Prophets of Rage to Bridget Jones – September street paper supporters

Our vendors have been talking to the stars this month – from political rap-rockers and singer-songwriters to top actors.

Featuring members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, Prophets of Rage are a super-political super-group. They sat down with Street Sense vendor Ronald for a revealing interview – and enjoyed some of Ronald’s own rap stylings.

The Big Issue UK launched a campaign to encourage everyone who buys the magazine to take their copy – just like Bridget Jones star Renée Zellweger is on the cover. Meanwhile, in Australia, Big Issue vendors quizzed singer-songwriter Jimmy Barnes.

In Germany, Hamburg’s Hinz&Kunzt celebrated a year of their bottle collection scheme, which sees vendors collect discarded bottles and return them for the deposit.

Following support from their readers, Serbia’s Liceulice faced down financial problems to release a beautiful edition dedicated to feminism.

Chicago paper StreetWise examines the impact that Whole Foods Market could have on the former ‘food desert’ in the neighbourhood of Englewood.

In Buenos Aires, Hecho en Bs. As. features punk band 2 Minutos on their cover. The local group has been singing about life on the city’s streets for almost 30 years.

Portland’s Street Roots sat down with pro-choice campaigner Ilyse Hogue – who become the first person to address a national political convention about abortion rights at the recent Democratic National Convention.

Stirring his cup of tea on the cover of Norwegian street paper Asfalt is Arild “the Hulk” Haugen. The star of The World’s Strongest Man Super Series opened up about life after the tyre-flip.

Big Issue North features a different sort of strong man – finding the English link for the most patriotic of American heroes. They find that the father of Captain America’s co-creator was a mill worker from Leeds and a union firebrand – and ask whether the superhero has been imbued with some good old socialist values from Yorkshire.

It was with a mixture of happiness at the achievement and sadness that they are still  needed that Faktum marked their 15th anniversary.

The Curbside Chronicle uncovered shocking statistics in homelessness in Oklahoma City. Each night in their city, there are 1,511 people experiencing homelessness. Of those people: 307 are unsheltered, 490 have severe mental illness as a barrier, 118 are unaccompanied youth, 157 are homeless veterans, 194 are victims of domestic violence.

Their cover feature is a timely reminder why street papers remain important in their communities across the world – and why you should buy (and take) your paper from your local vendor.