Our vendors: Andrej Kralj (Kralji Ulice, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

By Andrej Kralj, Kralji Ulice vendor

Besides being a Kralji Ulice [‘kings of the street’] vendor, my surname is also king. So I’m a king twice.

This year I’m going to reach my 50th birthday. I’ve been selling the street paper for about half a year and that’s how I earn money for living.

Andrej sells Kralji Ulice [King of the Street] in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Since I am the owner of a field, I’m not entitled to get social welfare in Slovenia or any financial support.

I’m not talkative but I like being among people. I sell in front of a shop all the time, and people have started to get to know me.

I’m flattered and happy if I get compliments when people buy the paper. Sometimes children say to their parents or mothers, “Look mummy, Santa!” It’s because of my big hair and beard. Sometimes people ask me if they can could touch or feel my beard. I don’t mind.

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