Volunteer with INSP North America

The International Network of Street Papers (INSP) North America is a grassroots organization working to support more than 30 street papers. Volunteers are critical to the success of our work. The following are the positions in which volunteers can work to support INSP North America:


INSP North America is looking to recruit a marketing firm, and/or consultant to help develop a short and long-term marketing strategy.

Graphic Designer

INSP North America is looking for a graphic designer to help build assets for the organization, including posters, social media assets and other creative designs to help support the work of street papers around North America.

Foundation researcher

INSP North America relies on the support of national and international foundations. We are looking for a volunteer to help research foundations that would help support INSP North America (2-4 hours a week).

Sponsorship researcher

INSP North America is launching a sponsorship program in 2020. We are looking for a volunteer to help support the INSP team to research possible sponsors in the non-profit and private sector to support our work (2-4 hours a week).


Contact INSP North America for more information.