Our vendors: Edin (Kralji Ulice, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

By Edin, Kralji Ulice

My name is Edin and I’m 35 years old. I’ve been selling the street paper Kralji Ulice for about a year or so. One of the main reasons that I’m selling the paper is to avoid being put behind bars. Instead of going to prison, I agreed to do community service and selling Kralji Ulice is one of the opportunities that I was offered.

An additional benefit of selling the paper as part of my community service is the fact that I can earn some extra money by doing that. I’m unemployed so I receive social welfare, which totals about 280 euros per month. You can’t survive on that amount. I live in a shelter, which is free of charge, and I also get free meals. This means that I can spend my earnings on clothes, cigarettes or some treats.

I’ve been living on the streets on and off [he pauses] since my 20s. My parents decided to give me an ultimatum because I had some problems with the law at that time. They were fed up with the police constantly knocking their door, so they finally asked me to leave the apartment. Since then, I’ve been living independently.

My motto is: “Live as happily as you can.”