Our vendors: Giuseppe Scognamiglio (Scarp de’ tenis, Naples, Italy)

By Giuseppe Scognamiglio, Scarp de’ tenis vendor

My name is Giuseppe and I’m 65 years old. I’m from Naples. I have two children and five grandchildren, and I’ve been a Scarp de ‘tenis vendor for five years. In the past, I’ve always worked: I was a park caretaker.

Then, in 2001, my wife died: it was a huge blow for me. Her name was Angela and we were very close. In 2004, due to the financial crisis, I lost my job. It was a very difficult period. Then I discovered Scarp. I like this job and it allows me to pay the bills for the small apartment that I share with Massimo, another Scarp colleague.

Music is my passion: I have always sung and played drums and guitar, but I stopped during my dark period. I started up again when we organised shows in the editorial office. I felt good because I had really missed making music.

Translation from Italian by Clare Crossan