Our vendors: Palmer Efosa (zebra., Merano, Italy)

In Nigeria I worked as an independent mechanic. When the situation there became dangerous, I went to Libya. There I quickly found work and everything was fine but as soon as the civil war began I fled across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy. Unfortunately, my girlfriend is still in Nigeria and so are my mother and siblings. That is difficult for me, because family is very important to me.

zebra. vendor Palmer

When I was a child, my mother used to take me to visit my grandmother. I respect old people very much. While working on the streets selling zebra., I like to chat with them and I would also like to work with older people. Soon I will attend a German course. Then I hope I will find a job more easily.

As a child, I always wanted to be an engineer one day. I was a good student and always fascinated by technology. For twelve years, I went to school, but unfortunately my family couldn’t afford the tuition fees for university, so I became a mechanic. My biggest dream for the future is to have a happy life, with a job and a family somewhere in Europe.