Our vendors: The Bear Whisperer (Megaphone, Vancouver, Canada)

By Tanya Goehring, Megaphone

I want to tell you about my travelling days.

I started to travel to places when my mom passed away. It was difficult to travel places. So I started living in small towns. I had two tents so I could have somebody’s company. It was a great idea until winter came along.

Then I moved to a bigger town, a city: Red Deer, Alberta. Living in tents… it was then I decided to get some safety tickets and work.

So I left Red Deer, moved to Edmonton and got seven safety tickets.

After all that, I worked in waste management and as a janitor for schools in Red Deer. I was a roofer for two years; the company was called Roof Top Roofers. I also handled a jackhammer inside the Red Deer civic centre mall.

I was provided with all the safety gear: hat, jacket, goggles, earplugs, gloves, boots and clothing. I had long hair at that time, so I needed a ponytail because long hair is a hazard when working with dangerous machinery. Be careful, or you could die.

I worked for Temp in Calgary. I worked crazy shifts, 3 a.m. to 9 a.m., every day – loading and unloading long trailers. Temp started me unloading small cans of soup for a couple of months (three trailers’ worth a day). Then, I started with bigger stuff, like TVs and stereos.

I eventually got my own locker at the company. It was a big thing to get your own locker. It was great for all my work stuff.

Then I somehow managed to travel to this beautiful province. British Columbia has given me all the opportunities that have changed my life forever.

When it rains, the days are gloomy. Sometimes it rains for days. But when it’s sunny, you feel refreshed. The birds are in the air, flying everywhere.

All the people come out to enjoy the sunshine: all kinds of people from different cultures and difference places. Travelling.