November No More: A look back at the month’s covers

We’re 11 months into 2017 already – and the new year is just around the corner. Before the festive merriment of December truly kicks in, time to reflect back on the unsung month of November, and the impressive bunch of street paper covers we’ve seen around the world in the past 30 days.

Enjoy our look at the covers that have caught our eye, and have been sold by our vendors worldwide to a combined readership of 5.5 million.

Cover Highlights:

Food, Glorious Food! Lots of culinary creativity has made its way onto street paper covers this month. StreetWise took a look at Chicago’s newly-adapted “Good Food” Policy. Z!‘s illustrated cover story was an interview with Dutch Michelin star chef Jonnie Boer. And The Curbside Chronicle celebrated Thanksgiving by teaming up with a local chef to create a mouthwatering feast with the help of their vendors – who put it to the taste-test after!

Animal instincts have also taken over the covers from our network in November. Big Issue North limbered up for the Year of the Dog, with a look at their 2018 poochy calendar, also on sale from their vendors. StreetWise marked the USA’s Veterans Day with a cover story about Save-A-Vet, which takes unadoptable military and police dogs and places them with caretakers who are also veterans. And The Big Issue (UK) used the lovable Peruvian Paddington Bear to open up a wider discussion about migration and refugees within the UK.

And it’s not just been impressive photography gracing street paper covers this month – some striking illustrations have also found their way to the front page. The Big Issue Japan‘s cover story was an interview with the legendary Ringo Starr, complete with their artistic interpretation of the Beatles’ drummer. L’Itinéraire asked “What kind of police do we want ?” as they explored the many positive and negative aspects of the different police corps in Québec. And Shedia turned their attention to sex education with a clever cartoon-style cover.

With December on its way – we’re already looking forward to rounding up the festive selection of Christmas covers that will be sleighing their way onto the streets in the coming weeks. Don’t miss our final round-up of covers for 2017, and take a look back at some of our former cover highlights here.