Our round-up of June’s street paper covers

Here at INSP HQ we are constantly being bowled over by the amazing selection of street paper covers that are produced by our network each and every month.

June brought us an eclectic mix of colour and creativity to the covers on sale across the world, and we’ve rounded up some of the highlights below.

With the INSP Awards just around the corner, be sure to check out the nominees in the 2017 Best Cover category too.

Cover Highlights:

Covers June 2017

June has been a month of celebration for several of our street papers. StreetWise injected a rainbow of colour into their covers, welcoming Pride Month with open arms, and looked at healthcare inequality for the LGBTQ community . The Big Issue Australia got the key to the door, celebrating their 21st Birthday in style. Surprise toasted to a mighty 400th edition. And Father’s Day was honoured by Street Sense, interviewing vendor and artist Ron Dudley (“Pookanu”) about his aptly titled new album, “Father’s Day”.

Covers June 2017

Some familiar faces have also made their way onto the covers this past month. HRH Prince Harry graced the cover of The Big Issue Australia, opening up about the importance of talking about mental health. Nicole Kidman became a cover girl for BIA too, reflecting on 30 years of her diverse film career. And country music sensations Florida Georgia Line spoke in depth to The Contributor.

Covers June 2017

We had some hard-hitting editions hitting the streets too. Inspired by StreetWise‘s Beyoncé cover (a 2016 INSP Award Best Cover Finalist), Megaphone presented their own take on this style when tackling Islamophobia. Abseits brought us a powerful cover based around their stories on self-harming. And Faktum heard from Linneá Claeson about sexual harassment online.

Covers June 2017

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