blyth, Ann Livingston, and Chris Ewart first pitched the Overdose Prevention tent in the alley behind 62 East Hastings, they didn’t set out to be lawbreakers. They weren’t doing it to serve a […]

Girls killed in shelter fire are the latest victims of Guatemala’s war on women
| CONV-170417-1

On the morning of March 8 2016, while women around the world were preparing to observe International Women’s Day with a global strike, 43 girls burned to death in a shelter in San José Pinula, Guatemala. The Hogar […]

Emotional reunion shows plight of Syria’s lost children
| REU-180417-2

When Jaafar’s grandmother recognised him by his birthmark in a Turkish orphanage, months after his parents were killed fleeing Syria’s civil war, she held him tight, screaming for joy. The story of how Hajar Saleh, […]

Photo story: After gruelling journey, Mosul’s displaced find refuge in camp
| REU-180417-1

Orouba Abdelhamid’s husband was killed in a rocket strike when Iraqi government forces arrived in her home city of Mosul as part of the military campaign to expel Islamic State fighters. The 31-year-old was then […]

“We can’t protest so we pray”: anguish in Amhara during Ethiopia’s state of emergency
| IPS-180417-1

As dawn breaks in Bahir Dar, men prepare boats beside Lake Tana to take the tourists that are starting to return to its island monasteries. Meanwhile, traffic flows across the same bridge spanning the Blue […]

“It’s such a good feeling when you finally learn from your mistakes!”: Swiss street soccer player Fabiano Martini
| SUR-140417-1

I was raised in a pub in Rheinfelden. Very early on, alcohol became a part of my life – when I was 14 I was already drinking regularly. My mother left us when I was […]

“I’m learning to love myself how I am” – LeAnn Rimes interview
| CON-130417-1

“When you go from zero to warp speed in 0.2 seconds, and everyone knows your name and your face, you’re supposed to know how (to handle it),” says LeAnn Rimes, thoughtfully considering her start. “When […]

Fabric firearms take aim at US attitudes to gun control
| TCC-140417-1

Recent media coverage has turned the public’s attention to increasingly common mass shootings and has started conversations about the politics of gun control. Feeling powerless to act within these cycles of destructive outbursts and stagnant […]

Best-selling Swiss author learns from homeless city guides
| SUR-140417-1

“Whatever you do, don’t wear a suit!” Martin Suter laughs. He is recalling the not entirely serious advice he was given by Surprise city guide Ewald Furrer who, alongside his colleague Hans Peter Meier, accompanied […]

Our vendors: Nathanial Trotter (Denver Voice, Denver, Colorado, USA)
| DEN-140417-1

Nathanial Trotter is an artist, inventor, and entrepreneur. A warm, friendly person, he loves the Broncos, Denver, and the people who live here. He believes he has been blessed by God with “a personality to […]

As cities surge, careful planning needed for the ‘invisible’ poor
| REU-140417-1

With 70 percent of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, getting urban planning right is crucial to ensuring future cities are safe, resilient and fair places, particularly for the poorest residents, […]

Gold mine aggravates tensions in Brazil’s Amazon region
| IPS-130417-1

The decline of this town is seen in the rundown houses and shuttered stores, and the few people along the streets on a Sunday when the scorching sun alternates with frequent rains at this time […]

Heavenly bodies: artist shows Black people in a celestial light
| RC-130417-1

Robert Pruitt’s A Planetary Survey: New Drawings is a collection of portraits of Black men and women depicted in rich earth tones and often with elaborate headdresses. Pruitt interweaves his love of science fiction, comic […]

World Bank ignores land grabbing
| IPS-130417-2

The chase for this Green Gold started over ten years ago. Just before the global financial crisis, agricultural land areas in developing countries became a target for investment among global investors. Joakim Demmer experienced at […]

Helsinki street paper learns to take kangaroo leaps
| ISO-120317-1

How large can a street paper grow? What is needed for success? These and a thousand other questions were flashing through the minds of Iso Numero’s editorial team as they headed for Melbourne to spend […]

Out on her own: a story of LGBTQ youth homelessness
| SCN-120417-1

At 22, Liniște struggles daily with depression, anxiety, her HIV-positive status and other health issues. On top of all these trials, she’s experiencing homelessness. Liniște and her LGBTQ peers are overrepresented among homeless youth and […]

Alberto Gonzales believes in public service, ignoring your critics and giving Trump a chance
| CON-120417-1

Alberto Gonzales – grandson of immigrants and son of migrant workers in Texas – climbed to one of the nation’s highest and most distinguished offices: U.S. Attorney General. And the path to the position in […]

Girl, 9, sues Indian government over inaction on climate change
| REU-110417-1

A nine-year-old girl has filed a legal case against the Indian government for failing to take action on climate change, highlighting the growing concern over pollution and environmental degradation in the country. In the petition […]

How can we fight back against the rising tide of propaganda?
| SR-110417-1

Do you think of “Saturday Night Live” as propaganda? What about those commercials of sad-looking puppies in cages that can’t be helped “without your support”? At Mind Over Media, a crowdsourced online collection of media […]

Laura Marling talks innovation and bountiful dreams
| BIA-060417-1

If you think Laura Marling is just a folk singer-songwriter, the Londoner’s new album will surprise you. Semper Femina opens with ‘Soothing’, a stripped-back oddity that hinges on a slinky bass line. It’s accompanied by […]

Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton: “We are not going backwards”
| SR-060417-1

On January 19, the eve of the Presidential inauguration, the Rev. Al Sharpton stood outside Trump International Hotel in New York City with Mayor Bill De Blasio, filmmaker Michael Moore, actor Alec Baldwin and thousands […]

Our vendors: Heiko Schmitz (Surprise, Basel, Switzerland)
| SUR-280317-1

Please excuse me – my speech is difficult to understand right now. I was in a fight recently, and broke my dental plate. I am Heiko Schmitz. I was born in Cologne 50 years ago. […]

Refugees, the homeless, and Nuremberg’s housing crisis
| STK-040417-1

Christian Mätzler is the head of the Specialist Refugee Department for Nuremberg’s social services. Here, potential areas of conflict that could occur between support for the homeless and for refugees are dealt with under one […]

Roma fear there is no place for them as Romania’s cities modernise
| REU-060417-1

On a freezing night last month, Elena Nicolae and her family, including her 18-month-old grandson, were given two hours to leave their home. Nicolae, 56, had lived in two rooms of a 19th century house […]

Tech giants should join global campaign to seek land rights for all – experts
| REU-060417-2

Global technology giants such as Google and Facebook must join the battle for land rights and help spearhead an international campaign to eradicate insecurity of tenure as if it were an infectious disease, land experts […]

Rapidly in, rapidly out: the struggle to keep up with Rapid Rehousing rent payments
| RC-040417-1

If you saw Lisa Sawyer walking down the street in Pioneer Square or in her neighborhood of Greenwood, you would be forgiven for doing a double-take, for feeling a flash of recognition. Sawyer’s face enjoys […]

Brandy Clark: “I thought I couldn’t be gay and a country performer”
| CON-280317-1

Brandy Clark stands on stage at the Troubadour, West Hollywood’s legendary club where the Eagles formed, Elton John exploded into a supernova and John Lennon had that infamous night of malfunction that ultimately sent him […]

In time of crisis, Venezuelans help the hungry and homeless
| REU-300317-2

Their clothes torn and dirty, nine barefoot children yell and applaud as a convoy of cars approaches on a busy street in Venezuela’s capital. Volunteers emerge handing out soup and clothes to the delight and […]

Three people removed from Tokyo park at center of construction protest
| REU-300317-1

At least three people were removed from a park in the Japanese capital Tokyo on Monday where homeless people have protested against construction projects ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Reuters Television footage showed three […]

Challenge League: Going to the mountains
| SUR-280317-1

Five years after my escape from Iran, I decided to travel to Kurdistan in North Iraq. There, things look almost the same as they do where I live. For me as an Iranian Kurd, however, […]

‘Taking a Leap of Faith’: black women face challenges in HIV awareness, prevention and treatment
| SSE-280317-1

It can be in a doctor’s tone when asking a routine medical question, or in the way a nurse raises an eyebrow. The stigma surrounding HIV can be exhausting. For Angela Hodges, a 51-year-old resident […]

NGOs under attack for saving too many lives in the Mediterranean
| CONV-300317-1

European politicians and media have accused non-governmental organisations (NGOs) carrying out search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean of undermining their efforts to stem the flow of migration from Libya. Recent accusations by the EU’s […]

Costa Rican town fears that the sea will steal its shiny new face
| IPS-300317-1

Two years have gone by since the new government initiative which subsidises community works changed the face with which the coastal town of Cienaguita, on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, looks out to the sea. In […]

Love: a street view
| BISA-280317-1

“There are so many people living on the street,” says photographer Noncedo Mathibela. “We forget that they are like us. They might be living in different circumstances, but they experience the same human emotion – […]

Active Ageing in Portugal
| CAI-280317-1

According to Pordata (Portuguese Statistics Portal), senior citizens currently make up a fifth of Portugal’s population. In 1971 Portugal had 836,058 people aged over 65 years old. In 1977, this number was over a million. […]

Our vendors: Rachel Reynolds (Real Change, Seattle, Washington, USA)
| RC-160117-1

Spend a few minutes with vendor Rachel Reynolds and you’ll learn that she loves the state of Montana enough to name her new dog after her favorite place in the state, an integral part of […]

Legendary US journalist Gay Talese and the homeless woman with two homes
| SSE-270317-1

The first encounter was on a cold Autumn afternoon in 1989. A woman carrying two bulky bags over her shoulders caught the attention of legendary journalist Gay Talese as she stood on the corner of […]

Free education helps combat child labour in Fiji
| IPS-240317-2

In the South Pacific nation of Fiji, free and compulsory education was introduced three years ago. In association with better awareness and child protection measures, it is helping to reduce children’s vulnerability to harmful and […]

Fishing villages work for food security in El Salvador
| IPS-240301-1

After an exhausting morning digging clams out of the mud of the mangroves, Rosa Herrera, her face tanned by the sun, arrives at this beach in southeastern El Salvador on board the motorboat Topacio, carrying […]

Alarming trend shows homelessness crisis across Europe
| INSP-230317-1

European countries are facing a homelessness and housing exclusion “crisis”, according to a new report from EU housing organisation Feansta. Launched in the European Parliament in Brussels on 21 March, the Second Overview of Housing […]

Photo story: Haitian migrants seek new home on the Mexico – U.S. border
| REU-200317-1

Kneeling on a patch of flat earth with a shovel in hand, Thea Nonce Jean tips cement where a floor is about to be laid. His house is the first to be built in a […]

As Greek crisis grinds on, children pay price
| REU-230317-1

In Greece’s grinding economic crisis, a home for abused children is now taking in those whose parents are struggling to feed them. It is perhaps the darkest sign of economic devastation in Greece, where traditionally […]

Denver’s big hopes for tiny houses
| DEN-200317-1

If all goes according to plan, two new temporary tiny house villages will be built in Denver in 2017. Their aim is to provide an alternative type of shelter for people experiencing homelessness. The first, […]

The art of healing: facing bipolar using abstract art photography
| TCC-200317-1

How did you get into photography? I went through a period where I couldn’t leave the house, I was so depressed. I went to counseling and the guy said, “You need to find something you […]

Our vendors: John (Scarp de’ tenis, Milan, Italy)
| SCA-200317-1

The first thing you noticed about John, even before he speaks, is his smile, and how he has a light in his eyes that has somehow survived the difficult times. In a low voice and […]

Tourism triumphs over poaching in Namibia
| SUR-170317-1

It is early morning in Kunene in north-west Namibia. The sun hangs low above the ochre hills. A herd of antelope leaps through a dried-up river bed over scraggy bushes, sand and stones. The cool […]

“Muriel’s Wedding was a huge opportunity” Rachel Griffiths’ letter to her younger self
| BIA-140312-1

When I was 16 I was drinking too much and killing far too many brain cells. It’s so frightening as your own children approach that age, knowing what you got up to – the self-destructive […]

Photo story: Syria sanctions indirectly hit child cancer treatment
| REU-170317-2

In the cancer ward at Damascus Children’s Hospital, doctors are struggling with a critical shortage of specialist drugs to treat their young patients – and it’s not just due to the general chaos of the […]

Poor, minority neighborhoods in US have more tobacco-selling shops per capita
| REU-170317-1

Neighborhoods with a high proportion of black residents or high poverty tend to have the greatest density of stores selling cigarettes and tobacco products, U.S. researchers say. Poverty explained some of the association, but an […]

Two homeless street paper vendors set on fire in Hamburg
| HUK-170317-1

A few weeks ago, two homeless vendors for the Hamburg street paper Hinz&Kunzt were the victims of an arson attack while they slept. Slawomir and Krzysztof still appear shocked. “I’m always scared,” says Krzysztof, who […]

How unaccompanied youth become exploited workers in the US
| CONV-160117-1

  The Trump administration has released a series of executive orders targeting immigration at the U.S. southern border. Central American families and children traveling alone represent nearly half of all unauthorized migrants apprehended by Customs and Border […]

Britain’s dark history of criminalising homeless people in public spaces
| CONV-140317-1

Since the onset of austerity in 2010, the estimated number of people sleeping rough in England has more than doubled, from 1,768 in 2010, to 4,134 in 2016. As the number of homeless people increases, while support […]

Rita: Boca da Rua’s fighter
| BOC-140317-1

It’s not just models who appear on ad campaigns on the back windows of buses. Rita de Cássia Pereira de Souza – our Boca de Rua colleague – did too. She was right there, with […]

Our vendors: Les (Big Issue North, Liverpool, UK)
| BIN-140317-1

I was born in Merseyside, and Liverpool has been and always will be my home. If someone asks me what’s so great about Liverpool, I’d tell them: it’s the people. Liverpool people are the best. […]

Pia has found a home – and is saving millions for Gothenburg
| FAK-130317-1

Pia Johansson lives in a one-bedroom flat in Backa, a suburb of Gothenburg. This may sound trivial, but in fact it is remarkable. Her cat, Bezzie is also remarkable. At least, she certainly thinks so, […]

Rising street paper star found dead on US street
| INSP-090317-1

On 4 March at 9.30am, a homeless woman was found unresponsive on the streets of Colorado Springs, wrapped against the -1°C / 29°F cold in a blanket. Raven Canon was at least the ninth person […]

Street choir singer portrait: “Jumping in at the deep end”
| SUR-100317-1

I’ve been singing since I was small. My sister and I used to go to the children’s choir together in Liestal, and since then, music has always been a big part of me. I wouldn’t […]

Photo series: Terror on the Mosul front line
| REU-100317-2

Both screaming in terror, the father and the young daughter he cradled in his arm fled through the rubble-strewn streets of Wadi Hajar, transformed in a flash into a battleground between Islamic State fighters and […]

Bangladeshi asylum seekers tricked into radiation clean-up: media
| REU-100307-1

Two Bangladeshi asylum seekers in Japan cleared up radioactive contamination from one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters on the false promise doing so would win them permission to stay in the country longer, media […]

Big Issue vendor Daniel adds poetic voice to national conversation on housing
| INSP-100317-1

Already a local celebrity in Glasgow’s west end, Big Issue vendor Daniel Collins is now showing the city his creative side. The former chef became a hit across social media and national news last January […]

Should we compare Trump’s America to Hitler’s Germany?
| SR-090317-1

President Donald Trump exhibits the characteristics of a demagogue. His attacks on the media, fear mongering, overt lying and the way he plays on people’s prejudices and emotions all fit the mold. As such, more […]

Our vendors: Sheila White (Street Sense, Washington D.C., USA)
| SSE-090317-1

Street Sense vendor Sheila White is many things: an artist, a mother, a grandmother, a Washingtonian, and an activist in her community. After her apartment was flooded last year, she was forced to leave her […]

New maternity legislation in Cuba ignores fathers
| IPS-090317-2

A new set of regulations to strengthen the maternity rights of working women and encourage people to have children in Cuba were seen as a positive step but not enough, because they do not include […]

Caribbean awaits Trump moves on climate funding, Paris deal
| IPS-090317-1

Caribbean leaders worry that with climate change sceptic Donald Trump in the White House, it will be more difficult for small island developing states facing the brunt of climate change to secure the financing necessary […]

“One must treat all people with humanity” – new exclusive interview with Pope Francis
| SCA-060317-1

Rome, 16 February: The day feels like spring – set against a winter that has seen churches open their doors to shelter victims of the cold. Scarp de’ tenis vendor Antonio Mininni and I arrive […]

Sniffing out the top canine sleuths for Norway’s police force
| SOR-280207-1

Chacha is running headlong through the undergrowth in the forests surrounding Sveberg. The young cocker spaniel is sleuthing for the very first time. She had a bit of a wobbly start but now she grasps […]

South African police break up anti-immigrant protests
| REU-280217-2

South African police fired tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse rival marches by hundreds of protesters in Pretoria on Friday 24 February, after mobs looted stores this week believed to belong to […]

Brazil’s race to save drought-hit city
| REU-280217-1

The shrunken carcasses of cows lie in scorched fields outside the city of Campina Grande in northeast Brazil, and hungry goats search for food on the cracked-earth floor of the Boqueirao reservoir that serves the […]

New antibiotics urgently needed to combat resistant bacteria
| IPS-280217-2

The United Nations health organisation has just published its first ever list of antibiotic-resistant “priority pathogens” – a catalogue of 12 families of bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health. The list was […]

The peasant farmer who stood up to the President of Nicaragua
| IPS-280217-1

The unequal battle that small farmer Francisca Ramírez is waging against the Nicaraguan government of Daniel Ortega has become so well-known that people are calling for her security and her rights from the political heart […]

Formerly homeless woman leads street backpack program in Nashville
| CON-280217-1

Twelve years ago, Hurricane Ivan ripped through Jessica Thurmond’s neighborhood, destroying the house where she had been living. The 18-year-old in Florida was soon forced to live in her car while working multiple jobs. One […]

Invisible People: artist documents where Greek homeless people sleep
| SUR-280217-1

On your Facebook page there’s an “I love Greece” picture that someone has commented on saying “Greece loves you too”. What is it that ties you to the country? I’ve visited this country regularly for […]

Our vendors: June Fullerton (The Big Issue, Westbourne, UK)
| TBI-280217-1

I’ve been a vendor for over four years now. I first heard about it listening to John Bird on the TV or radio – I can’t remember which – and I liked the idea of […]

Account closed: Seattle City Council divests from Wells Fargo Bank
| RC-280217-1

The cheers went up and the drums rang out. The Seattle City Council had voted to take the city’s money out of Wells Fargo, a bank that invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). “The […]

Street Cat Bob visits Norwegian street paper =Oslo
| ERL-270217-1

Bob has had enough. Enough of sitting on the shoulder of his friend James Bowen, enough of giving high fives with his paw, enough of the endless stream of fans who all want to stroke […]

Homeless city tours: guides from Basel, Zurich, Cologne and Dusseldorf share experiences
| SUR-240217-1

There are stone sarcophagi in front of the Romano-Germanic Museum, situated just 100 metres away from Cologne Cathedral. For years, these have been sealed with thick iron nails to prevent homeless people from sleeping in […]

“This opportunity is thrilling” – INSP’s new Intensive Learning Programme kicks off
| INSP-240217-1

Street papers from Serbia, Finland, Australia, the US and the UK will come together in the next few weeks for INSP’s brand new Intensive Learning Programme (ILP). The ILP allows street paper leaders to undertake […]

Photo series: Greeks slide deeper into poverty
| REU-230217-2

Greek pensioner Dimitra says she never imagined a life reduced to food handouts: some rice, two bags of pasta, a packet of chickpeas, some dates and a tin of milk for the month. At 73, […]

Homeless (the musical) uses theater to build empathy
| SR-230217-1

Portland, on the northwest coast of the USA, is thick with a glut of talented, passionate artists. Alan Alexander III is one of them. Alexander is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, producer and playwright who grew […]

Refugee couple fight to be reunited for their wedding
| SUR-230217-1

Are you nervous? “A little bit.” She laughs, embarrassed. “I haven’t eaten anything today,” she says, clutching a little bag of chicken nuggets that she bought from the train station. “I didn’t want to eat […]

First homeless, then enslaved – rising risk for UK rough sleepers
| REU-230217-1

Rogue employers are tapping the rising number of rough sleepers on Britain’s streets and luring them into a life of modern slavery in building, farming and even illegal boxing, a British homeless charity said last […]

Shrinking and darkening, the plight of Kashmir’s dying lakes
| IPS-230217-1

Two decades ago, Mudasir Ahmad’s father made a prophecy. He said that the lake would vanish after the fish in its waters started dying. Three years ago, Mudasir found dead fish floating on the surface. […]

The Rise of One-Person Households
| IPS-220217-1

A significant global demographic change having far-reaching consequences, yet receiving scant attention, is the rise of one-person households. Of the world’s two billion households, approximately 15 percent – or 300 million – are one-person households […]

Our vendors: Vickie (The Contributor, East Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
| CON-220217-1

If you were going to tell your customers one thing, what would it be? That I’m a nice and hard working person, and I’m human. I’m not out here doing drugs or alcohol. I’m out […]

Neil Gaiman writes to his younger self: “Stephen King gave me the best piece of advice – but I ignored it”
| TBI-200217-1

At 16 it was 1977 and I was a punk. I talked three school friends into forming a band called XXX – I was the singer and songwriter. I was… ‘blossoming’ is the wrong word […]

Love and loss: surviving the Holocaust
| HUK-160217-1

Leon Shulkin squeezes photographer Dmitirij Leltschuk’s hand formally. Of this there is no doubt: this 93-year-old man still has strength. He hardly has any teeth left, his hearing is poor – but he is still […]

Shedia vendors join Greek Homeless Football Team to bring joy of football to refugee camps
| SHE-170217-1

Outside the gates of an old paper towel factory in the northern Greek seaport of Thessaloniki, a group of Shedia street paper vendors waited patiently together with players of the Greek Homeless Football Team. The […]

Four famines mean 20 million may starve in the next six months
| REU-170217-1

More than 20 million people – greater than the population of Romania or Florida – risk dying from starvation within six months in four separate famines, U.N. World Food Programme chief economist Arif Husain says. […]

A coat designed with more than fashion in mind
| DEN-170217-1

In 2010, when Veronika Scott was a product design student at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, she was presented with an assignment: create a product that fulfills an actual need for society. Scott […]

Our vendors: Roger Meier (Surprise, Bern, Switzerland)
| SUR-160217-1

At the beginning of the 80s, soon after finishing my miller’s apprenticeship, I moved from the Canton of Aargau to Bern for love. The love disappeared, but Bern has remained. As I do now, back […]

Jewelry company offers freedom to women rescued from sex trafficking
| CON-160117-1

The hands of women once controlled, abused and enslaved by human trafficking are now creating beautiful, trendy jewelry, giving the survivors income and a new life. Purpose Jewelry, based in California, is a social enterprise […]

Our vendors: Salomón Martínez (Mi Valedor, Mexico City, Mexico)
| MIV-160217-1

When I was younger, I always had my parents’ support.  My dad gave us everything that we needed, he always treated us like we were someone.  I have been a street vendor since I was […]

Our vendors: Ken (Big Issue North, Bishopthorpe Road, York, UK)
| BIN-150217-1

Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m originally from Wales. I grew up in care. I’ve been homeless for 35 years. I’m 47 now. It’s the life I have had. I don’t know anything else. […]

Columbia City’s innovative preschool where children learn racism is a no-go
| RC-150291-1

Nestled in a bright yellow room within Columbia City’s Church of Hope is an emerging preschool with high hopes for its students. When its doors open later this month, you might hear small children singing […]

Big love in Oz: Big Issue Australia vendor Trevor gives thanks for his second chance at love
| BIA-140217-1

Call it fate, call it serendipity,  there’s one thing vendor Trevor and his wife Ellen both thank for bringing them together… The Big Issue Australia. A tale of true romance, Trevor caught Ellen’s eye seven […]

Innovative credit model holds out lifeline to farmers in Honduras
| IPS-140217

In Paso Real, village in southern Honduras, in one of the poorest parts of the country, access to credit is limited, the banking sector is not supportive of agriculture, and nature punishes with recurrent extreme […]

Ravaging drought deepens in Kenya with almost half of under-fives succumbing to malnutrition
| IPS-140217-1

Experts warn that Kenya is in the grip of the worst drought in recent history as government estimates show the number of people who are acutely food insecure has risen to 2.7 million, up from […]

INSP’s UNCOVERED street paper cover exhibition launches with a message of “dignity and love”
| INSP-130217-1

INSP hosted a special preview on Thursday evening of UNCOVERED: still homeless, still an issue, treating guests to a glimpse of the world’s first street paper cover exhibition. Across two floors of The Lighthouse in […]

Tom Daley interview: “Maybe I can help people not make as many mistakes”
| TBI-130217-1

Inside the enormous glass and steel structure known as The Baby Shard, opposite the actual Shard, central London, Rebekah Brooks steps out of the lift. We’re inside The News Building, home of Rupert Murdoch’s News […]

Argentine women stage topless protest claiming sunbathers’ rights
| REU-090217

Dozens of topless women, joined by hundreds of fully clothed protesters, demonstrated in Buenos Aires on Tuesday to demand the right to sunbathe semi-nude after police asked bare-breasted women to leave a nearby beach. Smaller […]

Mongolia’s toxic winter smog causing health problems for its capital’s population
| REU-090217-2

On most winter mornings, Setevdorj Myagmartsogt wakes up to a cloud of toxic smog blanketing his neighbourhood in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, where the air quality is among the worst in the world. The city’s […]

Four-dimensional ministry: the unique Seattle church offering a quartet of separate shelter systems
| RC-090217-1

The Riverton Park United Methodist Church has a situation that’s somewhat unique in Seattle: it owns a lot of land. The actual building makes up less than 15 percent of the lots held by the […]

Black History Month: former Curbside Chronicle vendor looks back on Blaxploitation
| TCC-080217-2

Marcos is a former vendor for The Curbside Chronicle. During his time with Curbside, he transitioned into housing and onto further employment. In his spare time, Marcos enjoys contributing articles about his love for cinema. […]

#VendorWeek: global vendor interviews
| OSA-080217-1

In honoring this year’s #VendorWeek, we bring together six vendors from the U.S., Canada and the UK, celebrating their hard work and hearing their voices through interviews captured recently. From One Step Away, we have […]

Our vendors: Frances (Augustin, Vienna, Austria)
| AUG-070217-1

In Vienna, I move between Meidling, Praterstern and Schottentor. I live in Meidling, I work at Praterstern and I study near Schottentor. I’m in my second semester of study for my master’s degree in sociology. […]

Our vendors: David Alejandro Guzmán (Hecho en Bs. As., Buenos Aires, Argentina)
| HBA-07021-1

We talk to David Alejandro Guzmán, at his pitch. You can find him at the Gaumont Cinema, Av. Rivadavia 1635 every day. “I moved from Santiago del Estero to Buenos Aires to address some health […]

Pakistan government moves to end impunity for rapists
| IPS-070217-2

Amid a wave of reforms to tighten the country’s laws on honour killings and sexual assault, on Feb. 2, the Sindh Assembly passed a law making DNA testing in rape cases mandatory in the province. […]

Families of the “disappeared” search for clandestine graves in Mexico
| IPS-070217-1

Juan de Dios is eight years old and is looking for his younger sister, Zoe Zuleica Torres Gómez, who went missing in December 2015, when she was only five years old, in the north eastern […]

#VendorWeek Interview: “I am definitely my own boss” says The Big Issue Australia vendor Lukas
| BIA-070217-1

If Lukas is late for work, there’s no boss standing at the door tapping her watch. There’s no timesheet or punch card. That’s because Lukas doesn’t work in an office. He works on the streets […]

#VendorWeek road trip: Surprise’s Swiss tour to promote vendors
| INSP-070217-

Hitting the road in an old VW van, the team at Swiss street paper Surprise will bring their vendors’ stories to the people of Basel, Berne and Zurich this week. The promotional road trip is […]

#VendorWeek: a global street paper celebration
| INSP-060217-1

From INSP’s base in Scotland to the four corners of the world, street papers are celebrating #VendorWeek from 6-12 February. #VendorWeek is an opportunity for all the members of INSP to speak together, amplifying our […]

No seconds: the photographer humanising death row inmates by capturing their last meals
| TCC-060217

If you were to choose one final meal, what would it be? Would you pick a classic steak and baked potato or try something you’ve never tasted? In A Year of Killing, world renowned photographer, […]

Adam Driver interview: “People have to actively search for hope”
| TBI_060217_1

Over recent years Adam Driver has been hand-picked by Hollywood’s best directors: Steven Spielberg (Lincoln), Clint Eastwood (J Edgar) and the Coen Brothers (Inside Llewyn Davis). He rose to fame playing the emotionally unstable boyfriend […]

The Afghan girls fighting prejudice with martial arts
| REU-030217-2

On a snowy mountaintop to the west of Kabul, a group of Afghan girls practise the flowing movements of Wushu, a sport developed from ancient Chinese kung fu martial arts, stretching and bending and slashing […]

How much can a koala bear? How Australia’s cutest animal stands in the way of profit
| BIA-030217-1

Growing up in regional Queensland, I never saw a koala. Instead, I heard them. The koala mating call, audible at night during the breeding season, is a terrifying sound. Halfway between a grunt and a […]

Sold by Islamic state, Yazidi boy Ayman is reunited with his family
| REU-030217-1

His name was Ayman, but the couple who brought the boy home to their Iraqi village after buying him for US $500 called him Ahmed. Islamic State militants had killed or enslaved Ayman’s parents in […]

Readers join their vendors to sell Big Issue North for #VendorWeek
| INSP-020217-1

Big Issue North customers will have the opportunity to sell the street paper alongside their local vendor this February, as part of global #VendorWeek celebrations. Following the success of a similar event last year, when […]

Bagel-Bagel: the unique Belgrade bakery founded to support human trafficking victims
| LUL-020217-1

If you are passing through Knez Danilova Street in Belgrade, at No39 you will spot a bagel shop, which you’ll likely think is just another place in the neighbourhood to grab a bite to eat. […]

Violence and intimidation a fact of life for journalists on the Pakistan-Afghan border
| IPS-010217-2

The Federally Administered Tribal Areas located on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border remain one of the most perilous places in the world to be a reporter, with journalists walking a razor’s edge of violence and censorship. FATA […]

Displaced by dams, Brazil’s riverbank populations miss old way of life
| IPS-010217-1

“Now we have internet and TV. Before, we didn’t even have electricity, but it was better,” said Lourival de Barros, one of the people displaced by the hydropower plants which have mushroomed around Brazil, mainly […]

Broken and underfunded: the fight to have mental health issues recognised by U.S. prisons
| RC-010217-1

In October 2015, Michael Hayes and two social workers met his lawyer at King County’s drug court. Everything was white: the walls, the marble floor, the ceiling. They waited for the court’s doors to open. […]

Our vendors: Norm Chamberlin (Street Roots, Portland, Oregon, USA)
| SR-010217-1

Norm Chamberlin and his dog, Heidi, are goodwill ambassadors for their community and on the street. “Heidi provides good therapy for me and others,” Norm said. “When somebody [in the apartment building] comes downstairs in […]

Europe of the future: the people behind Germany’s experimental village
| HUK-010217-1

The plot for a new Europe is just 100km from Hamburg. You can get there by train from the city in less than two hours. On arrival, you only have to walk a short distance […]

#VendorWeek interview: James and John share two sides of North American vendor life
| INSP-310117

Technology is playing a positive part in allowing street paper vendors share their stories, not just with readers – but also with each other. To mark #VendorWeek 2017, L’Itinéraire vendor James caught up with John […]

Photo story: Skin Deep – looking beyond the tattoos
| TCC-300117-1

In what became an emotional series, within the pages of Skin Deep: Looking Beyond Tattoos, Steven Burton highlights the long-lasting effects tattoos have on ex-gang members, how we as society judge them, and, ultimately, how […]

‘Welcome buddies’ help refugees settle into the German way of life
| HEM-300117-1

Mohammad just laughed again. Today we’ve seen him laugh a couple of times; when he does he’s just like anyone else and not someone who only a couple of months ago was in fear of […]

A transgender “birthday” party in Pakistan
| REU-270117

At a party in Peshawar, the guests’ saris twirled as they danced to the music and fed each other pieces of cake, but armed police guarding the door indicated this was no normal carefree birthday […]

Across the U.S., police contracts shield officers from scrutiny and discipline
| REU-300117-1

In late 2013, a San Antonio police officer stood accused of handcuffing a woman in the rear of his police car and then raping her. The same officer had remained on the force despite prior […]

Trump’s global gag rule is a devastating blow for women’s rights
| IPS-300117-1

The image of a group of men in suits making decisions about the rights of women is becoming an emblematic sign of the backlash against our human rights, particularly those related to women´s bodily integrity […]

Can Africa slay its financial Hydra?
| IPS-300117

Thanks to growing investor interest, increasing respect for democratic reforms, and its vast food production potential, the Africa Rising narrative is only getting better. But Africa’s development success story will only be complete when the […]

Longing for a better life: the Nuremburg initiative helping women beat addiction and unemployment
| STK-270117-1

For women living with addiction, unemployment, domestic violence in Nuremburg, Lilith e.V. offers work skills and levels of advice and support to help them on their way to independence. The association recently introduced a new […]

#VendorWeek 2017 special: vendors share what makes their part of the world unique
| INSP-270117-1

From Melbourne to Denver, Taipei to Athens, vendors  across the globe have been sharing what makes their part of the world unique… and so much more. The interviews were conducted in honour of this year’s […]

#VendorWeek interview: Mark and Ann share vendor life in Melbourne and Denver
| BIA-270117-1

Mark and Ann are well-known characters to their customers on the streets of Melbourne and Denver, respectively. Over a Skype chat in honour of INSP #VendorWeek, they share their experiences of selling The Big Issue […]

Our vendors: Armand Casazza (Denver Voice, Denver, Colorado, USA)
| DEN-270117-1

“Life’s a rollercoaster, man.” To most people, this is an ineffectual witticism. To Armand (pronounced Ar-min) Casazza, it belies a difficult life stalwartly lived. The son of an alcoholic and a drug addict, Armand started […]

Our vendors: George Whyte (The Big Issue, Edinburgh, UK)
| TBI-260117-1

I’ve had quite a few housing problems over the past year. It started with a fire at the place I was renting in Caledonian Crescent in the Haymarket area of Edinburgh. That was in July […]

Our vendors: Julianne and Dominick (Street Roots, Portland, USA)
| SR-300117-1

Selling Street Roots is far more than just a job for Julianne and Dominick Hart; it is an exercise in relationship building. In nearly everything they do, Dominick and Julianne are together. They met in […]

“It feels like the European Godfather”: Irvine Welsh on T2 Trainspotting
| TBI_230117_1

“Last year,” says Irvine Welsh, the bestselling Scottish author, “was the year of misery for everyone. Obviously it started terribly with Bowie’s death. And we had Trump and Brexit. “But for me,” he pauses, before […]

First ever exhibition of street paper design launching for #VendorWeek
| INSP_230117_1

Street papers from all over the world will feature in a new, interactive exhibition launching for #VendorWeek 2017. Launching as part of INSP (International Network of Street Papers) #VendorWeek 2017, the exhibition – UNCOVERED: still […]

Beauty, Money and Feathers
| REU_230117_1

As night-time approaches in Sanliurfa, southeastern Turkey, most of the alleyways of the city’s old bazaar are emptying out, except for one. The bustle of daytime trading has died down, but on this little street, […]

The Melbourne nightclub that’s teaching teens how to drink responsibly
| SHE-230117-1

The scene at Chasers, one of the most popular nightclubs in Melbourne, is surreal. Among the shelves lined with bottles of whiskey, vodka and gin, a group of young people – all sober – are standing […]

From Selma to Congress: Street Sense vendors meet civil rights hero (and Trump bête noir) John Lewis
| SSE-200117-1

From Selma, Alabama to the halls of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans alike agree that U.S. Representative John Lewis has been a monumental figure in American politics. Since his youth, Lewis has made fighting for equality for all Americans […]

Our vendors: Mimmo Capuozzo (Scarp de’ tenis, Naples, Italy)
| SCA-200117-1

49-year-old editor and vendor Mimmo Capuozzo is a long-standing member of the Scarp Naples team, who likes taking an active part in all the group’s activities – from cooking to creative writing workshops. He first […]

A dying way of life for Congo’s Pygmies
| REU-230117-1

On Idjwi, the largest island in Democratic Republic of Congo, a way of life is dying. The Bambuti, one of several Pygmy groups in Congo, are among central Africa’s oldest indigenous peoples. For millennia, they […]

Populist leaders endanger human rights
| IPS-200117-1

Populist leaders pose a dangerous threat to human rights, fuelling and justifying intolerance and abuse across the world, said advocacy group Human Rights Watch during the launch of their annual global report. Among the many […]

Real Change leads rally against hate in exceptional year of uncertainty
| INSP-190117-1

Seattle street paper Real Change has kicked off 2017 with a rallying call against voices of hate across America. Inviting their community to join them in a month of action — set against the backdrop […]

Ordinary citizens help drive spread of solar power in Chile
| IPS-190117-1

Chile, Latin America’s leader in solar energy, is starting the new year with an innovative step: the development of the country´s first citizens’ solar power plant. This South American country of nearly 18 million people […]

Newly-wed street paper vendors: “We love each other and can rely on each other”
| STK-011817-1

Together since 2008, both the Bardonskis were born in Poland. Hanna, 49, is small, dainty and spirited, whereas Marek, 59, is big, strong and calm. A year ago, trained geriatric nurse Hanna was diagnosed with […]

No More Deaths: a diary of humanitarian desert aid in U.S.-Mexico borderlands
| SR-180117-1

The first time I came across vandalised humanitarian supplies in a remote part of the Sonoran Desert, I felt devastated. We’d been hiking all day to place lifesaving caches of water and beans in a […]

National Coalition for the Homeless criticises HUD homelessness count
| SCN-180117-01

The National Coalition for the Homeless is contesting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s latest count of the country’s homeless population. The 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, released in November, found […]

Our vendors: Peter (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)
| HUK-170117-1

Peter sells Hinz&Kunzt in front of the Rewe supermarket in Altonaer Street. He decided to become homeless around ten years ago. “I deliberately wanted to destroy myself,” says the 48-year-old. He resigned from his job, […]

Benedict Cumberbatch interview: “If you raise an eyebrow, it becomes an internet meme”
| TBI-170117-1

When Benedict Cumberbatch returned to filming Sherlock in summer 2016, it had been more than three years since he’d played the modern-day sleuth. In the intervening period, he’d portrayed Doctor Strange, Hamlet, Richard III, Alan […]

Big Issue North vendor shines a light on his European City of Culture hometown
| BIN_170117_1

I was born in 1970 and grew up in Hull. I have lived here most of my life. I have moved to other places, but home is where the heart is. Kingston upon Hull, normally […]

Homeless activist launches world’s newest street paper in Colorado Springs
| INSP-160117-1

Two years ago, Raven Canon was newly homeless in Colorado Springs, a city on the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains. She was sitting outside the city’s Penrose library – and she was hungry. […]

Obama administration ends special immigration policy for Cubans
| REU-160117-2

The Obama administration on Thursday repealed a measure granting automatic residency to virtually every Cuban who arrived in the United States, whether or not they had visas, ending a longstanding exception to U.S. immigration policy. […]

U.S. Border Patrol recruits: wild horses, tamed by prisoners
| REU-160117-1

Long before the desert sun has had a chance to heat the dusty prison yard, some 20 inmates at an Arizona state prison begin quietly tending horses. The men – many with violent histories – […]

George Michael tribute: the Big Issue UK’s 1996 world exclusive interview on sex, drugs and Sony
| TBI-130117-1

George Michael’s toilet seat is broken. Cleaved clean off. How could it be that the sophisticated sovereign of subdued and silky soul came to find himself in such a sorry situation? “I couldn’t possibly tell […]

Our vendors: Mellie Kaufman (Real Change, Seattle, USA)
| RC-130117-1

Two days before my 19th birthday, I was hit by a car up in Shoreline at 15th and 147th. I was in a crosswalk. All I knew, was that one moment I was crossing the […]

Trump, the Bomb and the banks
| IPS-120117-2

When pro-nuclear disarmament organisations last October cheered the United Nations decision to start in 2017 negotiations on a global treaty banning these weapons, they probably did not expect that shortly after the US would elect […]

Migrants seeking Europe catch their breath in Morocco
| IPS-120117-1

With a stable economy and a peaceful political climate, Morocco – with its history as a transit country for migrants — is becoming a potential new destination for settlement. The elusive dream for most of […]

Our vendors: Martin Gruber (Augustin, Vienna, Austria)
| AUG-120117-1

My first Augustin card was Number 19, or to put it another way, I started with the second edition. That was just over 20 years ago now. I was 21 at the time and had […]

Valve Turners: how a group of five activists stopped the flow of Alberta Tar Sands oil
| SR-120117-1

Leonard Higgins was starting to panic. The industrial chain he was attempting to cut loose was made of case-hardened steel. It was thicker and more durable than chains he’d practiced breaking in preparation for this […]

Myanmar’s cultural revolution challenges both old tradition – and new capitalism
| SUR-120117-1

The bass creaks. It’s not the ideal sound for the debut album by Kultureshock, Myanmar’s oldest punk outfit. With a shrug of his shoulders, sound engineer Eaiddhi loops the instrument directly into the mixer. “We […]

Denver homeless protest against ‘clean up’ of downtown streets
| DEN-110117-1

Police and clean-up crews armed with brooms and trash bags were met by angry and frustrated homeless residents just north of downtown Denver in November. Uniformed officers were detailed to ‘clean’ the area’s sidewalks of […]

Macedonian mothers of disabled children reveal “intimate, daily battle” to survive
| LVL-110117-1

“Intimate, daily battles. Continous stress, similar to the stress of soldiers on a battlefield.” In Macedonia – where there is a lack of social awareness about many issues – this is how the parents of […]

Out in the Night: how gender and homophobic injustice changed the lives of four women
| SR-100117-1

Ten years ago, Patreese Johnson, a black 19-year-old from New Jersey, was a self-described homebody and lesbian not yet out to her family. On a hot night in August, she and a group of six […]

Made in Europe: Greek cartoonist Michael Koundouris sketchbook unlocks a different side of refugee crisis
| SHE-090117-1

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are equal to a political cartoon? How hard is it to alter a political commentary into an image that could express irony, scorn, anger, […]

Child of the revolution: street vendor’s exclusive interview with Che Guevara’s daughter
| HUS-060117-1

Broadly smiling, a welcoming Aleida Guevara receives Danish street paper Hus Forbi at the Cab Inn Hotel in Copenhagen. It is the day before the world will wake up to the news that one of […]

Spanish centenarians reveal their secrets to living past 100
| REU-050117-2

With more than 17,000 people aged 100 or over, Spain has the highest life expectancy after Japan, OECD data and the country’s latest population census shows. Over a year, Reuters photographer Andrea Comas interviewed and […]

Top singers perform in the homes of families affected by the US housing affordability crisis
| SW-060117-1

The singer of US rock band Third Eye Blind, Stephan Jenkins, recalled his youth after playing an acoustic set for a modern-day “rent party” for a precariously housed family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Organised by […]

Cold in Hamburg: a week in the life of six of the city’s homeless residents
| HUK-060117-1

Hinz&Kunzt vendor Dieter sleeps in downtown Hamburg, in front of the Karstadt department store. With no tent, large baggage nor social security assistance, all he has to his name is two bags and a small […]

Teenage odyssey: from Eritrea to Sweden, one young migrant learns his fate
| REU-050117-1

For more than a year, Girmay Mehari dreaded his 18th birthday this February – for very good reason. As an Eritrean refugee living in Sweden since 2015, he will soon become an adult in the […]

Collective effort results in no more mass drought deaths for Northwest Brazilians
| IPS-040117-2

The drought that has plagued Brazil’s semi-arid Northeast region since 2012 is already more severe than the 1979-1983 drought, the longest anywhere in the 20th century. But prolonged dry spells no longer cause the tragedies […]

US anti-fracking movement’s dread of Trump fossil fuel logic
| IPS-040117-1

Earl Hatley, a descendant of the Cherokee/Delaware tribe, has witnessed the consequences of using hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” on his native land to produce shale gas. “Fracking is harmful to water supplies, wildlife, and property […]

Sharing food with the homeless: what harm can it do?
| SCN-040117-1

Over 70 cities in the United States have passed laws banning or restricting the sharing of free food with the poor outside. A new theory being used to justify limits to the sharing of meals […]

Our vendors: Fred Willingdon (Megaphone, Victoria, Canada)
| MEG-040117-1

I’ve been a vendor since last October. When I came to Victoria back in 2006, I saw people doing the street news, and I saw that they seemed to be having a nice bankroll. Well, […]

Theatre director helps inmates discover their potential
| SR-040117-1

On a Saturday evening in September, a dozen male inmates of the Two Rivers Correctional Institution – a medium-security prison in city of Umatilla, Oregon – wait in the prison’s visiting room for their guests […]

The dream of the just state: 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia
| FIF-211216-1

“Everywhere where there is private property, where everybody measures everything by their cash value, it will scarcely ever be possible to engage in just or successful politics… That is why I am firmly convinced that […]

Contributor vendor donates paper profits to East Tennessee wildfire victims
| CON-211216-1

Mario, a formerly homeless vendor at The Contributor, recently donated a portion of his paper sales profits to the victims of the fatal East Tennessee fires. Mario, along with his dog Bear, made the donation […]

Cross Atlantic: Dave and Raelene compare street vendors’ lives in the UK and US
| BIN-191216-1

At first glance Dave and Raelene have very little in common. But something that bonds them is their experiences of homelessness – which led to them selling Big Issue North and Denver VOICE magazines respectively. […]

Martha Reeves: “I met Stevie Wonder when he was eight, playing bongos on waste baskets”
| TBI-191216-2

The first thing I would say to myself at 16 years old is to ask if my daddy might let me stay out a little bit later. Living in my father’s house we had rules. […]

Hamburg’s homeless among a special audience with the Pope
| HUK-191216-1

At the end of October – a month ahead of his trip to Rome – Hinz&Kunzt vendor Robert was adamant when he said, “Even if it’s the last trip I ever take, I have to […]

Melanie C: “Solo me has come of age”
| TBI-191216-1

“It’s weird looking back on yourself. Like looking at somebody you know really well. It is hard to think that it is me.” Melanie Chisolm is leafing through a 1999 edition of The Big Issue […]

New Real Change badge allows disabled vendors to sit while selling street papers in Seattle
| RC-191216-1

Selling Real Change papers on the street is hard work. There’s the trick of catching people’s eye and interest as they run by on their way from or to work, the library or the billiards […]

Our vendors: Art (The Curbside Chronicle, Oklahoma City, USA)
| TCC-191216-1

Where did you grow up? I grew up in South Texas in the small town of San Diego. I had a good childhood except that my parents divorced when I was three, so I didn’t […]

The art deco refuge that’s a home away from Brazil’s LGBT hate crimes
| REU-191216-1

A multi-coloured gay pride flag hangs in a corner of a bare room in an abandoned Sao Paulo art deco building that was once the headquarters of Brazil’s social security agency. The room is home […]

Passion for sustainable urban-gardening on the rise for Swedish city-dwellers
| REU-191216-2

They are doing it on the rooftops, on tower block balconies and even on a disused railway: Swedes have discovered a passion for urban gardening as a way of growing fresh food and getting back […]

India steps up its protection of women with ‘Charlie’s Angels’ crime fighting squad
| IPS-191216-1

Last month, Delhi Police launched a unique initiative to check spiralling crimes against women in the city, also known dubiously as the “rape capital” of India. It formed a squad of plainclothes officers called “police […]

Developmentalism and conservation clash at U.N. Biodiversity Summit
| IPS-191216-2

“We don’t have access to marine areas, because most are protected areas or are in private hands. We indigenous people have been losing access to our territories, as this decision became a privilege of the […]

Big Issue vendor Ralph swaps English south coast for Lapland Winter Wonderland
| TBI-151216-1

No, it’s not Santa Claus. Pictured here is Ralph Church, a Big Issue vendor from the south coast of England – and now a husky-driver in the Nordic wilderness. A popular fixture in Torquay, Ralph […]

Meet the Survivor cast member who is helping Denver’s homeless
| DEN-151216-1

Denver Voice: What inspired you to create the Humane Kind Project? Ken McNickle: When I lived in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful things about the culture was that everyone treats everyone like family. They […]

New York City criticised for failing to get a grip on its record homeless population
| SCN-121216-1

A record-breaking 60,000 homeless individuals sought refuge in New York City’s homeless shelters over autumn – a deluge that is drawing attention to the city’s handling of its homeless citizens. The city’s affordable housing crisis […]

Our vendors: Fay (The Big Issue Australia, Sydney, Australia)
| BIA-121216-1

I grew up in Wentworthville, near Parramatta. My parents had a business and it was very busy, because Coles and Woolworths weren’t open at that stage. My parents worked very hard, seven days a week. […]

Perfect pitch: Strassenkreuzer vendor partners with German football club on bottle returns
| STK-121216-1

Klaus Billmeyer has good reason to look forward to every match FC Nürnberg ‘s play at home. Since October, the Strassenkreuzer vendor has been collecting discarded returnable bottles after matches in the stadium. The money […]

Cab company launches women drivers in conservative Pakistan
| REU-121216-2

Taxi-hailing service Careem introduced women drivers in Pakistan on Wednesday, a rare initiative in a deeply conservative Muslim country where women account for only 22 percent of the workforce. Careem has a larger market share […]

Richest Americans live seven to ten years longer than poorest
| REU-121216-1

Poverty cuts an average of almost ten years of American men’s lives and seven off women’s, a new study shows. Eager to tease out socioeconomic disparities that can hide in state-level data, researchers reclassified all […]

Civil societies on Aleppo: UN General Assembly must act
| IPS-121216-2

Hundreds of civil society organisations from around the world have united to call on UN member states to step in and demand an end to unlawful attacks in Aleppo. A global coalition of 223 organisations […]

Nicaraguan women push for access to farm land, and prosperity
| IPS-121216-1

A group of women farmers who organised to fight a centuries-old monopoly over land ownership by men are seeking plots of land to farm in order to contribute to the food security of their families […]

US veteran journalist Carl Bernstein: Trump’s election is “incredibly dangerous” for America
| SCN-051216-1

In 1992, legendary journalist Carl Bernstein blasted the media for its obsession with celebrity, manufactured controversy, gossip, and sensationalism in his article “The Idiot Culture” for the New Republic. At the time, the front pages […]

Breaking camp: volunteer memories from the Calais Jungle
| BIN-051216-1

Before it was dismantled at the end of October the camp in Calais known as the Jungle attracted an army of volunteers over the years who pitched in to help in any way they could. […]

Harvesting against hunger and loneliness in Basel’s Gourmet Gardens
| SUR-051216-1

In the Swiss city of Basel, the Gourmet Garden allotments – while open to all – are mostly frequented by disabled people and locals living on benefits or in poverty. Co-ordinated by the Unemployment Contact […]

Abortion rights remain a paramount global political question
| LUL-051216-1

The freedom of women to individually make decisions about their own body and their reproductive life has been over the course of history often dictated by the interests of different social groups and institutions. According […]

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest guardians
| REU-051216-1

The rainforest shook with the sound of exploding tires and groaning steel as flames tore through a truck carrying giant tree trunks illegally sawn from the Amazon. An agent of Brazil’s environment police had, moments […]

Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland: the gift that keeps on giving
| TBI-051216-1

Dressed in a black polyester cloak, leather lace-up jerkin and faux fur collar, William Van der Kells’ hand rests perilously on the 4ft replica sword attached to his waist. Today – and every day – […]

As asylum-seekers clog Italy’s courts, officials and applicants feel the pressure
| REU-051216-1

In Trovato’s office near Rome’s Trevi Fountain, bulky columns of paperwork cover every inch of the bespectacled civil servant’s desk. His fixed-line and cell phones take turns ringing. The 63-year-old manages a national network of […]

Debate rolls across India over controversial family planning method
| IPS-051216-2

The Indian government’s decision to make injectable contraceptives available to the public for free under the national family planning programme (FPP) has stirred debate about women’s choices in the world’s largest democracy and second most […]

Gambia’s presidential elections: “Dead Men Don’t Vote” says protest activist
| IPS-051216-1

“Dead men don’t vote,” said a Gambian political activist known as Mama Africa. She spoke during an event on the side-lines of the 59th Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) […]

Still giving Denver’s homeless a Voice after 20 years
| INSP-281116-1

The very first issue of the Denver Voice was put together with a single typewriter and a donated social security check. 20 years later, the Voice has employed more than 4,000 people experiencing homelessness and […]

City of New York sued by Philadelphia’s Homeless Advocacy Project over denial of homeless rights
| OSA-281116-1

The Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP), a nonprofit legal services organization in Philadelphia, has sued New York City (NYC) for their refusal to issue birth certificates to NYC-born residents of Philadelphia. HAP deemed NYC’s action unconstitutional. […]

Dining for one euro: Salerno’s social restaurant is no soup kitchen
| SCA-281115-1

Opened last May, the social restaurant Elpis, which offers meals for the token price of one euro, was founded for those experiencing difficulties and solitude. The restaurant has one important rule: you can eat there […]

Climate finance for farmers key to averting one billion hungry people
| IPS-281116-1

With climate change posing growing threats to smallholder farmers, experts working around the issues of agriculture and food security say it is more critical than ever to implement locally appropriate solutions to help them adapt […]

Step by Step: Hinz&Kunzt supports integration for East Europeans
| HUK-281116-1

The fact that a growing number of Eastern Europeans have migrated to Germany – many living in Hamburg – has posed new challenges to homeless assistance programmes. This includes us, of course. We are one […]

Single mother charts her own path out of homelessness
| SSE-281116-1

Self-sufficiency was something Carla always strived for. It was what led her to flee her volatile household as a teenager and skip out on school in order to pursue an independent lifestyle. The “self” in […]

Still wild about Harry: why Pottermania isn’t going anywhere soon
| BIA-281116-1

In July on a sunny field in Frankfurt, Australia’s national quidditch team claimed the 2016 Quidditch World Cup when Dameon Osborn, the Dropbears’ seeker, caught the Snitch (a yellow-uniformed human in the Muggle version of […]

Human rights groups encouraged by vote to unblock UN LGBTI expert
| IPS-281116-1

Following a contentious and close vote, a UN General Assembly (UNGA) committee reaffirmed the right of a newly appointed UN expert addressing violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to continue his […]

Learning English in Korea’s Freedom Village
| REU-281116-2

For South Korean schoolgirl Lee Su-jin, the daily commute into one of the world’s most heavily armed zones, trundling past barbed-wire fences, military checkpoints and anti-tank barricades, has become routine. The 11-year-old’s school sits in […]

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands: this is my small attempt to help people
| STJ-281116-1


Serbia’s bungalow cemeteries
| REU-281116-1

From a distance, the cemetery in the eastern Serbian village of Smoljinac looks like a residential neighbourhood eerily placed among graves. But once inside the grounds, after passing a section with the usual stone slabs, […]

Our vendors: Janick Webb (Street Roots, Portland, USA)
| SR-281116-1

Janick Webb is a life coach. It just so happens he is on the street when he practices. “So many people with mental health problems really should not be on the streets,” he says. “For […]

Six million sales and counting for Nashville street paper
| INSP-211116-1

After nine years in Nashville, street paper The Contributor has just celebrated selling its six millionth copy. The weekly paper launched on 14 November 2007 and has since trained more than 2,800 people facing unemployment […]

Soft heart, hard punch: Swiss world champion boxer Aniya Seki’s journey to the top
| SUR-211116-1

Aniya Seki’s cheeks are red with effort as sweat beads form on her forehead, soaking her shirt and bandages. She has tied back her long, dark brown hair into a plait; her fringe stuck to […]

Our vendors: Michael Hanson (Homeward Street Journal, Sacramento, USA)
| HSJ-211116-1

Nowadays find Michael, full gray beard and red suspenders, having Art and Revolution theater rehearsal in Southside Park, distributing the Homeward Street Journal at the Sunday farmer’s market, working a community garden, or if you’re […]

A cut above: filming Philadelphia’s mental health recovery community
| OSA-211116-1

Salons and barbershops in movies and television shows have often served as a hub for community or family. There is laughter, there are cries, and are always fresh, sleek hairdos. But what if a salon […]

Seattle’s transitional housing project: a tiny village big on pride
| RC-211116-1

In the backdrop of Vice Chair of the King County Democrats, Omaha Sternberg, comments this summer connected to the idea of sending homeless people to live on an island, the Real Change Editorial Committee decided […]

Our vendors: Karlheinz (Strassenkreuzer, Nuremburg, Germany)
| STK-311016-1

What brought you to Nuremberg, of all places, from Nordrhein-Westphalia? I came back to Nuremberg and my Franconian homeland because I had the possibility of a job here. I’m a trained toolmaker and telecommunications engineer. […]

Restorative Justice: when victims and ex-inmates heal together
| LIT-141116-2

René took away two lives; Chantal was abused by her grandfather from the age of 6 to 12. The former victim and the former inmate wanted the same thing; to put their past and suffering […]

The road to Ward 17, a journalist’s battle with PTSD
| REU-211116-2

Post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t just for soldiers. After years of covering war and tragedy in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for Reuters, it happened to me. When the psychiatrist diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress […]

Climate Change South Africa: why the rising breed of goat farmers can be heroes
| IPS-211116-2

Bongekile Ndimande’s family lost more 30 head of cattle to a ravaging drought last season in South Africa’s Kwazulu Natal Province – but a herd of goats survived, now acting as her bank on four […]

A Cuban economy facing grim forecasts awaits impact of Trump
| IPS-211116-1

Cuba’s economic difficulties will be aggravated by the uncertainty regarding how U.S. president-elect Donald Trump will deal with the thaw inherited from President Barack Obama. Experts consulted by IPS preferred not to speculate. But they […]

Children of Mosul caliphate face stateless future
| REU-211116-1

After seizing large parts of Iraq and neighbouring Syria in 2014, Islamic State imposed its strict interpretation of Islamic law and began to establish the basic frameworks of statehood such as taxes and regulation. But […]

“How will you reach out to people like me?” street papers respond to President Trump
| INSP-171116-1

International street paper staff and vendors have responded with surprise and apprehension following the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America. INSP represents 32 street papers in the […]

Pioneer vendor thanks customers for cancer support
| CON-141116-1

The man who revolutionised how The Contributor operates – and since expanded to help hundreds of vendors – has spoken about his appreciation for the customers who’ve supported him through his cancer battle. Continuing to […]

Gang violence drives internal displacement in El Salvador
| IPS-141016-2

A basketball court in this small town in western El Salvador was turned overnight into a shelter for some two dozen families forced to flee their homes after a recent escalation of gang violence. But […]

President Trump: street papers respond
| INSP-141116-2

Frederic John, vendor, Street Sense, Washington D.C., USA Muted congratulations, Mr. Trump. Having endured your ripostes against the disabled; entitlement recipients; democrat voters, and supporters of Hillary: let me say I am all of the […]

Our vendors: Makoto Hanabuchi (The Big Issue Japan, Hamamatsucho , Tokyo)
| BIJ-141116-1

Having made a living as a truck transporter for 30 years, Makoto has made a big change. Now the only thing on his mind is how best to sell magazines, making all kinds of plans […]

Our vendors : Suzanne Leblanc (L’Itinéraire, Montreal, Canada)
| LIT-141116-1

Suzanne Leblanc doesn’t readily confide in others. “Hey, it’s not easy talking about yourself,” she gushes. A caring person by nature, she’s more concerned about the wellbeing of those around her. She loves her man, […]

Our vendors: Valerie Williams (Real Change, Seattle, USA)
| RC-141116-1

Nothing prepared Valerie Williams for being homeless. She had experience working various jobs in San Francisco, where she grew up. She’d been part of the community and was a Girl Scout troop leader. Her mother […]

Drought deals harsh blow to Cameroon’s cocoa farmers
| IPS-141116-1

Tanchenow Daniel fears he will lose more than half a tonne of his cocoa yield during the next harvest at the end of this month. He usually harvests no less than 1.5 tonnes of cocoa […]

Hundreds gather in D.C. for love and humility event organised by former Street Sense vendor
| SSE-141116-1

Hundreds of people gathered in Washington D.C.’s  Franklin Square Park in early September, coming together to share prayer, entertainment, food and clothing. Children posed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse as they waited in line to […]

Homelessness in Croatia: under someone else’s roof
| ULI-141116-1

In Croatia, the homelessness figure is fast approaching 10,000 people without permanent shelter. Of course, according to the relevant government departments the number is much lower because homelessness as an issue is far from sufficiently […]

The Non-Solution Solutions to End Homelessness
| HSJ-141116-1

It is easy to forget that homelessness was supposed to be temporary. As homeless states of emergency continue to pop up all over the U.S.,  as ten-year plans to end homelessness continue to expire and […]

Street Roots’ Cole Merkel wins Skidmore Prize for work with vendors
| INSP-141116-1

Street Roots’ Cole Merkel has been awarded a major prize in recognition of his tireless work to support the street paper’s vendors in Portland, Oregon, USA. The Willamette Week Give!Guide 2016 Skidmore Prize is awarded […]

Interview: Has Ken Loach changed the UK Government’s mind with I, Daniel Blake?
| TBI-141116-2

Brexit has changed everything. Every conversation about the future is framed by it. The way is unmapped and repercussions will last for years. What we do know is that the vote forced an immediate changing […]

Jon Bon Jovi: “It’s not rock and roll to start a foundation that feeds homeless people”
| TBI-141116-1

We’d last seen Jon Bon Jovi 24 or so hours before at the ‘listening party’ for his new album at London’s Ivy Club – one of those joints that have their own name emblazoned on […]

Photo story: Living in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
| REU-141116-2

Haiti had been hit so hard by Hurricane Matthew, the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade, that people considered themselves lucky to be alive. Villages making contact with the outside in early October, days […]

Photo story: All along the Mexico-USA border wall
| REU-141116-1

Building a wall along the U.S.- Mexico border has been a contentious subject in this year’s U.S. presidential election. In parts of California and Arizona, a wall already exists. It runs across rocky deserts, flowing […]

Special Report: U.S. manufacturing economy fails employers and workers
| REU-071116-1

James L. Brown tried to hire a dozen workers for his metal foundry here. Half of them flunked the drug test. Those results are typical, says the president of Bremen Castings Inc, a family-owned employer […]

Journalist murders: the ultimate form of censorship
| IPS-071116-1

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has condemned the killing of more than 800 journalists globally since 2006. A measly seven percent of these murders have been solved. The protection of journalists and […]

Our vendors: Sandra (FiftyFifty, Düsseldorf, Germany)
| FIF-071116-1

I am 49 years old. My mother is German, and my father is Syrian. I also have a younger sister. When I was young, I was a little slower than other children. That was why […]

Photo series: child refugees in Greece and Germany
| HUK-071116-1

GREECE Lesbos and Athens refugee camps – where children are in high danger Although they looked like normal young people horsing around on the Lesbos beach, many children were in severe danger. Mauricio talked with […]

Portugal’s New Feminist Movement: “Everyone needs to understand what is happening in our country”
| CAI-071116-1

After years of “progress” and a number of laws passed based on the Portuguese Constitution, equality between men and women is, in practice, still far from being a reality in Portuguese society. More than 100 […]

Big Issue Australia vendors interview Cold Chisel rock singer-songwriter Jimmy Barnes
| BIA-071116-1

What was it like living in Elizabeth, South Australia? – Kerry Anne of Adelaide Jimmy Barnes:  Where I lived in Elizabeth West, it was a slum. There were a lot of people there with not […]

Festival spotlights African women filmmakers
| IPS-071116-2

At the Bioscope Independent Cinema in Johannesburg’s trendy, gentrifying Maboneng neighbourhood last week, the two-day HER Africa Film Festival showcased films and web series from across the globe, including Mali, the U.S., Burkina Faso and […]

Refugee newspaper is true voice of those seeking asylum
| BOD-071116-1

Everyone talks about refugees; very few speak with them. This is also often true of reporting by the German media. Re: Speech, a project at the medical-assistance centre for refugees in Bochum, wants to change […]

The workers who revolutionised Florida’s tomato farming industry
| CON-071116-1

Unpaid hours. Physical and sexual abuse. Wages revoked by bosses. Tomato farms in Florida have been called “ground zero for modern day slavery.” Before activists and advocates began revealing the conditions on farms, many tomato […]

Street paper hits back as Hamburg leader says homeless create “fear and disgust”
| INSP-071116-1

Hamburg street paper Hinz&Kunzt has hit out against the local government official who accused homeless people of creating “a place of fear and disgust” in the city’s Central Station. Director of the Hamburg-Mitte district Falko […]

Photo story: tank battles and Stalin selfies in Belarus
| REU-071116-2

At Belarus’s Stalin Line museum visitors can watch re-enactments of World War Two battles, fire Soviet-era weapons and even pose for photographs next to a wreath-decked monument to Josef Stalin himself. The open air complex […]

Training course gives Big Issue South Africa vendors a career boost
| BISA-071116-1

7Three Big Issue South Africa vendors recently shared the opportunity to complete a six-month home-based care course in Cape Town’s southern suburbs. The Kayamandi Nursing College in Wynberg initially offered five members of the street […]

Our vendors: James and Heather (Street Wise, Chicago, USA)
| SW-071116-1

How long have you been together? James:  We’ve been married five years. Heather:  We met a long time ago, when I was 11-years-old and he was 16. My one friend and I were hanging out […]

A picture and its story: severe malnutrition in Yemen
| REU-311016-1

The emaciated frame of 18-year-old Saida Ahmad Baghili lies on a hospital bed in the red sea port city of Hodaida, her suffering stark evidence of the malnutrition spread by Yemen’s 19-month civil war. Baghili […]

Move over Picasso: first-ever emojis to hang in N.Y. Museum of Modern Art
| REU-311016-2

Smiley faces and images of food and cats designed almost 20 years ago by a Japanese phone company and used in digital messages worldwide have now attained the status of art. The Museum of Modern […]

Our vendors: Melissa (Real Change, Seattle, USA)
| RC-311016-2

Melissa Hansen grew up in Portland. “I moved to Alaska to get out of living in the fast lane,” she says. “I just cooled my jets. It’s an easy life up there if you just […]

Fashion! Turn to the left: Modest couture reigns at Malikah Festival
| RC-311016-1

Fashion shows began in dressmaker shops in Paris in the 1800s. Today they’ve evolved into well-produced, high-energy public events. They’re an opportunity to show off the latest must-have items produced by designers from casual clothing […]

The Israeli choreographer Hollywood stars go Gaga for
| SUR-311016-1

A group of dancers move lithely across the stage on all fours. Gathering at centre stage, they nestle together like a litter of kittens. This scene from the opening minutes of Tomer Heymann’s documentary entitled […]

“Justice starts at the street corner where you bought this paper” – Making a Murderer lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting
| INSP-311016-1

In the O2 Academy – a 2550-capacity venue in Glasgow that’s more used to hosting the likes of Kings of Leon or The White Stripes – two middle-aged guys in suits are doing the traditional […]

The journey from prison to ‘good citizen’: whose side is law and justice on?
| LIT-311016-1

A three-month, three-year or 30-year jail sentence. What happens after that? Let’s say you learned your lesson and you’ve paid your debt to society. You’ve had enough of the game, you’re going to walk the […]

Student #FeesMustFall struggle in South Africa gains momentum
| IPS-311016-1

When #FeesMustFall began to trend on social media platforms in South Africa in October 2015, the government shrugged it off as an example of isolated hotheads – while political pundits predicted the student campaign wouldn’t […]

Climate doomsday – another step closer
| IPS-311016-1

Almost inadvertently, humankind is getting closer every day to the point of no-return towards what could be called the ‘climate doomsday’. Now, globally averaged concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has surged again […]

Elizabeth Warren: Giving Bankers the Business
| SCN-311016

I almost feel obligated to ask about the election this close to November 8. With so many people saying they won’t vote for either candidate, how do you make the case for Hillary Clinton? Especially […]

Swedish street paper combats prejudice… with a makeover video
| INSP-281016-1

Makeover videos are a staple of YouTube – but instead of offering the latest eyeliner tips, Swedish street paper Faktum has used the format to challenge anti-Romani prejudice. Their new video features real criticisms that […]

PICTURE STORY: Real horror show
| TBI-251016-1

As another bus goes by punting the latest horror movie, supermarkets fill with plastic skulls and unimaginative teens stalk the streets as ‘killer clowns’, familiarity has turned our blood-chills tepid. Halloween jump scares are now […]

Long player: an interview with evergreen singer Petula Clark
| BIN-241016-1

“I’ve never been a raving beauty,” says Petula Clark, with the stunning modesty of a life-long performer who has never taken herself too seriously. “I look in the mirror each morning and think: ‘What can […]

First of its kind D.C. suicide prevention law addresses homeless and at-risk youth
| SSE-241016-1

The District of Columbia Youth Suicide Prevention and School Climate Survey Act of 2016, which lists specific “at-risk” subgroups, including homeless youth, aims to focus special attention on teacher and staff trainings – making it […]

Unlikely hero: New Jersey homeless man thwarts act of terror
| SCN-241016-1

A man who was recently homeless is being hailed a hero after alerting police to a potential terriorist attack last month in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Lee Parker received keys and the seal of the city […]

Northern Canada’s Deline, population 500, gets self-governance
| REU-241016-1

A small aboriginal community in Canada’s Northwest Territories is crafting laws that would normally be imposed by higher authorities as it forges ahead on a path of self-governance some 20 years in the making. Deline’s […]

Our vendors: Aleksas (Hinz&Kunzt, Ahrensburg, Germany)
| HUK-241016-1

Hinz&Kunzt vendor Aleksas recently applied for a job in his hometown of Ahrensburg. On calling the employer, who was initially very interested in his CV, he was asked, “How old are you?” When Aleksas revealed […]

The Big Issue celebrates 25 years of a publishing revolution
| INSP-211016-1

The Big Issue has celebrated 25 years on the UK’s streets, with a retrospective exhibition in London, a star-studded film – and, of course – a bumper special edition of the magazine. Friends of The […]

Interview: the Greek fisherman nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
| SHE-141016-1

Two residents of the Greek island of Lesvos were among the nominees of the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize announced last week: 85-year-old Aimilia Kamvysi and 40-year-old fisherman Stratis Valamios. Both were recognised for their attempts […]

Bolt cutters expose vulnerability of North America’s oil pipeline grid
| REU-141016-1

All it took was a pair of bolt cutters and the elbow grease of a few climate activists to carry out an audacious act of sabotage on North America’s massive oil and gas pipeline system. […]

Our vendors: Ermias Teklay (Surprise, Langenthal, Switzerland)
| SUR-141016-1

I came to Switzerland in 2008, and have lived in Langenthal almost since the very beginning. I was one of few dark-skinned people there for a long time – I even felt like I was […]

Oregon’s new prison not the answer to women’s public health crisis
| SR-141016-1

When the vast majority of incarcerated women battle addiction, are victims of assault or have mental health diagnoses, criminal justice is often classified in direct correlation with public health matters. In my state of Oregon, […]

“We’re doomed, let’s dance”: alt-country truth-teller Todd Snider returns
| CON-141016-1

The first cut of night is almost gone, and the sky is just flat, thick dark. Inside Nashville’s Family Wash bar and coffee shop, the music is too loud to talk. Todd Snider, the insurrectionist […]

Interview: Margaret Atwood talks hybrid superheroes, poverty and climate change
| MEG-141016-1

Distinguished author of more than 50 books, Margaret Atwood is a powerful figure in Canadian arts and media. We know her voice well: she’s forthright, wry and starkly realistic about the darker possibilities of human […]

Comfort Women: the Korean victims behind Japanese military sexual slavery
| BIK-101016-1

On 14 August 1991, Hak-Sun Kim stood in front of a court in South Korea and attested that she had been conscripted for sexual slavery by the Japanese military when she was 16 years old. […]

Our vendors: Shane (The Big Issue Australia, Geelong, Australia)
| BIA-101016-1

I lived in West Footscray in Melbourne until my folks decided to move to Geelong in 1990, which was a bit of a change from the hustle and bustle. I found it hard doing my […]

Our vendors: Marta (Big Issue North, Manchester, UK)
| BIN-101016-1

Tell us about yourself. I am 20 years old and I come from Romania. I have lived in Manchester for three months living in a house with my uncle, aunt and my boyfriend. Why do […]

Fare to Share: the Washington D.C. restauranteur leading by tasty example
| SSE-101016-1

The experience of suffering from poverty in Pakistan has never left restaurant owner Kazi Mannan. He says he carries it with him every day, as he opens the doors of Mayur Kabab House on K […]

EmergencyBnB: one social entrepreneur’s contribution to people on the verge of homelessness
| SSE-050916-1

The mere idea of allowing refugees into the U.S. has been a polarising topic around the country. But for some local good Samaritans, hosting refugees in their home is common sense. That’s why social entrepreneur […]

Daniel Radcliffe: “Maybe being dead isn’t so bad after all”
| TBI-031016-1

Casting a new spell in the West End with The Cursed Child and preparing to weave silver screen magic once again with the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them blockbuster-in-waiting, Harry Potter’s stock […]

Our vendors: Juan Pablo Mendoza (Hecho en B.s A.s, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
| HBA-031016-1

What were you doing before you started selling HBA? I’ve worked as a builder’s mate, gardener, house painter, minicab driver, in a carwash, just getting by really, doing any job that came along. How did […]

Our vendors: Alberto Marzorati (Scarp de’ tenis, Italy)
| SCA-031016-1

From a home to the street and back again in the blink of an eye. If anyone has ever fallen from grace and then – with help from Scarp de’ tenis, picked themselves up again […]

Nota Bene: Slovakia’s sole street paper celebrates its 15th year
| INSP-031016-1

More than 200 people have gathered in Bratislava to toast local street paper Nota Bene on its 15th birthday. Staff were joined by vendors past and present, as well as lots of supporters for an […]

Puuhonua O Waianae: Hawaii’s refuge for the homeless, by the homeless
| SCN-031016-1

When Twinkle Borge heard about the community meeting in 2010 to discuss the growing homeless encampment population near Waianae Boat Harbor on Oahu’s west coast, she decided the camp’s residents should have a voice. Borge had been […]

Our vendors: Andreas (Surprise, Basel, Switzerland)
| SUR-260916-1

“Here we are at the Surprise general manager’s office and you know what? This used to belong to me. No joke, this is the exact place where my desk used to be. I had a […]

Doorways to homelessness: ex-Big Issue vendor exposes life on the street with striking artwork
| INSP-260916-1

Drawing on her experience of sleeping rough, former Big Issue seller Bekki Perriman has created an art installation that will stop you in your tracks. The Doorways Project encourages shoppers, students and office workers to stop and […]

Motes of Dust films: shining a light on people on the outskirts of society
| INSP-260916-3

With 60 screenings at over 20 global film festivals under its belt, ‘Something You Can Call Home,’ has opened up new dialogues among diverse audiences in the past two years around often unseen homelessness issues. […]

A strong voice for people in poverty: Gothenburg’s Faktum celebrates 15 years
| INSP-260916-2

How is Faktum celebrating its 15th birthday? We are celebrating with a special issue of the magazine: 92-pages of the old and new stories from Faktum’s early days until now. We are once again highlighting […]

Our vendors: Zoran (Kupfermuckn, Linz, Austria)
| KUP-260916-1

Zoran, 37, is originally from Serbia. As a six-year-old he arrived in Linz with his mother, who fled their violent father with her two children. She had spent her childhood in Austria, so each of […]

Boats evoking refugees hang from Italian palace in artist Ai Weiwei’s installation
| REU-260916-1

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has hung bright orange rubber dinghies from the walls of an elegant Renaissance palace in Florence to draw attention to the plight of refugees, but some complain that the installation ruins […]

Charlotte protests: vendor’s view from epicentre of unrest
| SUP-230916-1

What happened last night? It was just terrible uptown. I was sitting in the park by the library, reading a book, and someone came running by and said that someone got shot. So I went […]

Our vendors: Lee (Big Issue North, Willerby, near Hull, UK)
| BIN-190916-1

What did you do before you sold Big Issue North? I used to be a welder but about eight years ago I got attacked. Eight lads beat me up, broke both my legs and fractured […]

Prophets of Rage: “elite taskforce of revolutionary musicians” take on homelessness
| SSE-190916-1

To say that Prophets of Rage is political doesn’t quite cover it. When reporters or pundits — from ABC, to Bill Maher, to Rolling Stone — call this combination of musicians from Cypress Hill, Rage […]

Our vendors: Bennie (The Curbside Chronicle, Oklahoma, USA)
| TCC-190916-1

What are some of your hobbies? I really don’t have many hobbies. For a long time, I was the person who went along with whatever. I was just here. It seemed like life was just […]

Our vendors: Leo (bodo, Dortmund, Germany)
| BOD-190916-1

Normally, Leo always gets around on his bike. For us, though, he left it behind today and we took the train. “I almost always ride my bike, if it’s not raining. I’ve even made the […]

Transgender patients face fear and stigma in the doctor’s office
| REU-190916-1

Tanya Walker had lung cancer and was coughing up blood, but she says her emergency room doctor kept asking about her genitals. “It seemed like they weren’t going to treat me unless I told them […]

Aaron Paul: Trump “is an absolute nightmare”
| TBI-120916-1

Aaron Paul broke big in Breaking Bad. Now he’s the golden boy of the Netflix generation. So why is he so scared? “This guy is an absolute nightmare,” says Aaron Paul. Earlier this year, the […]

Our vendors: Bernard Selabe (Homeless Talk, Johannesburg, South Africa)
| HTA-120916-1

Near the shopping complex at the corner of William Nicol and Republic Roads in the north of Johannesburg, Bernard Selabe sells Homeless Talk. He joined the family of Homeless Talk vendors early this year and […]

Chicago street paper jobs programme changes lives
| INSP-120916-1

Back in 1995, Chicago-born Don Smith says he was “hopeless”. Drinking too much and struggling to find work, his children “couldn’t stand” him. Now the 56-year-old is an asset to his community, a proud grandfather, […]

Hus Forbi vendor’s fight for comfort following freak scooter accident
| HUS-050916-1

Lars Basse Christensen has seen more than his fair share of good luck turn bad. The Hus Forbi vendor tells his story, starting with the electric scooter accident which left his foot at “25 degree […]

Our vendors: Shaun Followell (Street Roots, Portland, USA)
| SR-050916-1

Shaun Followell received the keys to his apartment in March this year through a Supportive Services for Veterans and Families grant as part of Multnomah County’s efforts to house every homeless veteran in the area. […]

Q&A with Megaphone’s Sean Condon: “It was exactly what I was hoping journalism and a street paper organisation could be”
| INSP-050916-1

Download feature here. How was your last day in the Megaphone office? Yesterday [Thursday, 25 August] was my last day and tonight we’re having a little goodbye party. It’s a nice time right now. My […]

“I want to be your eyes”: Interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Yannis Behrakis
| SHE-050916-1

How did you get started in photography? I was searching for what I wanted to do with my life. At school, I was interested in history and I wrote good essays; these were my strong […]

From stapled photocopies to award-winning magazines: Megaphone’s departing leader shares a decade of street paper insight
| INSP-050916-2

The thought of moving your wedding day to avoid missing a street paper summit may sound bizarre to some. But not for departing Megaphone executive director Sean Condon. “It was a brief thought in my […]

Homeless couple’s wedding makes the front page
| INSP-290816-1

A homeless Danish couple said they hope to show that anyone can find love and happiness, after their wedding day made it into local and national press this summer. Gilbert and Cappella Fricke – better […]

Keith Urban: a self-described ‘peacemaker’
| CON-220816-1

People, especially women, talk about being thick-skinned, and I want to say, ‘I’m so sorry. What happened?’,” Keith Urban says, discussing the deep undercurrent of awareness and humanism in his songs. “To be raw and […]

Liceulice in plea to keep street paper doors open in Serbia
| INSP-220816-2

Serbia’s only street paper has launched an international appeal for support, amid fears that the six-year-old social enterprise may face closure. Liceulice has supported more than 200 of Serbia’s most marginalised people since they started […]

Pan African Parliament Endorses Ban on FGM
| IPS-150816-1

After years of wrangling and debates among African leaders, the movement to end female genital mutilation (FGM) is gaining real momentum, with a new action plan signed this week by Pan African Parliament (PAP) representatives […]

Parents who insist on vegan diet for children may risk jail in Italy
| REU-180816-2

If parliamentarian Elvira Savino has her way, Italian parents who insist on a vegan diet for their children will risk up to four years in jail. Savino, from the conservative Forza Italia party, has put […]

Tempers flare as temperatures soar at Rome’s ‘Gloomy Street’ migrant centre
| REU-150816-1

Tempers are flaring between increasingly frustrated residents and boat migrants mostly from Africa using a well-known transit camp in central Rome as temperatures soar this summer. Italy is taking in thousands of boat migrants every […]

The trouble with Hamburg’s new street paper
| HUK-150816-1

Since early April, Hamburg has had a second street magazine: Straßen Journal Deutschland (Street Journal Germany). We did indeed feel quite upset about this since the publishers hadn’t even introduced themselves to us. There is […]

Homeless Emergency in Santa Rosa – the California town’s three-point plan to combat homelessness
| SCN-150816-1

A local authority in California is taking a huge step in combating homelessness in its town. The Santa Rosa City Council is moving to declare a local state of emergency while making attempts to give […]

Big Issue vendor to welcome millions of Heathrow airport passengers
| TBI-150816-2

Big Issue vendor Floriana Stanciu has become an international poster girl, greeting 1.5 million passengers a week as part of Heathrow Airport’s ‘Welcome’ campaign. Floriana, who has been homeless for two years, sells The Big […]

Our vendors: Tania Croisetière-Langevin (L’Itinéraire, Montreal, Canada)
| LIT-150816-1

“I see it as an experience that makes me be aware of the human inside of me. It allows me to appreciate everything I have, even though I have very little. It makes me aware […]

Alpacas: cuddly lawnmowers in a North German town
| BOD-150816-1

After turning off the highway, we drove for a bit alongside a field. We then took a right into the first courtyard entrance. There, in the Lüener district of the town of Alstedde in Northern […]

Curbing violence in South Africa’s Gangtowns
| BISA-150816-1

One night before embarking on research for Gang Town I dreamt I’d been allocated a house in a rural village. It turned out to be a single wall with an old door and dirt floor, […]

Finding Dory: an environmental disaster waiting to happen?
| TBI-150816-3

We’d all love to own a cute film animal, wouldn’t we? A rat that sits on your shoulder and helps you make the dinner, perhaps. Or a Mutant Ninja Turtle to eat pizza with. Or […]

Artists emphasise Big Issue’s place at the heart of Britain
| TBI-150816-1

Every week, 1.5 million passengers fly into Britain via London’s Heathrow Airport – one of the busiest in the world. Now, one of the first faces they’ll see is that of a smiling Big Issue […]

“We’re still human beings”: Canada’s 13-year-old trans rights trailblazer
| MEG-150816-1

Tru Wilson is just like many Canadian 13-year-old girls: she’s excited about starting high school, she has a best friend, and she’s passionate about one day becoming a film director. But unlike most 13-year-old girls, […]

“Non-lethal” pellet guns maim hundreds in Kashmiri protests
| IPS-120816-1

Hospitals in Kashmir’s summer capital are packed to capacity these days, their wards overflowing with pellet gun victims injured during violent clashes with government forces. Sixteen-year-old Kaisar Ahmad Mir has been in hospital since July […]

Paid leave: the fight to end criminalisation of immigrants
| SR-080816-1

In April, members of the immigrant advocacy group Enlace rallied on the doorsteps of U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden’s Portland office. They were there to encourage the senator, whom they see as an ally, to introduce […]

Vendor explains why his street paper is a “lifeline from drowning in depression”
| SSE-010816-1

Being a Street Sense vendor has been a blessing. I love having a sense of purpose every day instead of the idle life of being homeless. When you are homeless, you find mundane ways to […]

Letter to my younger self: Jimmy Osmond
| TBI-010816-1

At 16 I was still figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I never thought showbiz would last for me. I’d already had some hit records – my first when I […]

Canadian vendor shares own experience in response to controversial prostitution bill
| LIT-010816-1

People all have their own ideas about prostitution. I worked for many years as a sex worker in strip clubs. I did it knowingly and purposefully. For me, it wasn’t exploitation-it was a way to […]

From wooden glasses to honey, some Greeks innovating to survive
| REU-250716

If necessity is the mother of invention, eight years of a crippling recession and dwindling work prospects has compelled at least some Greeks to reboot, switch professions and innovate to survive. From the island of […]

Vendors’ pitches turned into offices for viral #Bossnotbum campaign in Nashville
| INSP-250716-1

Street paper vendors are their own bosses. That’s the point being made by a viral campaign launched by The Contributor in Nashville this week. For the #Bossnotbum campaign, a number of Contributor vendors could be […]

Our vendors: Keiichi Egami (The Big Issue Japan, Tokyo)
| BIJ-250716-1

One of Japan’s great commercial and administrative centres is Shinjuku [in central Tokyo]. And it is there that 50-year-old Keiichi Egami sells The Big Issue Japan at the west entrance of the bustling Keio Department […]

Challenging sculpture asks: does society think some people are disposable?
| TBI-180716-1

A bag of rubbish sits on the street. You do a double take as you realise that it actually does look like it is sitting. The shape of a person can be seen under the […]

Our vendors: Moctar (Scarp de’ tenis, Verona, Italy)
| SCA-110716-1

Moctar is almost 46 years old. He is Senegalese, but above all, as he likes to say, he is African. He has been living in Italy for 15 years, and for the past few months […]

Our vendors: Sunshine (The Curbside Chronicle, OKC, USA)
| TCC-080716-2

Where are you from? I’m from Oklahoma City. I had a mom and dad. They separated. My mom wasn’t the best mom. She raised me very… differently. I have three sisters and two brothers. We […]

Our vendors: Ruedi Kälin (Surprise, Zurich, Switzerland)
| INSP-080716-1

Ahead of this year’s Homeless World Cup, which kicked off in Glasgow on Sunday, 10 July, INSP caught up with Surprise vendor Ruedi Kälin, who has been selected for the Swiss team. The Homeless World […]

The Homeless World Cup is “a medium for social empowerment”
| TCC-080716-1

As the UEFA European Championships came to a close, another football tournament begins in Scotland, UK this month. The players here aren’t on million-dollar contracts, the opportunity to represent their country on a global stage […]

‘Selling The Big Issue taught me how to front a rock band’
| TBI-080716-1

Paul-Ronney Angel is the swaggering lead singer of The Urban Voodoo Machine but remembers when he sold The Big Issue in London in the 1990s. “Standing on the street shouting, ‘Buy The Big Issue!’, I […]

In photos: Fight for peace
| REU-010716-1

Much of the Complexo da Mare, a teeming neighbourhood of 140,000 people near Rio’s international airport, is controlled by drug gangs despite efforts in recent years to break their grip on the city’s poor districts […]

Evicted: an American housing horror story
| SCN-010716-1

The government has been telling people that the economy has been making a steady but slow recovery from the Great Recession nine years ago. In the past few years, the unemployment rate has mostly also […]

Yanis Varoufakis: “Brexit will speed the break-up of Europe”
| INSP-280616-1

The human consequences of the Greek debt crisis were obvious as delegates from INSP’s worldwide street papers touched down in Athens for the 20th Global Street Paper Summit. Bankruptcy and job loss have forced many onto […]

IN PHOTOS: Vendor-led homeless city tour unveils hidden side of Athens
| INSP-270616-1

During the Global Street Paper Summit, street paper delegates had the opportunity to see Athens through the eyes of Shedia vendors during an Invisible City Tour. The alternative tours led by people who have experienced […]

Grassroots social enterprises in Athens help feed Greeks on the breadline
| INSP-240616-2

Social enterprise was once an unknown concept in Greece. But in response to the economic crisis that has steadily pushed hundreds of thousands dangerously close to or below the poverty line, grassroots solutions have flourished. […]

“We need to be brave”: street papers discuss response to refugee crisis
| INSP-240616-1

Street papers are in a unique position to tell the human story of Europe’s refugee crisis. This was the consensus in Athens when INSP delegates discussed how the growing crisis could affect street papers – […]

Street paper delegates “overwhelmed” and “humbled” at Athens refugee camp
| INSP-240616-3

INSP street papers often work with the most vulnerable groups in their communities. Visiting Eleonas Refugee Camp in Athens was an opportunity for street paper staff to reach out and gain a better understanding of […]

Will Switzerland’s proposed Unconditional Basic Income affect its street paper?
| SUR-060616-1

Bruno is sitting at the kitchen table in his shared apartment. It is 10am and there is a steaming hot cup of coffee in his hand. He sips it while reaching for a newspaper. After […]

Argentinian paper helps vendors relax and socialise with readers through yoga
| HBA-060616-1

Every Thursday afternoon at 4pm, people inside the headquarters of Argentinian street paper Hecho en Buenos Aires (HBA, meaning Made in Buenos Aires in English), sit down on the floor, cross their legs, stretch out […]

Meet our Summit hosts Shedia: the raft keeping Greece’s poor and homeless afloat
| INSP-030616-1

Less than a month after angry protesters returned to the streets of central Athens in response to more austerity measures – including pension cuts and tax hikes – thousands gathered in another corner of the […]

Special anniversary edition of L’Itinéraire is 100% vendors – literally
| INSP-200516-1

A street paper in Montreal has released a special edition produced entirely by its vendors. The 100% Camelots [‘100% Vendors’] edition builds on the success of L’Itinéraire’s 21st anniversary edition released last year, which was the first to […]

Wendy Oxenhorn on co-founding Street News and her life helping those living in homelessness and poverty
| SSE-200516-1

In 1989, Wendy Oxenhorn was approached by a rock musician to find a way to help people experiencing homelessness in New York City. Hutchinson Persons wanted to organize a large concert that would function as […]

Street paper Hempels creates affordable housing for homeless vendors in Kiel
| INSP-160516-1

A street paper in northern Germany is about to set up a social business that will create permanent and affordable housing for its homeless vendors. Kiel-based paper Hempels will purchase mobile homes and small apartments […]

Nobel prize-winning playwright Dario Fo on six decades of creating firebrand theatre
| SCA-160516-1

Even at 90, Dario Fo is still having fun on stage. Italy’s avant-garde playwright, actor and director has enjoyed an eventful theatre career, which includes winning the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature and consistently facing […]

University of Washington bids to host Seattle’s Tent City 3 on campus
| RC-020516-1

The University of Washington has proposed a bid to host tent city about 100 homeless people on its Seattle campus for three months in late 2017. If approved, the university would become the third school […]

Special Report: The mafia and a very special flower arrangement
| REU-150416-1

To traders at the famous Royal FloraHolland flower market near Amsterdam, Vincenzo Crupi was just another businessman helping to make the Netherlands the largest exporter of cut flowers in the world. To the police, Crupi […]

Homeless people face age-related conditions earlier than people with homes
| REU-110416-1

Health conditions usually seen among the elderly are more common among middle aged homeless people than older people with housing, according to a new study. Those conditions include thinking problems, visual impairment, urinary incontinence and […]

Former Big Issue vendor brings sunshine to Glasgow with colourful solo art exhibition
| INSP-040416-1

A much-loved former Big Issue vendor bought another ray of sunshine to her home city of Glasgow in Scotland recently when she opened a solo art show in a city centre gallery. Jo Adamson had […]

North Korean defectors share incredible stories of escape and survival
| BIK-040416-1

It must be more their super optimism that makes these women so bright and warm. I can’t help but wonder if they really went through hardships such as those you can see in movies, like […]

Pioneering feminist Gloria Steinem: Clinton “has to be” president
| BIN-040316-1

Fresh from college in 1957, then aged 22, Gloria Steinem headed to India to avoid her engagement to a man she describes as good, but wrong. En route she found herself in England, waiting for […]

‘Belfast Banksy’ harnesses public goodwill in face of deadly homelessness crisis
| INSP-290216-1

A reclusive “mad inventor” in Northern Ireland is harnessing the goodwill of the people of Belfast to help the local homeless community, as they face a deadly crisis. Good Samaritans from across the city have […]

Activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi on ending child labour
| SCA-290216-1

Smiling and elegantly dressed in black and white, Kailash Satyarthi meets us in Milan at the Mani Tese HQ, the Italian charity founded more than fifty years ago to combat hunger and inequalities between the […]

Professor Green: Can we create a utopia where we end youth homelessness?
| TBI-220216-1

Who are we as a society? What kind of society do we live in if there is no desire to help the people who need it most? Homeless young people really are the most vulnerable […]

Vendor Talk from Copenhagen and Montreal: “We are the voice of the voiceless”
| LIT-080216-2

In honour of #VendorWeek, I had the pleasure of talking with Henrik, a vendor just like me, who sells the street magazine Hus Forbi in Denmark. We both came to the conclusion that there are […]

Refugees bring entrepreneurial spirit to risk-shy Germany
| REU-010216-1

Syrians Hiba Albassir and her husband Khaled arrived in Germany two years ago with only the bags they could carry. But that didn’t stop them from setting up their own business. For them it was […]

When Jarvis met Bowie: a classic interview
| TBI-220116-1

When David Bowie died recently, the world mourned the loss of one of the creative giants of our time. In recent years, Bowie rarely gave interviews but back in 1997 he gave an interview to […]

In photos: Migrant shelter in the ‘Jungle’
| REU-180116-1

France opened a migrants’ shelter made of converted shipping containers in Calais on its northern Channel coast to try to bring some order to the so-called “jungle” camp in nearby sand dunes. The squalid, unsanitary […]

Our vendors: Francisco Dominguez (Mi Valedor, Mexico City)
| MIV-180116-1

I grew up in my grandmother’s house close to La Marquesa National Park. In the forest, we lacked for nothing as we grew and raised everything, and had clean, running water. Prison changed everything; I […]

PHOTO SERIES: Homeless in America’s tent cities
| REU-110116-1

Reuters meets people living in homeless encampments in Seattle, Washington State and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Here, residents live away from the dangers of life on the streets, saying the stability helps them work toward […]

Photo series: Candid images reveal what Swedish vendors do after work
| INSP-110116-1

Working, not begging. It’s a mantra adopted by many street papers around the world, and has been very successful in reinforcing the fact that vendors work hard to earn a living. Still, few members of […]

Life meets death in Egypt’s Cairo Necropolis
| REU-110116-2

In a sprawling Cairo neighborhood known as the City of the Dead, life and death are side by side. Amid a housing crisis in Egypt, and with the population of the capital estimated at 20 […]

A vendor’s pilgrimage from Romania to Egypt, to the north of England
| BIN-110116-1

It’s a sunny but cold afternoon on Market Street, Manchester in the UK. Among the shoppers and the newspaper vendors, the buskers and the people selling football scarves, there’s a man balancing on his head […]

Prince William: “Ending youth homelessness is achievable”
| TBI-151215-1

Very few people can be unaware that Prince William is a father of two young children. Baby George turned two in July, while his sister Charlotte is now seven months old. And as William reveals […]

“We need to fight for a world without poverty”: Pope Francis grants rare interview to street papers
| STN-061115-1

It is still early when we arrive at the service entrance of the Vatican, to the left of Saint Peter’s Basilica. The Swiss Guards have been informed of our arrival, and let us pass. We […]

Street paper vendor Marc: “My friend Francis”
| STN-051115-2

Formerly homeless 51-year-old Utrecht native Marc has been selling Straatnieuws for two years near the Oudegracht – the ‘old canal’ that runs through the centre of his hometown. He also works a couple of days […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Dalai Lama Interview “I am senior refugee”
| TBI-051016-1

Fleeing war and bloodshed, the desperation of thousands of refugees seeking protection in Europe haunts us daily. As one nation after another pulls down shutters on its borders, what the world needs is a unifying […]

Photo series: The tent city sheltering Seattle’s homeless
| REU-170615-1

Seattle currently has six authorized homeless encampments, commonly referred to as tent cities, which are required to move every few months. There are also dozens of non-permitted encampments that have sprung up in city parks, […]

Sir Richard Branson: Hotels on the Moon
| INSP-141013-1

Amy MacKinnon: I understand you were only 16 when you founded Virgin – what was that like? Richard Branson: Thrilling. I actually started Student magazine at 16 as we wanted to give young people a voice […]

Agnetha – Letter to my Younger Self
| TBI-230913-1

IMPORTANT NOTE TO EDITORS: If you wish to republish this article you must send INSP an email in advance agreeing that the article is for your sole use, and that you will not sell or […]

Picture series: Homelessness
| REU-030613-1

According to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in 2005, more than 100 million people are homeless worldwide. It can safely be assumed this total has risen significantly since the beginning of the financial […]

Bon Jovi joins fight against homelessness
| OSA-101212-1

Jon Bon Jovi stuck a shovel in the ground and smiled. He’s best known as the rocker who is one of the world’s best-selling and most popular artists, having sold more than 140 million albums. […]