Our vendors: Ruedi Kälin (Surprise, Zurich, Switzerland)

Ahead of this year’s Homeless World Cup, which kicks off in Glasgow on Sunday, INSP caught up with Ruedi Kälin, a Surprise vendor who has been selected for the Swiss team. The Homeless World Cup has its origins in the street paper movement, and the links between street soccer and street papers remain powerful. INSP will be covering the 2016 tournament throughout next week.

Ruedi is ready to play in the Homeless World Cup 2016.

How did you get involved in the Homeless World Cup?

The national coach, David, asked me. I have played in the team from Zurich for 12 years now. I am the goalkeeper and also a field player. I am very proud that I can participate.

How are you feeling ahead of the competition? 

At the beginning I was very nervous and I didn’t think that I could really go to Scotland. Now I feel much better and I’m looking forward to being there! I will take my favourite music with me. It calms me in every difficult moments. I also have ‘inner pictures’ from my hometown that make me calm and hopeful.

What do you hope to get out of the competition?

It is a big challenge for me, personally, because of my age. I will show that at 57 years old, you can do something crazy like this!

It is the first time in 16 years that I will have left Switzerland. I am very excited. The Homeless World Cup is a great combination of sport, free time and travel. It is also a little bit like a holiday, and it is a very long time ago since I had my last holiday. Finally it is an other milestone in my ‘Surprise life’.

Do you think your team has a shot at winning?

I would like to be make it into the top 10. The greatest wish would be a medal. At least I will be better than the national goalkeeper, Joe Hart!

Have you been to Scotland before? 

No, I have never been in Scotland. I only know Italy. I think Glasgow is a very moving and interesting city with a lots of students.

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