INSP’s newest street paper Mi Valedor goes from strength to strength in Mexico City

In a packed first year for Mexico’s first ever street paper, Mi Valedor‘s story has captured imaginations worldwide.

They’ve featured on TV in Seattle, in street papers worldwide and in multiple news outlets at home in Mexico City. They even won the prestigious prize for Best Design at the INSP Awards 2015.

Mi Valedor ran an event to give out glasses to their vendors

Mi Valedor’s editor and director, María Portilla told INSP they were very pleased with their progress.

“This year we trained more than 60 homeless people to be our vendors, 15 of them stayed as constant vendors,” she added.

“We printed four editions of the magazine which were distributed in 20 different points of the centre zone of Mexico City. We achieved more than 30 alliances with organisations, enterprises and public institutions.”

Mi Valedor has trained 60 homeless people to be vendors in their 1st year

Each edition of Mi Valedor follows a theme and for the fifth magazine they examine the idea of ‘Extinction’.

“It’s about all those dynamics, jobs, crafts, nature in the city fighting for survival,” said María.

As well as providing their vendors with a means to make their own income, Mi Valedor recently ran an open day for them to access eye tests.

The event in November saw 15 vendors get sight examinations. Ten of them were then given glasses.

To celebrate #VendorWeek this February, Mi Valedor will offer their vendors dental treatment and a workshop to help them sell more magazines.

Mi Valedor vendor Horacio explained what selling the magazine has meant to him. “It is a push forward and is my own business,” he said.

His colleague Oscar agreed that the street paper has been a positive influence in his life.

“It creates some expectations for me,” he said. “I don’t want to die on the streets like so many others. I want to live in a dignified manner now.”

Oscar is one of six vendors representing his international colleagues in this year’s #VendorWeek campaign.

#VendorWeek runs from 1-7 February and you can show your support for international vendors by making a donation here.

Mi Valedor's Oscar is one of the stars of 2016's #VendorWeek campaign