October’s Offerings: A round-up of this month’s street paper covers

It may be Halloween, but we’ll try not to scare you off with this month’s eclectic round up of street paper covers from around the world.

Take a break from apple bobbing and enjoy as we scour the INSP network to bring you a selection of the best front pages we’ve seen on sale this month.

Read on at your own peril…

Cover Highlights:

With a worldwide network of over 100 street papers in 34 countries, we are lucky enough to see lots of anniversaries and special editions being celebrated all year round, and this month has been no exception. Factor S reached its 100th edition, with a unique front page showcasing the evolution of their cover design over the past 99 issues. Surprise celebrated 20 years of their street paper, and The Big Issue (UK) marked their 27th birthday. And Faktum released a special Kids edition, to draw attention to children living in homelessness in Gothenburg.

We’ve been left hungry for more with a selection of food-based front pages this month too. Milk was on the menu for Big Issue North, as they gave us a history lesson about the white stuff. Z! treated us to a portion of fries with their chipper cover featuring our favourite potato snack. And Strassenkreuzer tossed up a pizza-based front page, with a cover story about an immigrant who has established a successful pizzeria since relocating to Germany.

And some four-legged friends pawed their way onto the front pages of The Big Issue Australia, The Big Issue Taiwan and Real Change during October. Canine covers are always big sellers, and this month has proved pooches are as popular as ever!

Look back on our covers series here, and keep an eye out for the next round-up of covers coming at the end of next month.