Our vendors: Samuel Osaigbovo (zebra., Bolzano, Italy)

As a child I loved to play football and I was also part of a team. In order to play football against other teams, we often had to cycle for many miles. I studied at the Polytechnic and I worked in a bank, in customer service.

I really liked my job but then something changed. There is a lot of corruption and mafia in Nigeria, and since I didn’t want to cooperate, some of these criminals tried to frame me for something I did not do. It was very unfair, but I didn’t have any proof and that’s why I had to run. My life was in danger.

zebra. vendor Samuel Osaigbovo. [Courtesy of zebra.]

I went to Libya and from there I got to Lampedusa. That was four years ago. I lived in Mantua for some time and now I’m living with a friend and a cousin in Bolzano. I’ve learned to speak Italian and I’ve already had different jobs, for example as a caretaker, courier and working in a warehouse for a parcel delivery company. I’ve been selling zebra. for a few weeks now and my past experiences are proving very useful. Nevertheless, I want to find a secure job fast.

Translated from Italian by Marta Segit